Cross on the Rock 2015. Season #10. Newsletter #12.

So….what are you up to this weekend?

If you are an active cross racer on Vancouver Island you know that there is only one place to be. Shawnigan Lake School for round #7 of the 10th season of Cross on the Rock. The Last Round. Ronde Von Hogwarts.

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Here is the BIGGEST pre-race preview we have EVER done. This newsletter is dedicated entirely to Ronde Von Hogwarts

You want to “Get Naked”

There is only one way to win a custom frame from Sam Wittingham

You have to have raced (one entry per race you have done)
You have to be at the awards on Sunday at Shawnigan Lake School.
At this point your chances of winning are better than 1 in 624

In this COTR Newsletter:

1) Where we have come from
2) All the details for Sunday’s Race (Ronde Von Hogwarts)
3) Looking at the series
4) Call up and the grid
5) Maps (Way down below)

1) Where we have come from.

In 2009 in COTR’s 4th season we hosted 99 racers at Shawnigan Lake School for the series final.

Looking over the results from that race…..the who-who of earlier-island CX.

Mitchell Thacker and Rolland Rabien 3rd and 4th in Intermediate.
Scott Mitchell down in 9th followed by Halldor.
Justin Mark and Fluffy 1-2 in Masters with Peter Wellsman in 6th
Mical Dyck winning Open Women with Alison Sydor coming in 2nd
Craig Ritchey, Drew MacKenzie and Normon Thibault 1-2-3 in Expert.

A Golden Age!

In 2010 we were set to finish the series at Shawnigan again but a snow storm on the Friday night shut down the school and our race.

We returned for the series final again in 2013.

A younger 11 year old Emiliy Johnston 2nd in Beginner. Jak Mar from Quadra making an appearance in beginner men. Katie Button winning Intermediate women in her only COTR race. Steve Bachop taking the masters. Dawn Anderson adding to her MASSIVE victory total in Expert Women and Tyler Trace winning Expert Men.

235 racers

Last year Shawnigan hosted a regular series race.

261 Racers

Ritchey and Dyck winning again the Expert Categories.

Who will win on Sunday and be entered in the history of COTR?

Shawnigan has also has a few mentions on the COTR stats list. The 2014 race is currently the 9th biggest COTR race of all time. The 2013 Masters men’s race is the 4th biggest start we have ever had. It also appears on the tamest races for the 2013 race with only 2.5 % did not finish for 2nd tamest race ever.

2) All the details for Sunday’s Race (Ronde Von Hogwarts)

If it is not clear the COTR Race #7 is being held at Shawnigan Lake School which is a private school. As such there are a few rules and guidelines that need to be followed:

No open consumption of alcohol on campus. Students are on campus.
No shoes in the Rugby Pavilion (Where registration is) (see map. Pavilion in yellow on left side of the map)
No shoes in the gym (Bring warm socks or slippers) (see map. Gym is in yellow on the right side of the map)
No riding on the Rugby, Soccer and field hockey fields (You will be DQ’ed….we are THAT serious about it)
The Killing Curse (Avada Kedavra) on anyone who violates the above rules (see attached)
What you also need to know:
The change rooms will be open in the Rugby Pavilion (Where registration is)
The old gym will be used for the awards. (Doors open as soon as course is taken down)
Peter Creighton will be there from Cycles Lambert running the WD-40 Bike wash station (power washer is tuned up again)
We will have water available.
Wanna Waffle is coming.
No coffee (yet) but there are two fabulous coffee places just off campus: Drumroaster (Cobble Hill) and Shawnigan Coffee (in the village) UPDATE on this is that there will be coffee on site.
We’ll have water available.
There is NO FOOD TRUCK at this event. IF you know someone that has a food truck that wants to come out…..we would welcome them. Otherwise pack a bit of food for the day and drinks.

Getting there….getting Parked.
Parking access (see attached) is not through the main gates. Please encourage everyone to use the alternate access which is 100m further west from the main gates. All cars will proceed to the upper parking area until the lot is full. We will then direct vehicles to use the parking around the ice rink and gym. No parking around the main buildings and dorms.
Parking areas are outlined in BLUE on the map.
There is alternate parking and washrooms available at
Course Description (According to Ian Craib the race director) (see attached preliminary map)
· Similar to last year at the top.
· But totally different every place else.
· Stairs
· Elevation
· Mud
· Pain
· then joy

3) Looking at the series.

When you start looking at the series standings:

And subtracting worst result for those racers that have currently done 6 races. Then re-calculating. You see that things are TIGHT.
When you factor in that Sunday’s race is DOUBLE POINTS and realize that ANYTHING can happen you know only one thing:


That is the #1 priority!!

First of all it is super cool to beat one of our stat records.

Second the only way to get points is to finish.

Third you always want to finish the season on a high note. If that means a better placing than other races. A PB. Not being lapped. Beating someone you have not this season. Or beating someone that you have beaten 3X but they have you 3X so this is the stalemate. To try to finish the season stronger than last year. To finish a higher series ranking than last year. For what ever reason.


Next September is a LONG way away.

4) Call up and the GRID

We had a few “sneakers” at the last couple of races. Racers sneaking up to someplace they were not called up to. With a lot on the line this Sunday and in respect of the racers that have made the effort to come out, race, get points and come back the grid will be “strict”. “Strict” means 8 rows. Called up in ranked order and then random. Line up behind the person in front of you. Each row is 8. No Sneakers.

Advance Notice: Numbers will be on the RIGHT SIDE


WD-40-Cross on the Rock 2015. Season #10. Newsletter #12. The Last Round