Felt like there should have been a cross race yesterday. Strange feeling.
Instead I washed my bike and helped my BB turn (again…like after every
race). Looking forward to the series final. Making preparations. Also
seriously looking at MFG’s race in Seattle for the first weekend in December
to close off the wicked CX season.

Shawnigan…..totally different course this year!! The thing about the
series is that with 7 races none of the courses are the same and some are
QUITE a bit different. It does not get that far apart as the Binab GP with
50+ corners per lap to Shawnigan Lake School with FLAT out sections and some
great stairs and climbing. And the weather……also far apart. Some
exciting racing to watch. The group at the end of lap 1 of the Expert Men’s
race. The size of the Beginner Categories…both men’s and women’s. The
young guns! All highlights.

Can’t wait for the series final!!

Photo Contest

For years capturing images of our races has become an important part of the
events themselves. Roland pulled up page stats from our web site this week
and the photo page is the second most popular behind results.

So……..Photographers……the time is NOW to get your photos in for our
annual contest. Please e-mail them to me before November 18th. Photos will
be judged on:

* Quality
* Composition
* COTRness
* And of course awesomeness

I have a SPECIAL prize that Roland hunted all over Victoria to locate for
this year’s winner.

Lost and Found

Andy has a few things that were left in the pits on Sunday:

1) a clincher wheelset. Dura-ace hubs, tied & soldered spokes, Fango tires.
2) A Blackburn floor pump (which may go with the bag of tubes that was also

Anyone who wants their stuff back can contact Andy at andyachuff@gmail.com.

Also I have
1) a Camelbak Podium Bottle
2) A Polar RS100 Heart Rate Monitor with Black BBB arm warmers rolled
up in the band

We are also missing Dave Novak’s Trail Bikes jacket if you want to check
your stuff.

In the trailer there is a SUPER muddy pair of free ride shoes left over from
Binab GP….if you are missing yours.

Ronde Van Hogwarts at Shawnigan Lake School

Racing in short sleeves in November….what a grand day it was at Shawnigan
Lake School!!

Check out Erik Dierten’s edit of the Expert Categories:

Patrick Burnham has his gallery up here:

Geoff Robson has a LOT of photos from Hogwarts:
https://www.flickr.com/photos/geoff_robson Some serious B&W ones in there

The past Sunday’s race broke it’s attendance record from 2013 by 26. It
also set a record for the biggest race we have had in November on it’s way
to becoming #3 biggest race of all time. It came close to getting onto the
top 10 for biggest categories…just needed a few more people in Masters Men
or Intermediate. I am pretty sure it set a record for biggest Beginner
Men’s and Women’s categories though!! Thanks to everyone that made it such
a success!!

From Race director: Ian Craib

Big THANKS to:
* Scott Milnthorp from OBB YYJ helped me out by assembling and
distributing the prizes prior to the event.
* Tom Skinner and Andy Achuff who coordinated the course set up on
* Matthew Ronald Jones who helped me with the course clean-up.
* Joe Guard, Lesley Berkenstock, Richard Barrass
<https://www.facebook.com/richard.barrass.33?fref=nf> who worked like dogs
all day.
* Heath MacKinlay for liking my stash and helping with the set-up.
* Bruce Falk, Hilary Grant and Tara Pollock
<https://www.facebook.com/tara.pollock3> . – timing
* Brent Hooper for helping out from beginning to end and bringing a
van bigger than Norms (editor: barely…it is just newer-WAY MORE $$)
* Geoff Robson – images (haven’t seen anything yet) Can find them
here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/geoff_robson
* Karl for supporting this from the beginning and providing the
* Curtis Schlossberger thanks I know he was there
somewhere….(Donated the CASH for the Expert Category again through
Straight Up Cycles)
Apologies to anyone else who I forgot.
Prize donations:

Major contributors
Oak Bay Bikes – Karl Ulrich
Oak Bay Bikes Westshore – Chris Dickensen
Live to Play Sports – Steve Pukesh
Cycle Therapy – David Beggs

Shawnigan Lake School – David Robertson (head master of Hogwarts), Ronnie
Brown (got the approval for us being there), Mary Stack (made sure the
facility was ready), Ken Gillam (sports facility manager….he’ll repair the
damage to the grass DOUBLE THANKS!!), Greg Perry (loaned me the sub-par pa

James the kitchen manager who made sure we had 400+ muffins.

Drumroaster Coffee – Geir Oglend <https://twitter.com/geiroglend> supplied
all the coffee and cream/milk (no sugar because it should never be added to
a good cup of coffee)

Minor contributors
Cowichan Cycles – Robin Dutton
Experience – Will Arnonld
Broad Street Bikes – Parker

Series Final-My Little Pony Cross – Looking Forward

If I had a 1 in around 250 chance of winning a FREE Naked CX frameset or a
pair of Zed Wheels…..all I had to do it show up and race the series
final……I would make the trip.

That is just ONE of the wicked reasons to come out next (NOT THIS) Sunday
for the 2014 COTR Round #6 and series final at Arbutus Meadows.

The Mid Island Velo Association are working hard to make the course even
better than last year.

We will be doing the series draw and category prizes as well as prizes for
My Little Pony….so a LOT of prizes!!

Full preview to come to your in box next week.

Pre-registration here: http://www.raceonline.ca/events/details/?id=732

COTR Series 2014
Sunday Sept 14 – Cumberland. Coal Cross DONE
Sunday Sept 28 – Victoria. Possible New Venue DONE
Monday Oct 13 – Bowen. Kona Kup. Provincial Championships DONE
Sunday Oct 19 – Farmer Bills. Port Alberni DONE
Sunday Nov 2 – Speedway. Binab Property Group GP DONE
Sunday Nov 9 – Shawnigan Lake School. Ronde Von Hogwarts DONE
Sunday Nov 23 – Arbutus Meadows. My Little Pony Cross. Series Final

COTR 2014: Ronde Van Hogwarts Breaks Records and a look forward to the 2014 series final.

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    My thanks to the people who served as marshals at the bridge.

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