MAZDA-COTR. Newsletter #11. Season #14. Recovery weekend for some..

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Get your bike all ready for a weekend of adventure, provincials, or Buttcat racing……..then get it REALLY ready for COTR #7 at Beban Park..

Newsletter #14.

  1. On the Podium
  2. Day of Thunder Review
  3. Lets go Buttcat racing – The Bacon Battle
  4. Last chance for Provincial Cyclocross Championships – – Information

The Warm Ups.

  • Cycling BC wants your feedback ASAP. Please note we support Cycling BC and appreciate their support of our series and racing in BC. That said we do not always see eye to eye on things and that is OK. With feedback sometimes comes improvement and the sport gets bet Cycling BC wants feedback (Deadline November 10th) on their new license fees. Basically they are putting all the licenses up $5 and it looks like they are getting rid of the entry level licenses. This is to cover insurance premiums etc. Our position at COTR has always been “the carrot” rather than “the stick”. We feel that Cycling in the province needs to have more reason’s to buy a license and with that more people will WANT to buy a license and your revenue will rise (covering these things). Rather than putting the price up and risk having less people buy licenses we would like to see better youth and family options that make great INCENTIVES for people to buy licenses. Combine that with better and more fun events and you have a winning prospect and increased revenues. We encourage you to vote “NO” on this and ask Cycling BC to come up with better and more “carrot” like ideas with regards to licenses. Lets GET families out. Lets ENCOURAGE youth. Lets encourage more first timers. Lets have a reduced rate for cyclocross season. More innovative ideas PLEASE! This is the link. Please vote “NO” and ask for them to go back to the drawing board instead of the simple raising it all by $5 approach.
  • Check your points. The series final is DOUBLE POINTS. Podium places have been decided by less than 10 points. Make sure you have all the points you deserve and have earned! Remember only your top 6 race scores count!
  • The final round of Season #14 is coming up FAST. We will have full details next week but there are a couple of things that I will preview here in note form: $$ for mainlanders to help with the ferry. Condensed and slightly altered schedule (‘lil nutcase will be moved so we can do some filming). Hugs for Lee Blais to get him to come and maintain his spot on the “have done at least one race every season” list. The request for WAY MORE cow bell!!
  • The TEAM COMPETITION has been back and forth between Naked Factory Racing and Rock City Cycles – Frontrunners – Kiyo – Muc Off this year with Broad Street Cycles and Hotel Zed Cyledelic Blurs sneaking in for some podiums. As Wendy Simms said years ago, “No one likes it when it is the same people winning all the time”. So it was super awesome and exciting to see Tripleshot on the top step of the team podium this past weekend. Congratulations. We have been loving the Team Competition again this year!
  • The After Party – From Rock City Cycles: We are having our annual year end/cyclocross party and would like to invite all the Cross on the Rock, Miva and Nanaimo MTB members. Could you please pass this on to them for us?
    Rock City Cycles Year End Party
    November 16th 7- ?
    At Rock City Cycles
    Beer, Wine and light snacks
    Featuring DJ AllGood
  • 1. On the Podium for the first time.

    We have noticed you! There are a LOT of you. So many that instead of just scrolling through Roland had to write a special scan program just to figure this out. First time podium’ers!

    Without going WAY-WAY back into the ancient history when the names had changed and we only got 65 people out to a race in total……Roland ran some stats.

    The following racers have made their first top-three podium in the category they are racing this year.

    42 racers in total!! With one more race to go we still might add to this total.

    Open Men:
    Evan Russell
    Michael Van den Ham

    Open Women:
    Denise Mahon
    Emily Unterberger
    Isla Walker
    Kelly Welbourn
    Sarah Roberts

    Masters 40-54
    Kim Steed

    Super Masters 55+
    Andrew Neale
    Brian Griffin
    Dan Smith
    Paul Thompson

    Intermediate Women
    Adele Lay
    Jamie Harker
    Kimberly Chen
    Sabine Worsfold
    Sammy Long
    Sarah Roberts

    Intermediate Men
    Alen Fazlagic
    Campbell Parrish
    Connor Bosenberg
    Damian Parlee
    Diego Franco
    Erik Worm
    Ian Lehton
    Liam Sargent

    Masters Women
    Cristin Schlossberger
    Megan Racher
    Shannon Baerg
    Wanda Reddin

    Launch Women
    Hannah Nawroth
    Heidi Henry
    Jade Blouin-Comeau
    Jessica Planeta
    Nadia Macluskie

    Launch Men
    Clem Loveless
    Daryl Vachon
    Jesse Hughes
    Kai Sargent
    Peter Veasey
    Zachary Croome

    2. Day of Thunder Review


    From our supporter and sponsor Mazda’s Sean Voigt. Sean got a lot of cool live shots that show some of the action. A tonne of photos in here to check out. Also some great shots of the new Mazdas CX’s that were at the race!!

    Chad Grice took some wicked shots of the LAUNCH category as well as some of the races later in the day (that he was not racing in)

    Patrick Burnham’s Photos. I have not actually checked these out yet BUT normally there is some good stuff in there!

    • Big story was the dry race Speedway. I did long for the mud but it does make for an easier day and we had awards outside.
    • No wafel……..sad face.
    • Amazing racing in many categories but particularly enjoyed the battles in the OPEN women.
    • HUGE combined turn out in Masters and Intermediate women!
    • Yes….I did take a hand up!
    • Sean laughing at Mark Law and me while twisting the throttle and making us bleed through our eyes.
    • A couple of bad crashes in areas of the course that were not that technical. Reminding us all that focus in the most important skill to learn in cyclocross. Second most important is tire pressure.

    Notes from race director: Drew MacKenzie

    I think that had to be the driest Speedway race ever! I’m guessing not too many folks were expecting to ride through a sand section this past weekend, but hopefully people enjoyed the variety that the dry weather provided!

    First and foremost, I want to thank all of the volunteers who came out early and stayed long to make this past weekend happen!

    There is literally no way to put on events of this size without the help of so many volunteers and so many other quality individuals who chip in where they see a hand being needed.

    Please strongly consider volunteering if you can and please take a second to show your appreciation and thank these people for their contribution to our beloved cross community. When you see them next, give them a high five, or a beer, or heck give em a hug and say thanks for all that they do:

    Specifically thank you to the following extremely fine folks:

    – Norm, Wendy, Patrick, Brett and Roland for all of their hard work, inspiration and tireless dedication. Words do no justice. Thank you!!

    – Joele Guynup for helping me put on events, and for generally putting up with me during all the many busy weeks leading up them, for so many years now! As I said in last year’s write up, Joele deserves way more of the blame than she gets!

    – Dave Podmoroff – for those that don’t know Dave, he is the Parks Supervisor for the Town of View Royal and has been crucial to Cross Club Victoria having an awesome venue for our Wednesday night practices, but also Dave was out helping set up the course on Saturday for hours on end, then again at the venue early Sunday AM for set up, and he was the last guy to leave Sunday night after we wrapped everything up! Dave you are awesome!!

    Scott Mitchell
    James Pauly
    Andy Achuff
    Matthew McCoy
    Kelly Guest
    Michael Achuff
    Rowan Bélanger
    Geoffrey Wong
    Roland Rabien
    Dave Podmoroff
    Adam Lawrence
    Kyle Denny
    Andrew Neale
    Mark Ashby

    Joele Guynup
    Betsy Mackenzie
    Claire Townsend
    David Dallin
    Ryan Barber
    Peter Wellsman

    Scott Mitchell
    Parker Bloom
    Mandy Farmer
    Andrew Pitre
    Joel Lutz
    Wendy Simms and her helpers.

    Sherry Barnes
    Bruce Falk
    Joanna Fox
    Ros Penty
    Mark Ashby
    Brent Hooper

    Tycho Thibault
    Tessa Thibault
    Noah Lutz
    Megan Lutz
    Wendy Simms
    and a few other wicked little humans!

    My sincerest apologies if I have missed anyone!

    A massive round of THANK YOUs to everyone who contributes to this great series by chipping in where you see a hand being needed or simply just by coming out and being decent, supportive, fun having participants!

    A very big thank you also to our race sponsors:
    Please remember to vote with your dollars and your kind words the next time you’re out shopping or talking about bikes to friends and strangers alike. The internet does not put on events or provide prizing for all the races in your local community. Make sure to support your local businesses/shops/distributors/representatives that work hard to support the community!

    Extra Event Sponsors (In addition to the series sponsors):
    Lazer Helmets (

    Shimano ( <>
    Pearl Izumi ( <>
    Pro Components ( <>

    3. Lets go Buttcat Racing – The Bacon Battle

    The Third annual Bacon Battle powered by Butt Cat Racing is happening this Sunday Nov 10th at 4351 Blenkinsop rd and it costs $10. Registration starts at 10:15 and the “B” race starts at 11, “A” race will begin when “B” race has finished! Entry is 10 dollars (and included porky snacks and entry for draw prizes) to anyone with Cycling BC insurance and race day insurance can be purchased for an additional $10 on site day of. Looking forward to seeing everyone out for an awesome race!

    Contact Max at 250-885-4847 if you have any questions !

    4. Provincial Championships Information

    Registration CLOSES on November 7th.

    We have sent our standings into Cycling BC… if you are in a good position with COTR you will get a good call up at Provincials!!

    If you are planning on racing the BC Provincial Championships in Kelowna on November 10th they have published the tech guide. This has all the information you need.

    Again – – Registration CLOSES on November 7th.

    Cross on the Rock is an ISLAND series and the past support we have received from our island community is awesome. Lets keep it up in the future as it is what drives this series and makes it special. PLEASE SUPPORT THE SPONSORS. These are local businesses and companies that support local businesses. On-line companies, amazon, big business (besides Shimano and local dealers of MAZDA) do NOT support community events.

    Cross on the Rock is organized by the council of cross and supported by a lot of bike shops and awesome people.

    Sending it into the weekend like Nik Kay

    MAZDA-COTR. Newsletter #11. Season #14. Recovery weekend for some.