Cross on the Rock 2021 COVD-19 Heath and Safety Protocols.
Please note that these protocols may change through the season based on a multitude of factors. 


  • All participants over the age of 12 must present their vaccine card to race COTR. You can either upload it during on-line registration or show it when you pick up your race number for the 2021 COTR season.  This card must show that you have received 2 doses of COVID-19 Vaccine.  The exception is for someone in the age bracket 12-19 that has only received 1 vaccine before the first race due to timing and availability.  For this small group of people, the vaccine must have been received at a minimum 14 days before the first race.  This person must have received their second dose of vaccine before participating in any more races.
  • Registration will be by PRE-REGISTRATION ONLY.  This is for ALL categories and all races.  Including: Little kids, Big kids and all adult categories.  You must pre-register if you want to race any COTR event.
  • The health and safety of our community begins with an honest self assessment of your health before each event (  If you are having ANY symptoms that are similar to COVID-19, even if you think it is just a Cold or the Flu, you should not be racing and you should not be at a COTR race.  This is for your safety and the safety of our community.  It does not matter if you have received 2 vaccination shots. If you feel sick, stay home.  Get tested. Monitor your heath. Feel better and return to racing when you are symptom free.  This is not the time to “race through it” like we all have done in the past.  Your registration fee is not enough money to justify showing up at a race not health or potentially contagious.  Consider your registration a great donation to keeping this community going.
  • If you have tested positive for COVID-19, please do not attend a COTR race until at least 14 days have passed and as directed by your doctor.
  • Registration for each race will open 10-14 days before each event.  There will be no series registration for this season.  This is to minimize problems if we have to cancel an event or the series this year because of changes in policy, safety or community health.


  • Masks are mandatory at registration and in every indoor space at any of our events.  A mask.  Not a shirt over your face, scarf, buff (unless it is a filter buff), rag or paper towel.  A mask.
  • Once you have picked up your registration package (with your race numbers) at your first race of the year you do not have to go to registration at any further events.  No check in.  No pick up.  Just show up pre-registered with your race numbers and wait for your call up (which will only happen if you are registered). 


  • Call up at the first race will be based on a random number generator.  The grid will be spaced further apart during staging. Racers will be allowed to come together in the last minute before the start.  After the first event, call up will be based on series ranking like normal but the grid process will be the same.
  • Masks should be worn to the start and then tucked in a jersey after the 1 minute to go mark.
  • During races, PLEASE check your surroundings before discharging spit, snot, and/or  “other”.  If you have someone close behind you please wait until you have a LOT of space before letting it rip.


  • Masks should be worn in team areas and must be worn during awards where people are in closer contact.
  • We all love the cheering and encouragement at our events.  We don’t want to lose that.  BUT at this time it is not acceptable to be screaming un-masked at a racer so they pass through your micro-particle’d breath.  Please adjust your cheering technique or location!  We don’t want silence….but we don’t want germs!

We will be doing our best throughout the season to monitor our protocols and processes and keep people informed of any changes.
We encourage people to do their best to keep our events as safe as possible so that we can race our 15th season of Cross on the Rock!

-The Council of Cross