Cross on the Rock 2015. Season #10. Newsletter #6.

In this Newsletter:

1) Building C.O.T.R. since 2004
2) COTR-2015. Race #3. Pro City Racing GP Preview.
3) Update: Cross-sitters

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On board with Jon Watkin:

1. Building C.O.T.R. since 2004

Thanks to a couple of people that made an effort to talk to me at Tugboat Cross about how the series has grown and developed over the last decade. It was nice to hear. I just want to be clear though that the series is a partnership. A partnership between race organizers, series organizers, sponsors and racers. It is a group effort. It is rider driven. The racers make it happen! If you look at the number we have truly built this series 1 to 2 racers at a time. Let’s keep building. Let’s keep it positive. Let’s keep COTR a heathy place and a heathy series. See you Monday!

2. PREVIEW: Race #3. October 12th: Pro City Racing GP.

If you have not registered yet for Topaz Park the link is here:
Pre-Registration closes right in the middle of your Turkey Dinner on Sunday… don’t wait until then. Get it done!

BIG NOTE: No pre-riding of the course. We will not be posting a map of the course until Sunday night for that reason. NO post-riding of the course. Parks and Recreation took note in 2011 that a lot of people were riding the course AFTER the event. PLEASE allow the course to re-generate. It will help the course and it will improve our chances of having another event at Topaz Park.

Norm’s Notes

It was Canadian Coach and part time COTR racer, Dan Proulx, ( that came up with the idea of a race on Thanksgiving in 2007. We had our first “Turkey Cross” at the velodrome at J.D.F. Ever since we have kept that day as a COTR stronghold and almost every year it is our biggest race of the season.

The last time we had a race in Victoria at Topaz park it was 2011. Looking back at that year to Condo Cross ( we see some historic names in COTR. On that Monday 2nd place in the beginner category was Rob Parkin our winner of Tugboat Cross. He was bested by someone more than double his age. Every category has names of people that are still racing, have made their mark, or are still on the way up and improving. In the intermediate category first and second were Adam De Vos and Nigel Ellsay who at 22 and 21 now have already had some great international results on the road. Second in Master Men was Robert Russel…what happened to that guy? Our top racers in the men’s and women’s categories, Tyler Trace and Dawn Anderson still hold #1 and #2 spots for most wins by any COTR racer.

Cool to look back at it.

Here is some video from the day:

From Zed Wheels:

From CHEK 6 News:

This Monday we will have our second race at Topaz park and one day we will all look back on that event….actually by Tuesday we will be looking back on it! It is going to be wicked!

Race Director Scott Mitchell notes:


There will be a designated TEAM TENT area along the straight away that goes by the parking lot on the east side of the course. ALL TENTS must be secure with spikes (at minimum) and or weights. If you want to reserve a team spot fire Scott a note at:

Please keep the parking in that lot for teams only to make it easier to haul tents out etc.


Course Description:
Taking advantage of Topaz park’s varied terrain including grass, wood chip trails, rocks, and some bike path pavement the 2015 race course is fast, fun, and flowing with a mix of high/low speed riding, wide open power sections, tight technical cornering, off camber sections and fluid long radius turns over varied surfaces.

The City of Victoria has allowed the use of Topaz park again for 2015. With the wet weather over the weekend we have some concerns with damage to the sports field areas. We still have a great course planned and have a bunch of technical corners planned for the south end of the course, 2 off the bike sections, and yes… some straight power sections as expected.

For those that did Topaz back in 2011 there will be less pedalling and more cornering in 2015… plus maybe even a brand new homeless tent city gauntlet section (news link –!

Topaz Park is located at the corner of Finlayson Street and Blanshard Street in Victoria. Parking is available on the north end of the park off of Finlayson Street or on the East side of the park by taking Spruce St off of Quadra Street. Additional parking is available at Mayfair Centre and SJ Willis School, a short walking distance to the park.

Please be courteous to other park users during race day and keep off the sports fields. The park is still open to the public so please be respectful.

We encourage team tents along the East side of the course near the Spruce parking lot. If you have a tent please park in the east parking lot off of Spruce Street, we will have about 10 prime parking spots reserved for team vehicles . This location will be great for spectating and close to the finish line. If you do not have gear to haul please consider those that do and try to find parking a bit further from the fields.

Event sponsors: Shimano Pro and Trek

Hand Up Zone
Remember to grab your ticket to win in the Harbour Air Hand up Zone on the course. You will see it marked with the Harbour Air bunting and there will be people there handing out tickets and screaming at you. Grab one and put it someplace for later.

I have heard that there will also be a beer hand up zone….well not actually. Frontrunners-Splashes will be handing up $5 Gift cards for Liquor Plus so you can grab a Phillips on your way home *never drink and drive of course*

Event Schedule (The one on the web page is not correct….if we do not get it fixed before Monday GO OFF THIS ONE!)

Cross on the Rock Categories 2015 (There have been some changes) and start times.

Beginner Men/Women
Including those racing the series as U13 and U15 Youth
Kids “Zoom Zoom” Half Track
Kids around 7-10’ish (parents welcome) riding on the regular adult course.
Intermediate Men
Males under 39, including those racing the series as U17 Youth
Intermediate Women
Including those racing the series as U17 Youth or Masters 40+
Lil’ Nutcase Helmets Kids Race
Kids under 7 – parents discretion. Ride on separate kids course.
Masters Men (40-54)
All males 40-54 not wanting to race Expert (or Beginners)
Super Masters Men (55+)
All males 55+ (Unless racing Beginner)
Expert Men
“Fasters” Welcome (Fasters = Fast Masters)
Expert Women

3. Update: Cross-sitters.

We have 7 Cross-Sitters and only 2 parents needing them so far….so if you need someone to watch your kids while you warm up-race-warm down. Let me know and I will put you in touch with some cool kids!


WD-40-Cross on the Rock 2015. Season #10. Newsletter #6. Pro City Racing GP Preview.