Cross on the Rock is a grass roots, laid back, fun, social, surprising competitive Cyclocross series on Vancouver Island. Organised by Norm Thibault, Wendy Simms and the Council of Cross.


2003: Was the first cross race we held and it was mostly an underground affair at Beban park. The course ended up being WAY too long at about 13 minutes per lap. We had I think 10 people out. It was mostly for preparations for Wendy to go to her first World Championships in France.

2004: We hosted 1 race which was sanctioned and held in November at Beban. We had a great turn out for it actually.

2005: Nanaimo hosted 2 races that were both part of the BC Cup (Which Normon started).

2006: We had the first Island Cup Series. We also hosted the National Championships in Nanaimo. I (Roland) did my first cross race.

2007: The series grew to 5 races.

2009: FSA Cup Beban Park was the first Cross on the Rock race to have over 100 racers. As well, the Nutcase Intercontinental Single Speed Cyclocross Championships of the Universe was held in Errington.

2010: The series visited Port Alberni for the first time. The series final was cancelled due to snow. was launched.

2011: Results were posted on-site for the first time. Race attendance hit 190 for the first time.

2012: Race attendance hit 200 for the first time. Online registration was used for the first time.

2013: Cross on the Rock hosted the BC Provincial Championships. Online registration allowed registering for the entire season at once.