How about a weekend in BC where there were 413 people racing Cross on the same day. (Crosstoberfest 208 + Kids, Pumpkin Cross 160 + Kids, Interior Cross 44) Our sport is GROWING!!


Pelle’s Edit from Crosstoberfest (Sponsored by Oak Bay Bikes) Check it out

 One Gallery from COTR#5 from Patrick Burnham: 

Second time COTR racer Owen Wood, “Great race, kick ass course and the beer/brat was soooo good”

Have you checked out the series standings?

With 2 races to go. One being double points….AND the “drop”….things are getting VERY Interesting!!

Don’t forget about the Photo Contest. Rolland will set up the Gallery and we will start taking submissions after the next event.

Check out your results, Stats, Battle stats and series stats.

NEXT RACE: COTR#6 The Binab GP at Western Speedway. November 11th.


Tara and Mike Pollock (with the Cowichan Valley Cycling Club) did an amazing job with this event (again).

(Some of) My Highlights:

  • There was one kid that was doing lap after lap of the kids course prior to their race. Wendy said he even did a bunch running….to “Warm up”. Wendy reported that at one point he stopped and looked over at another kid on the side of the course and said, “Oh #499. We have met before… the race in Victoria……” the challenge was ON!
  • The number of Intermediate Women.
  • The overall number of people both racers and spectators.
  • Sue Glenn from the City of Ladysmith
  • The number of kids racing.
  • The amazing luck with weather. I don’t mind racing in the rain but I know not everyone shares my passion on this.
  • A lot of first time podium finishers!


  • Hitting an immovable pole at a high rate of speed.


  • I think if Adam DeVos could ride the first lap at 85% he would finish on the podium. Too much POWER!!

Unanswered questions: What happened to Nigel Ellsay in the Expert Race. Where is Steve Bachop?

From Tara:

Thank you to all of the volunteers that helped out at Crosstoberfest Ladysmith!!!! This event would not have been as successful if it was not for the commitment, creativity, and tenacity of this fantastic group of individuals!!! The rain and wind were intense for the set up crew that attended on Saturday night! They all came back for more, expecting the same on Sunday! Thank you! Thank you to each of you for giving up the sunniest day of the week to help make this event as good as it was! Thanks to Wolf Brewing Company for your generosity and for making history in the Cross on the Rock series…first beer garden!!

More specifically, thank you to…

Kevin Knock
Gracie Knock (and friend for the scary pumpkin)
Trevor Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Dutton
Sue Glenn (amazing advocate and organizer)
Tiffany Chapman (and Finnegan)
Jen and Chris Day
Tom Rozendaal
Natalie Jones
Sarah Chapman
Rhiannon Biotini
Lindsay and Paul Ellis
Garry Robinson
Brian Kuhn
Ron and Rhea Hewittson
Sandra Beggs
Andrea Robson
Barbara Altimas
Dean and Jen Lewis
Hilary Grant
Mike (whirly whirl creator extraordinaire!)
Roland and Katie

Thanks to our sponsors and their amazing support!!

The Town of Ladysmith
Cowichan Cycles
Wolf Brewing Company
Bouma Meats
The Drumroaster
Cycle Therapy
Experience Cycling
Bring a FEW extra BUCKS to the next race.

We collected about $160 at Crosstoberfest (Pumpkin Cross collected about $260 + We must beat them at our next event!!) for this and have private donations as well as more $ coming from the other events as well. If you cannot make it to our events but would like to donate please fire me an e-mail.

At our next event, the Binab GP COTR#6, on November 11th we will be collecting money as part of a BC Cross Community Collective Effort. Our next two events combined with the Last Victoria Underground race tonight, the Pumpkin Cross this Sunday put on by Local Ride, Jak New’s EV Grand Prix on November 10th as well a few of the bike clubs are organizing an effort to pump up and benefit our cross racers that come to the National Championships on November 17th and the UCI race on November 18th.

Our goals are FIRST to ensure that there is equal prize money for men and women to 15th place at the UCI race on November 18th in South Surrey. (I think we have already achieved this with our “public Pressure”)

Our SECOND Goal is that if the first goal is reached we want to put our remaining funds towards offering a prize purse for the National Champs on November 17th (Equal men and women of course).

Currently there is no prize purse required by regulations for Nationals, and so cash prizing is not currently being offered. (It is an expensive race weekend to put on with the UCI event etc. so we understand the budget constraints) BUT we would also like help to change that for the National Champs this year as they are being hosted in our Province.

The Cross Community feels that it benefits everyone; the racers, the event, cycling and specifically cross to make these things happen.

SO our events along with the events listed above will all have a bucket for donations at registration. Bring an extra few bucks and throw it in there. We are a strong part of the cross community in BC and we want to show our support for these events as best we can.

We have already had support and donations from both the provincial championships last weekend with the Atomic Cycling Club and West Coast Racing through the Vanier Park Cross race so the ball is rolling on this and we are going to make it happen!!

ARE YOU AN ELITE MALE/FEMALE, U23 or JR MALE that wants to race at the WORLD CHAMPS being held for the first time outside of EUROPE!

Then this is the man that you want to talk to and/or meet at the National Champs.
ccc signature Matthew KNIGHT
Cycling CANADA Cyclisme
Road & Cyclo-Cross Coordinator
Coordonnateur – Route et Cyclo-Cross
Tel: +1 (613) 248-1353 x2602

Educate yourself to what YOU need to do and what the requirements are to make the team for Kentucky 2013 here:

There are 5 spots per group: Elite Male, ALL FEMALES, U23 and JR Male….lets get some COTR racers on these teams!!


Louisville, KY – October 30, 2012. Online registration for the 2013 UCI Masters Cyclo-cross World Championships powered by Exergy, scheduled for January 29th – February 1st, 2013 in Louisville, KY, will open on November 1st on

Participants can register for the following age groups: M / W 30-34; M / W 35-39; M / W 40-44; M / W 45-49; M / W 50-54; M /W 55-59; M / W 60-64; Women 65+; Men 65-69; Men 70-74 and Men 75+; see below for schedule. Registration opens with early pricing at $75 per rider through January 4th, 2013. On January 5th, 2013 the entry fee moves to $100 per rider and closes on January 25th. On-site registration will be available for $125.

Raced on the new Masters World Championship venue at at Champions Park in Louisville, the course will features elevation and speed changes, dirt, sand, grass, off-camber technical sections and enough natural terrain change to challenge riders.

The Galt House is the Official Host Hotel of the 2013 Masters and 2013 Elite World Championships, and is located at 140 N. 4th Street, Louisville, KY. Visit to make reservations.

This is how you recovery from doing a two-and-a-half-gainer-with-twist-dismount at the steel pole/rock downhill.

COTR #5: Crosstoberfest….was……AWESOME!!!!! (and other COTR News!)