“Awesome race yesterday….(XXXXXXX) and I were commenting on how awesome it is that everyone sticks around in the cold, rainy, crappy weather (with their kids!) to socialize and be there for the podium. In all the off-island racing we’ve done this year we haven’t seen a bigger crowd of people than there were yesterday – even at (XXXXXX-RACE)….pretty awesome!”

A LOT of Video floating around from COTR#6

First of All Pelle’s Edit Sponsored and financed by Oak Bay Bikes: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fo2x69-59b8&feature=youtu.be

Second one is from Russell Berg: . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nkaTHDmw8R8

And Third….well this one is a strange and “rough” edit from Rob Britton and possibly Jamie Sparling? It does have some good disco and cameo’s from past COTR champs Max Plaxton and Dave Holden: : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4FzBx9OQU6w

PHOTOS: Calling all Photographers that have been capturing images this season…..time to SUBMIT your BEST. Send your best photos to Rolland at: Roland Rabien (roland@rabien.com) and we will get the Gallery up and going. No more than 4 photos per photographer please. Our panel of judges are standing by. Best photo award will be awarded at the series final.

COTR#6 The Binab Property Group GP at Western Speedway. Recap

From the Fun Director Roland Rabien:

A huge thank you to all the volunteers that helped make the race such a success. It’s a huge amount of work to do course setup, registration, timing, results, tear down all in one day. Days of work also went into the flyover, run-up, collecting prizes and organization. There is no way to do it without an army of volunteers including:

Adam de Vos, Alex Hui, Andrea Robson, Andrew Barnes, Andy Achuff, Bryn Shapperd, Danielle Stevens, Drew MacKenzie, Dylan Reeves, Ed Thacker, Geordie Morrison, Glenowyn Carlson, Jamie Cameron, Jamie Richardsen, Jason Binab, Jeff Doyle, Jim Pauly, Joel Taylor, Joele Gynup, John Rogers, Justin Binab, Katie Duncan, Kevin Ford, Mark Planiden, Mitch Thacker, Nathaniel Cook, Normon Thibault, Peter Wellsman, Rasmus Rabien, Richard Cook, Rob Parkin, Ryan Clarke, Scott Mitchell, Shanna Wild, Steve Lund, Tanya Berg, Tom Malczynski, Troy Woodburn, Wendy Simms

And thanks and apologies to those I missed.

And thank you to out sponsors. Please support the businesses that support our series:

Binab Property Group, EBOOST, Trek Bikes Victoria, Razu Welding, Hugo Donais of Sun Life Financial, Popeye’s Supplements, Rumble, Wannawafel, Victoria Grizzlies, Prime Steak House, Cactus Club, Luv Hair Salon, Victory Barber and Brand, Modern Beauty Supplies, Water’s Edge Resort in Ucluelet, L’Hermitage Hotel, National Car Rental, Slegg Lumber, Frontrunners.

And thank you to everybody who came out and raced.

Bikeshop Challenge: Repeat Winner: Jenny Skinner. New Male Champion with all the bragging rights was: Mitch Thacker.

From NORM.

Some of the Highlights from a lot of Highlights:

  • Carey Mark winning the Trek Bike from Pro City-Trek Bikes. It was great to see someone SUPER PUMPED to win!! Carey mounted the podium with the bike and apparently called EVERYONE on her drive home from Victoria!!
  • I have always dreamed about a “Braveheart” start. We came close at NISSCOTU but the lack of grid having 40+ riders straight across for the holeshot…..it took everything to 11. We really should have had a holeshot award and is something that we will do next time as that venue is perfect for it.
  • Adam De Vos gets another mention. Scaled it back on Lap One….ended up his highest placing EVER for COTR in Expert with a 5th. Good luck at Nationals Adam!
  • Rob Parkin also gets a mention for his highest placing ever in Expert by quite a bit. He had another great start but was actually able to hold it……unlike me.
  • I saw the shot of Tom Skinner after the race with his Wafels….and we wonder who ate the most Wafels on Sunday? My personal count was 4.
  • History was made on Sunday with Wendy Simms inventing the “moustache handup” at this event. Andy Pitre taking the first moustache hand up in HISTORY!! Look for more of the same at COTR#7!
  • The Flyover!
  • I read that some time COTR racer Jamie Sparling had retired from bike racing….so I was pretty pumped to see that “retired” did not mean “no longer races cross” and he was out at the race on Sunday.
  • My face was still dirty at 8:30 at night on Sunday….not a “highlight”.
  • A certain “pro-masters” racer coming out of retirement specifically to race Ian Smith who was a no-show. It was like Rocky coming off the couch to jump in the ring with Mr T….but then Mr T did not show up…..disappointment for all!


Katie and Roland are computer master minds….but even masterminds sometimes make mistakes. When they put the calculation/spreadsheet for series leaders yesterday they used last year’s program which was best 5 of 6….so yesterday it dropped your lowest result which of course is not supposed to happen until after the last race.

SO a few people got the leaders arm bands that were not supposed to……check out the results…..get the arm band to the person that is supposed to have it at the last race…..then race like hell and try to win it for yourself!

Sorry to: Tom Skinner who now leads the Expert Men. Parker Bloom who is still leading intermediate (and did 3 races yesterday!!). Peter Wellsman who is leading the 50+. All the others were correct (I am pretty sure).


We collected a bit more $$ yesterday….the person to person approach seemed to work best! I will tally that up and let everyone know exactly where that $ went in the next news. Thanks everyone that contributed!



This coming weekend in South Surrey. We hope to see a tonne of COTR racers over there racing or CHEERING!!!!

Weekend after that is: COTR #7 Beban Park.

  • Series Final!
  • Double Points!!
  • $50 to Charity for the TOP MOVEMBER!!!
  • And MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • A tonne of PRIZES!
  • Series Prizes!!

If you think you can grow a manlier moustache than Tycho then line it up….best one will get $50

ARE YOU AN ELITE MALE/FEMALE, U23 or JR MALE that wants to race at the WORLD CHAMPS being held for the first time outside of EUROPE!

Then this is the man that you want to talk to and/or meet at the National Champs.

Cycling CANADA Cyclisme
Road & Cyclo-Cross Coordinator
Coordonnateur – Route et Cyclo-Cross
Tel: +1 (613) 248-1353 x2602

Educate yourself to what YOU need to do and what the requirements are to make the team for Kentucky 2013 here:


There are 5 spots per group: Elite Male, ALL FEMALES, U23 and JR Male….lets get some COTR racers on these teams!!

Wanna go to the MASTERS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS in January (and then stick around and watch how the Elite do it)

Louisville, KY – October 30, 2012. Online registration for the 2013 UCI Masters Cyclo-cross World Championships powered by Exergy, scheduled for January 29th – February 1st, 2013 in Louisville, KY, will open on November 1st on USACycling.org.

Participants can register for the following age groups: M / W 30-34; M / W 35-39; M / W 40-44; M / W 45-49; M / W 50-54; M /W 55-59; M / W 60-64; Women 65+; Men 65-69; Men 70-74 and Men 75+; see below for schedule. Registration opens with early pricing at $75 per rider through January 4th, 2013. On January 5th, 2013 the entry fee moves to $100 per rider and closes on January 25th. On-site registration will be available for $125.

Raced on the new Masters World Championship venue at at Champions Park in Louisville, the course will features elevation and speed changes, dirt, sand, grass, off-camber technical sections and enough natural terrain change to challenge riders.

The Galt House is the Official Host Hotel of the 2013 Masters and 2013 Elite World Championships, and is located at 140 N. 4th Street, Louisville, KY. Visit www.louisville2013.com to make reservations.

Cross on the Rock is now the un-official biggest cross race series in Canada. If you can find stats to support otherwise….please let us know…until then we are the un-official biggest!!

COTR #6: Binab Property Group GP (aka BPGGP) at Western Speedway was…..was……what is another word for “Epic” that does not get used as much….what ever that word is what that event was!!