• Pre-registration is STRONGLY Encouraged. You can register on the day of race BUT you will pay $10 more and you will not receive a call up.
  • Online Entry fee is $25. $17 for most events. For some events where the venue costs considerably more like Western Speedway and Saanich Fairgrounds we need to charge an additional $5. $17 for all riders Under 19 and for beginners. FREE for Kids for the KIDS ‘Lil Nutcase race for little kids and the Mazda Zoom Zoom Half Track race for bigger kids.
  • Onsite Entry fee is $10 more. (See first note) (Still) FREE for Kids for the KIDS RACES
  • IF you are planning on registering on the day of the race, please try to bring exact change.
  • Onsite registration will be done on-site up to 30 minutes before each event.
  • Sorry a Masters Cycling BC, Triathlon BC or other cycling association license does not cover you for this or any of our series events for this year.
  • Learn to race cyclocross clinic is Free for all registered racers in any category
  • NOTE: You must be registered before you do the clinic.

Licence Requirements for 2019

Licensing is confusing. It does not help that every year the licences change. The insurance requirements change and it all starts again…..WHICH LICENCE DO I NEED TO RACE?

  1. If you are only going to do a couple of COTR races (We strongly encourage you to race them all) but you don’t want to buy any license. You are racing COTR races ONLY. Pay for a Day of Race licence each time you race $10 for an adult. $5 for youth. This is OK if you are only going to race once or twice a year. But it is a PITA (paperwork etc) if you are going to race more than that!
  2. Buy a “Provincial Ride Licence” from Cycling BC. $60. This works if you are racing the LAUNCH category (Beginners/Youth/Sport) races at COTR. If you are going to race 6 or more COTR events this year. This is your best bet but ONLY if you are ONLY going to race Cross on the Rock this fall. You can not race other events or the provincial championships with this licence.
  3. Buy a “Provincial Race License” from Cycling BC.Adult $90. Youth $60. Get this one if you want to race COTR as well as in Vancouver and Provincial Championships. You can race any category in the province.
  4. Buy a UCI license (Cost varies depending on age) if you want to race BIGGER races such as UCI races or National Championships.

Those are your current (for this year) options for Cross on the Rock for 2019


    • RULE #1. Lee Blais is FORBIDDEN to miss ANY Cross on the Rock events EVER.
    • Good sportsmanship and fair play are our number one rule! Bad behaviour and bad language are not welcome at our events. You get 1 warning and then you are gone for the season.
    • These races are designed to be fun “club” level events. This is not to say that they will not be challenging or competitive BUT we are not as serious as some other events out there.
    • Riders must posses a current Cycling BC license or pay for a one day Cycling BC license ($10 at our events).
    • All events are open to any type of bike; road, mountain or cross. A cross bike should be your first choice followed by a mountain bike….road bikes will not enjoy our courses…
    • UCI cyclocross bike rules do not apply in our events. Run any tire width you like, flat bars are fine….if you have any questions please let us know.
    • Call up at the first series event is RANDOM to give everyone an equal chance of getting the front line and also making it so you don’t have to go to the line so early. From event #2 onwards call up will be based on series points for those ranked and then random for all remaining racers.
    • All riders will finish on lap following the leader finishing the race.
    • Other than these specific rules regular cross rules and common sense will dictate everything else.
    • The race organizer and or official have the final say in everything!
    • At Cross on the Rock events racers are not pulled if they are lapped by the leaders of their event. All racers finish on the lead racer’s lap so you are never more than one lap down nor do you race much longer than the leader of your race. IF you do not finish the race you will receive a DNF.


    • Points will be given out in to all participants in each category. If you move up from intermediate or masters to expert during the year you will retain 50% of your points.
    • We have 8 events this year for the first time. As in the past you have a throw away for your worst result/missed event. So 7 events will count to the series final.
    • The series final is double points.
    • Points are distributed as following: 200, 190, 185, 180, 175, 170, 168, 166, 164 continuing down to 2.
    • At least 2 Points will be given out to any finisher. The rider must finish the entire race and can not be a D.N.F.
    • Series Awards are given for the top 3 in the following categories: Expert, U13, U15, U17, Intermediate, Masters Men and Women as well as Super Masters 55+ Men.
    • Series prizes will be presented at the last event at ….you must be there to claim them as we do not do mail outs.