Cross on the Rock 2015. Season #10. Newsletter #7.

I hope everyone got out for a cross ride this weekend and are now curled up in front of a screen watching the world cup cx action from earlier today in the Netherlands.

Women’s here:
Men’s here:

Or maybe you are looking over the results from Mahon Park in North Vancouver to check their participation #’s and see if any COTR racers went over and how they did.

And now you have a new newsletter from COTR. Weekend complete! One week to go to the next race!!

Thanks to everyone that sent note to the Parks and Recreation people expressing their pleasure with racing in Topaz Park!

In this Newsletter:

1) Helmets
2) Dawn Anderson
3) COTR-2015. Race #3. Pro City Racing GP Review.
4) Expert Women and Super Masters

1. Helmets

Not 100% sure why this has to be an item in a newsletter each and every year. I would think that by now people would learn. If you need me to publicly shame….I can. I have photos. The message is; If you are at a COTR race and you are riding your bike….put your helmet on. Pretty simple. Pretty easy. BUT at the last race for some reason quite a few people felt a toque, baseball hat, Hood from their jacket, or their hair would protect their brain on a slippery pre-ride of the course than a helmet would. Consider this a mass warning to everyone. After this there are no warnings and things happen the hard way. You don’t want to find out what that is. It is not fun.

2. Dawn Anderson

If you are new to COTR you may not know who Dawn Anderson is ( But take a look over the stats page on our web site ( and you will see that she owns the top spot on many of the stats lists.

Oak Bay Bikes Victoria recently did a great interview with Dawn and you can check it out here:

We saw Dawn racing her MTB (back is injured so can’t race cx bike right now) at Coal Cross. We hope to see her out soon again this season….maybe padding her stats up a bit more.

3. Review: Race #3. October 12th: Pro City Racing GP.

Norm’s Notes

Almost a decade ago at the National CX Champs in Nanaimo in 2006 I was talking to the then president of Cycling BC about Cross on the Rock. I was explaining our approach and our philosophy to him and that we wanted to be the biggest cyclocross series in Canada. He outright laughed in my face. I won’t forget that. It is not what drives me now but it is funny to look back on that lack of vision on his part.

Roland and I always wondered when we would crack 300. Well it was this year. We did not expect to also crack 350! Roland is getting VERY good at predicting numbers. For the Pro City GP Roland predicted the pre-reg number within 1 person. We love stats!

Katie also sent me a stat earlier in the week that we had 86 women racing on Monday and it was not until 2009 that we averaged more than 86 racers/race for the season.

Pro City Racing GP-Mini Notes

· Peter Creighton. Bike wash HERO!
· Topaz! Did not disappoint!!
· Mud. Tough on bikes. Amazing for races!
· Haldor’s cornering (if you have not seen it on our FB page yet)
· The stats battle between Drew and I…..must….pull….a head.
· Sean Cruickshank. Racing together since 2003! His 3rd COTR win in 25 races.
· Cantilevers still can go fast….even in Expert Men
· 59 year age difference between the youngest and oldest in Beginner Men.

Race Director Scott Mitchell notes:

What an amazing race!

The record setting turnout, the spectating and heckling (especially at the baseball diamond), the course, the mud, a personal best COTR result for me, the waffles…. so many highlights!

I had so many people come up to me and say how much they liked the course, that means a lot and Drew deserves most of the credit for that. We had a great team of volunteers that made this event happen, leading the charge was the volunteer co-ordinator Sylvia.

Big thanks to:
· Drew
· Joele
· Sylvia
· Richard
· Curtis
· Peter
· Barry
· Kyle
· Mitch
· Shanna
· Cam
· Carlin
· Jae
· Pete H
· Roland
· Katie
· Danielle
· Alex
· Christyna
· Laura
· Bruce
· Ed
· Sabrina
· Clara
· Tarryn
· HERO ALERT: Pete Creighton from WD40 Bike for driving down from Nanaimo on his day off to wash your bikes for you for 6 straight hours!
· I can’t forget Sandor for making those amazing cowbells.
· Renat for bringing your majical waffle making machine.

· And finally the race sponsors:
o Shimano
o Pro
o Trek Bikes Victoria donating over $2000 worth of prizes.

Anyone else who I may have forgotten, Thanks!

Cross on the rock races are the result of some hard teamwork and this race was full of awesome volunteers. Next time you are doing a pre-lap of the course consider thanking the timing crew that stands under that timing tent for 6 hours and all 8 races. Maybe volunteer to help with teardown of the course.

Consider the shops and companies that sponsor the series and support them next time you are considering an online purchase.

4. Expert Women and Super Masters

It is time (it is ALWAYS time…but with the numbers so lot it is REALLY time) for those racing Expert Women and Super Masters to start dragging their friends out. Anyone in other women’s categories that should move up. Those in Beginners that might want to move up to Super Masters. These categories are VERY-low compared to all others. Recruit. Recruit. Recruit.

That is it for this Sunday night. Look in your in-box later this week for a preview on Bear X-ing COTR coming next Sunday in Victoria!


WD-40-Cross on the Rock 2015. Season #10. Newsletter #7. The Biggest! (In Canada)