October 14th, 2019 Bowen Park. Nanaimo

Course Description

Muc Off Cup is a true European cross course. It starts with a long wide open paved road before it heads into a switchback climb. The course incorporates a large grass area with tight turns but still has places to pass, a long stair run up and two sand sections. It has lots of elevation gain in a small footprint, no need for barriers on this course (But we might have the new ones anyways…..just because), it’s a lung burner.


Bowen Park is a gem located in the heart of Nanaimo. There is quite a bit of parking close to registration which will be off Wall Street close to the volley ball courts. Additional parking can be found across Wall street at the Curling Club as well as in other locations in the park off Bowen Road.

This is a BUSY park on a BUSY weekend. Please be aware and respectful of other park users.

Team Tents

Team tents are welcome and there will be an area set aside for them on the lawn along the edge of the parking lot. We will be doing one row on the grass. Another row on the dirt.

First come first spots.

Drop and go. Don’t park by your tent…..’cause we will have to move you!

Rock City Cycles Cup Race Day Schedule

PLEASE NOTE: We are extending our CUT-OFF time to 30 minutes before your race.
Make sure you are Checked in/REGISTERED and ready!

Last race for this schedule and then we go to the “tighter” one heading into shorter days.

9:15 REGISTRATION OPEN (beginner only until 10:35)
10:00 Beginner Pre-Ride/Mini clinic (meet @ start line)

10:45 BEGINNER MEN (includes U13 / U15)
10:46 BEGINNER WOMEN (includes U13 / U15)

NOTE to Beginners. YES this will be the FULL course. Including the stairs. Parents and helpers are allowed to help anyone young enough to REALLY need help on the stairs with their bikes BUT they can not impede or block any faster racers so please be prepared.

11:30 Zoom Zoom Mazda KIDS RACE (age 7-12)
NOTE to ZOOM ZOOM Kids. We will NOT be doing the stairs but the course will be longer than what we did the last 2 years keeping with the theme of longer Zoom Zoom Races. This will be a tough challenge for the Zoom’ers!

12:00 INTERMEDIATE MEN (includes U17)
12:01 INTERMEDIATE WOMEN (includes U17/ Masters)

12:10 KIDS Lil’ Nutcase races (<7 years) 1:15 MASTERS MEN (40-54)


4:00ish AWARDS


Registration/Number Pick Up/Race day Procedure for the Rock City Cycles Cup

ALREADY RACED THIS YEAR: If you have done another COTR race this year you need to bring three things: Your bike number (attached to your bike). Your race number (either attached to your jersey or ready to attach). Your license or $10. Check in at registration. Show them your license or pay $10. Good to go.

HAVE NOT RACED THIS YEAR: Head to registration. If you are pre-reg then you don’t need a reg form (otherwise you do). If you have a license you don’t need a license form (otherwise you do). Head to the counter. Show your license (or pay $10 and give them the cycling BC form). Pick up your bike number and your body number. Good to go.

 Pre-registerDay Of
Intermediate / Masters / Open$25$35
Jr/Youth racing Intermediate or Open$17$25