October 10th, 2022 Bowen Park. Nanaimo

Course Description

Muc-Off is back as title Sponsor or our event again this year! It’ll be great to have all their amazing products and Pete and Jamie working hard washing bikes again. The Bowen park course is a classic. It looks like there will be lots of rain this week, so get ready for things to be slippery. The course will be similar to last year with a road section start, into a single track wooded climb, quick down hill, then onto the grass for lots of twists and turns before the infamous stairs and volley-ball court/sand section.

The Stats!!

  • This race has some impressive stats over the history of the event.
  • Biggest race of all time! 2019
    • 5th biggest in 2018
    • 6th biggest in 2017
  • Biggest category of all time masters men 40-54 in 2019 with 88 racers
  • Most DNF’s EVER in 2014
    • 4th most DNFs in 2010
    • 10th most DNFs in 2011
  • LEAST DNF’s ever in 2016
    • 2nd least DNFs in 2019!

The last time this race was held in 2019 Holly Henry won the Open women’s with Wendy Simms in 2nd.

On the men’s side there was a great battle between Canadian Champ Michael Van den Ham and Carter Woods with the Canadian Champ coming out on top.

Course Hazards

  • First of all the park is open to the public. There are people everywhere and some will NOT be aware of the race or cyclists on course. Keep your head up!
  • Please be very cautious of the down-hill section after the pool. This is the fastest section with some BIG trees that can break your shoulder or your head.
  • There are slippery sections, roots and trees and uneven ground all over the place and it will be WET
  • You MUST stay to the inside of the cones near the tennis courts. This is very important as we are sharing the road with other park users.
  • The last hazard is the down-hill after the stair section. Please use caution, as it its steep and can be slippery.


  • Parking is located in the lot beside the Volley Ball courts off WALL STREET. These spots are not marked so please don’t park like a donkey and mess it up for other people. Organized rows!
  • Overflow parking can be found across the street at the Curling Club.
  • There is also some parking up by the park administration buildings by the tennis courts and then above that by the pool
  • All spots are within 1 minute of the main race area.

Registration and race central

  • Will be located near the Volley Ball courts

ALWAYS: Please be courteous to other park users.

Team Tents

  • One row on the grass in front of parking area
  • Then a second row against the curb in the parking lot.

Please do not put any tents on the opposite side of the course. Only event tents are allowed in that area. Thanks

Food Truck.

We are lucky to have Tipsy Avocado coming to provide healthy Mexican food for the event.


Muc Off and Rock City Cycles are literally giving away thousands of dollars of product at this event. We have been posting photos on social all week. Check them out.

Make sure you stay for the draw prizes we are giving away a very special Muc-Off inspired Bike this year!!


Lastly we can almost guarantee this…..NUMBERS ON YOUR LEFT!


Intermediate / Masters / Open$27$17
Kids (Grogu and Younglings) Free
PRE-REGISTRATION ONLY. NO day of race registration.

Race Schedule

CategoryStart Time
Registration Open9:15 am
Beginner Clinic10:00 am
Launch Men (formerly Beginner) (Including Youth U13 and U15)10:45 am
Launch Women (formerly Beginner) (Including Youth U13 and U15)10:46 am
Younglings (Bigger Kids). Full lap or almost a full lap11:40
Intermediate Men (Including U17)12:10 pm
Intermediate Women (Including U17 and Masters Women)12:11 pm
Lil Nutcase Kids Race12:15 pm
Masters Men (40-54)1:15 pm
Super Master Men (55+)1:16 pm
Open Men (formerly Expert)2:30 pm
Open Women (formerly Expert)2:31 pm