We post unofficial results onsite and online by the end of the event. Once results are posted on our website, we will grant 48 hours for review. After 48 hours have passed, all results are final.

All result inquiries should be emailed to palleus@hotmail.com.

In the subject line please include: Category Race, Name, Bib Number.  

In the body of the email, the following information is required, without it we will not be able to resolve your inquiry:

  • Category
  • Bib Number
  • First and Last Name
  • Description of the problem, e.g:
    • This is not helpful:  “I wasn’t 17th”
    • This is helpful:  “I believe I finished 4th or 5th, not 17th, because I was not lapped and finished close behind my teammate, Dorothy Johnson, #123, who placed 2nd.”