Just another typical weekend for Simms and Thibault. A nice morning walk. Some Saltspring Island Coffee. Hanging out on the deck….heading to the home show……you know just what everyone does on the weekend…..Well not quite….we are a CROSS FAMILY like YOU!


October 17, 2010

Race Organization: Everti Cycling Club
Race Director: Tara and Mike Pollock
Course designer: Everti cycling club and “associates”
Supporting Store: Experience Cycle in Duncan

IF you want to check out something REALLY COOL….check out Dave Holden’s Video from last weekend’s KONA Kup. Not only does it start out with KORN (I think) as the music but when he shows the first line of the expert race call up….total Super Prestige Style…..something magical happens……crossmagical….. http://vimeo.com/15849398

WOWSER (YES: WOWSER!) another awesome TURN OUT….CLOSE to the KONA KUP Cross on the Rock record….but not quite (Come on Port Alberni…help us out!)

131 race entries:
Beginner Women 4
Beginner Men 10
Intermediate 33
Women 16 (I think that is a record turnout)
Masters Men 38
Expert 30

A WICKED turn out for the women’s category…..I think it has to be the best turn out in the province! Also a great turn out in all categories. The nice thing about when we get up to these numbers is that there is more wheel to wheel racing from the front of the field to the back….hopefully everyone has a battle on their hands out there. It just makes it all the more fun for sure.

Previous total racers for Duncan were 2009: 91, 2008: 89, 2007: 72


Young 12 year old Brodie has been coming out to the Cross on the Rock since 2008. 14 races. Usually Brodie puts in a bit of an effort and then just kind of rides and waits to be lapped etc. He is 12….almost everyone else his age is at home playing norfrendo. Today however it was MUCH different…..Brodie was RACING out there. Powering out of the corners. Breathing HARD. Working it. He worked his little butt off and it was great to see him RACING out there!

Attack Hay

Apparently the hay barrier took out a few rear derailleurs in the Masters race……riding THROUGH the hay is ALWAYS risky…..if you don’t want to dismount the risk is HIGH with HAY! Ask anyone about BCBR 2008 Day 1 minute 4 of the race…nothing like ruining your week long race in 4 minutes.

Course Gnomes

With a SUPER TIGHT course the racers were BLOWING out turns all over the place……it was always nice when the spectators, fans and course gnomes did mini repairs so that the course was in good shape for the next lap….thanks everyone and the course gnomes!

For the record

The competitive beginner category was taken down by Mary Wakefield and Dan Leonard. Regan Pringle (Pro City Racing) takes down his first VICTORY in Intermediate ….I guess his girlfriend is making him faster! On the flip side Dawn Anderson (Everti-OBB) took her 7th WIN extending her lead in the MOST wins category for Cross on the Rock over Craig Ritchey. Tyler Trace (Trek Red Truck) taking down the Expert Category with his first victory this year. Masters was won by a “sick” Justin Mark (Steed Cylces)…..um Justin….HUNG OVER does not count as “being sick”.

Your Number. Your Race.

A note to everyone out there…..the last race we had a LOT of problems with seeing number. We had: flapping numbers. Numbers up side down. Number on the wrong side. Numbers in the middle. Numbers up on the shoulders. GET YOUR NUMBER PLACEMENT RIGHT! Numbers should be either on the left or the right (ask at registration if it is not posted). Just above your hip and at a 90 degree angle from you so that they are visible from the timer that is on the side of the course. If your number is not right it makes it VERY hard for the timers if not impossible to get your placing and time. Repeat offenders will have to do timing for all remaining events or be in charge of re-pinning and checking everyone!

The World Cup is learning from C.O.T.R.

At the first world cup yesterday in Switzerland it is reported that the course had a BMX section as well as a Whirly-Whirl…..finally they are getting it! They also had one more feature which we will be using in one of our upcoming races…..stay tuned.


* It was great to see Kelly Guest the famous triathlete out there racing today. We have not seen him at a Cross on the Rock race since his Turkey Cross DNF in 2007
* Was Rob Britton really just toying with Russell Anderson as was reported?
* Getting re-motivated to get back on the cross bike was new mom Jaymie McGowan watching the action….more girls…more moms…yeah!
* Everyone loves a good ding-dong battle….and today it was Wendy Simms (Ridley) and Mical Dyck (Trek) racing in the Expert category.
* Styx “Come Sail Away” is awesome pump up music!
* The winners all got home made PIE from Tara.
* The return of the beer sponsor was VERY-VERY-VERY popular! (We will have some special Beer prizes at the next event) Yeah Phillips Brewery
* Bratwurst is NOT a good pre-race meal….but excellent for post race.
* Jeffery Drew (OBB-Wheelers) moved up from winning Intermediate the last 2 races to Expert this week and did JUST FINE!
* Russell Anderson (Everti-Oak Bay Bikes)…..first podium in almost a year….Iris should teethe all the time!
* The most treacherous corners were the last one before the finish line and the first one after….just ask Jason Sandquist (Experience Bike Shop)

WHERE IS CARTER HOVEY???? ANYONE…..ANYONE! I am calling you out! (I think we will start calling a few people out…we will see)

NEXT EVENTS: The next races in the Cross on the Rock series is the double header weekend in Victoria. 2 Races. 2 Venues. 2 New Courses. 2 Days……should be great. Race #4 and #5 in the series. October 30th is the IRC Cameron Lap Cup and the 31st is still un-named but will be at Layzriz Park in Saanich. The Ho Jo in Victoria by Elk Lake is offering a special room rate for that weekend of $89 a night….which is a great deal. This is a good place to stay with Elk Lake and the commonwealth pool both close by. You need to ask for the Cyclocross Rate though. The race on the 31st is NOT a single speed champs as it was last year…..BUT we will be awarding special prizes to our S/S and costumed racers….so be ready.


In case you have not heard our Wendy Simms has been riding some sweet new rigs around the race course as well as leading the beginner pre-race clinics….here is the official word:

Ridley Bicycles, along with Norco Products Ltd and FSA components, have recently signed Canadian Cyclocross racer Wendy Simms for the 2010/2011 racing season.

World Cup racer, event organizer, coach, mentor and mother – Simms leads a busy life, and will add more than just great results to this winning team. An active member of the cycling community, Wendy goes beyond the race scene working hard to promote her sport both on and off the race course. These qualities make her a unique and desirable asset on the Ridley team.

“We’re all super excited to have Wendy riding Ridley Bikes,” said Ridley Marketing Manager Eric Wallace. “Wendy has always been a great competitor but also a role model for the up and coming generations of cyclists. The very real possibility of Wendy adding a fifth Maple Leaf jersey to her collection goes to show how international both Ridley Bikes and the sport of cyclocross have become,” added Wallace.

Having recently come off of maternity leave, Wendy has wasted no time this season asserting her competitiveness on the Cyclo-cross circuit and is currently leading the overall standings in the North American Cyclocross Trophy (NACT) Series. A four time Canadian National Cyclocross champion, with two second place finishes in the Star Crossed and Rad Racing races, Wendy has history of solid race results.

Over the years Wendy has amassed multiple top-10 World Cup finishes, a seventh place at the world championships in Treviso, Italy, and multiple USGP and Star Crossed podiums. It is an impressive list of accomplishments which has given her a solid foundation and skill set that she is all too willing to share with others.

In what some would call her spare time, she helps organize the `Cross on the Rock race series, leads beginner cross clinics and imparts her knowledge on a developing U17 athlete. Wendy will be racing on the Ridley X-Night carbon frame outfitted with FSA wheels and components

Brought to you by the Council of Cross. Www.

Series Sponsors: KONA, Oak Bay Bikes, Avia West, Howard Johnson, Saltspring Coffee, OAKLEY, Lambert-Lezyne-Pedros, Frontrunners, Action Motorcycles, The North Face, Pro Bar, Phillips BEER

Local Supporting Bike Shop: Experience Cycles Duncan

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Providence Farm
Kristenn Magnusson for taking care of Tycho
Justin Mark for lending me his bike
All our volunteers, marshals and post pounders
Series is Organized by the Cross Council:
With the following cycling clubs: VICC, Experience Cycling Club, UROC, Arrowsmith MTB Club and IRC

Supported by:
OBB Victoria, Westshore and Nanaimo
Trail Bikes in Courtenay
Experience cycles in Duncan
Frontrunners in Nanaimo
Straight Up Cycles in Victoria
Dodge City Cycles in Cumberland

Sanctioned by: Cycling BC

Race #3 Crosstoberfest: Post Race

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