Course Description

With last weekend’s record breaking race in Victoria, it looks like more than 350 riders should be making the trek up Mount Washington for race # 2 of the series. After reopening the bike park this year, Mount Washy was extremely excited to host their first ever cyclocross race at the alpine resort. The course has been described as ‘lumpy’ with compacted grass sections, wide open gravel, a mix of pavement and paving stones and we even snuck in a section of singletrack. The crux of the course is the 50 foot run-up. Perhaps with the right gear and tire combination, and if you have pistons for legs you may not have to dismount. The mountain is still open so bring your park bike to send it after your race and don’t forget your wallet for post race bevies and burgers at Teds. “Cross On Top of the Rock” is Brought to you by Trail Bicycles, Mount Washington and a whole host of local sponsors (check out our poster for more information).



 Pre-registerDay Of
Intermediate / Masters / Expert$25$35
Jr/Youth racing Intermediate or Expert$15$25

Race Schedule

Please note that start times for Top of The Rock Cross are 30 minutes later than the standard COTR times

CategoryStart Time
Registration Open9:45 am
Beginner Clinic10:30 am
Beginner Men (Including Youth U13 and U15)11:15 am
Beginner Women (Including Youth U13 and U15)11:16 am
Zoom Zoom Half Lap12:00 noon
Intermediate Men (Including U17)12:30 pm
Intermediate Women (Including U17 and Masters Women)12:31 pm
Lil Nutcase Kids Race12:40 pm
Masters Men (40-54)1:30 pm
Super Master Men (55+)1:33 pm
Expert Men2:45 pm
Expert Women2:46 pm