WD-40-Cross on the Rock 2015. Season #10. Newsletter #4. Tugboat Cross Preview.

Cross on the Rock 2015. Season #10. Newsletter #4.

In this (short for us) Newsletter:

  1. Preview: Tugboat Cross
  2. Update: Cross-sitters
  3. Welcome Back to these Sponsors (Part 2)

Pre-Registration for Tugboat Cross this weekend. https://www.raceonline.ca/events/details/?id=999 will close at 7:00pm on Saturday night.

This should get you fired up. Pelle’s first COTR edit since 2013. CHECK IT OUT!
Brought to you by MAZDA. : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4AfW-eRDgzA&feature=youtu.be

1. PREVIEW: Race #2. September 27th: Tugboat Cross. Ladysmith.

The Course:
The Tugboat Cross takes place at beautiful Transfer Beach in Ladysmith. The course has fantastic views of the Ladysmith harbour in addition to twisty tree sections, pebbly and sandy sections, punchy, grassy climbs, swift pavement sections and last but not least, the new secret addition, “the stairs of despair”! Racers will temporarily disappear from view at the end of the beach only to reappear on the road above.

Other new additions to the course will be the Bouma Meats sausage hand up and the Old Town Bakery cinnamon bun hand up section.
Less exciting but just as important, the start will be different so make sure you know where it is… there will be signs.

Here is a further description from designer and co-director Mike Pollock:

Course is similar to years past, other than a safer grass start and a half lap on the dog-park side ( to create some separation ) before racers need to cross the road. The usual twistiness through the mature shade trees is to be expected on this half of the course.

Once crossing the road (through a cinnamon bun hand up), the course continues down a fast descent past a brand new playground that all the kids will be able to enjoy, then into and out of the amphitheatre before the first taste of sand in the volley ball court.

From there it’s around the lions shack (timing, sign up area and official lap point/finish) into some more sand, and then across the gravel and driftwood beach.

After negotiating the beach, it’s a straight grass shot to the stairs of despair – it’s a mandatory run up and new to the cx course in Ladysmith. Then a short gravel road section, around some benches, up a switch back grass climb before crossing the road again ( through a bbq smokie hand up) and back to the dog park side.


And we will wrap it all up in Kona tape

PARKING: We have extra parking this year designated to us. Please park where you see race parking signs. We want to keep some of the parking within the park for regular users.

FOOD: The Lions club will be there selling brats for $4 and drinks for $1 as well as other stuff. Also Hank and Sandy from LY Cart BBQ and Grill will have the Transfer Beach Concession will be open as well (looking at the menu the fish taco looks like a great option and a milkshake after your race)

Also: Prizes will include the best cinnamon buns on Vancouver Island from Old Town Bakery.

· Please keep registration JUST for Beginners up until 10 minutes before their event starts so that we can clear them out and make sure they get on the start line.
· SUPERMASTERS. We had trouble with timing at the first event without the distinguishing helmet stickers. We will go back to having those on the FRONT of SM’s helmets for this race and the remainder of the season to try to make scoring and timing your event easier. We will also be starting you 2 minutes behind masters so that there is no intermingling on the first lap. You will be following the PINK lap board and estimated that you will do 1 less lap than Masters.

2. Update: Cross-sitters.

Excited about the response so far.

I have a data base of 5 sitters and 1 parent. I will do my best to put parents together with child care.

Also open to anyone being a mini-administer of this initiative.

E-mail me if you are a parent looking for help or a racer that can help out and would like to be a “Cross-sitter”.

Thank you!

3. Welcome to our Returning COTR Sponsors (Part 2)

It takes a LOT of sponsors to make this series what it is. PLEASE go out of your way to support those that go out of their way to support what we love to do!

Phillips Brewery.
Sponsors of our Single Speed category (simple to do). Makers of GREAT beer (harder to do)

Nutcase has been supporting our ‘Lil Nutty kids race for a long time. If you take a look at the kids you will see how many Nutcase helmets there are protecting their little brains. They look great and work.

Pro City Racing
Pro City has evolved over the years from a supporting shop to being a series sponsor through their event on Thanksgiving Monday. They also support a large number of racers that you see out at every series event. Now if only we could get owner Troy Woodburn, winner of the 2006 Coal Cross, back racing the series.

Since cross involves running and biking it is perfect to have Frontrunners on board with the series. Plus….well….without them I would be lost and thus the series would not exist. So pretty important!

Oak Bay Bikes
Since there was COTR Oak Bay Bikes has been involved. They know cyclocross as good as any shop on the island. Locally owned (not a massice heartless box store). Great mechanics (that race or have raced). Organizers of the Kona Kup in Nanaimo. Plus they let us park our equipment trailer in their parking lot which is great.

The Howard Johnson
Dan Brady and the Howard Johnson in Nanaimo as well as Victoria have supported COTR since year #1. They always step up and help out. Special room rates for Provincial Champs and double headers. Provisions for bike washing. A very sports oriented and thoughtful group to work with year after year.

A HUGE thanks to everyone that supports this Island born, Island bred race series


Cross on the Rock 2015. Season #10. Newsletter #2. Coal Cross Preview. Welcome our new sponsors.

Cross on the Rock 2015. Season #10. Newsletter #2.

In this Newsletter:

1) Coal Cross Preview
2) Welcome to our new sponsors
3) Thanks to our leaving sponsors (Re-introducing returning sponsors will be next week!)
4) Weekly Rides and Practices

Don’t forget to Register
Don’t forget your license or $10. You know us…..you know how we are….NO EXCEPTIONS!

Race #1. September 13th: Coal Cross. Taking it to the trees. Cumberland. Comox Lake (Don’t go to Village Park).

Before the first COTR race even happens one of the highlight events of the year will be going down the night before….in downtown Cumberland!

Saturday night is the Waverly Cyclocross Criterium and UROC Fundraiser starting at 5:00 at the Waverly Hotel (Downtown Cumberland) Great prizes. Great Fun. Great People. Great Cause…..it is great! Check Facebook for all the details (poster WAY down below).

Sunday’s COTR Location:

Cumberland Lake Park Campground
– is out at Comox Lake; formal address: 1100 Comox Lake Road, Cumberland, BC

A LOT of people hounding me for information on the NEW COURSE this week….especially on Wednesday night. I don’t know it! No one does….. with the exception of ONE MAN.

That man is Curtis Saunders and this is his description of the course:

Race course description (from course designer Curtis Saunders):

“The race starts beside the majestic Comox lake in Cumberland, BC.

When the air raid-start siren sounds, it’s a 150 foot (that is about 50 meters in Canadian….editor’s note) drag race for the super-cross-style hole shot that shatters into a gravel right hand corner. Racers pursue a grueling climb into a roller coaster ride through cyclocross-racer-only designated campsites.

The course then descends off into a World Cup DH #5 style hair raising descent, with a possible out and back road section, followed by an Erzberg-esque rock garden beach ride beside trundling picnic benches that offer photo op views of scenic Forbidden Plateau across the lake.

Racers then gruel through the Sandpit of Despair and then enter the challenging barrier hopping section. Repeat.”

Back to me….well….that sounds AWESOME!! Lets race!!

NEW THIS YEAR: There will be the new Harbour Air Hand Up zone on the course. Look for the logo’ed Bunting and members of their COTR team. The team will be handing out numbered “Boarding Passes”. Grab them. Stash them on yourself. Don’t wipe yourself or anyone else out while doing it. At the awards we will call one boarding pass number and the holder will win passes on Harbour Air. (Hint…..it will be obvious where it is at this race).


Terry at the Cumberland Lake Campground has put aside a number of tenting sites just for COTR racers on Saturday night. They are beautiful spots and you’ll see first-hand the fun new venue and race course for this year!

Cumberland is looking forward to hosting you for our double header cx weekend! If you are looking for a place to stay, there are a few options that we can offer: The Riding Fool Hostel, Stansbury’s Guest House, the Cumberland Getaway and the CLWS Cumberland Lake Wilderness Society. Please call ahead to book your spot at any of these places as they’re run by some great peeps.

Registration (Repeat but always important)

Registration for each race will close at 7:00pm the night before the race.
Registration for the series will close at 7:00pm the night before the first race (in order to get the series discount).

Here is the link If you want to register for the series:
Series Registration – https://www.raceonline.ca/events/registration/series/?id=835A25A9-85AA-43A4-AA4C-61E118F17631

For the Individual races go here:

Race 1 – https://www.raceonline.ca/events/details/?id=998
Race 2 – https://www.raceonline.ca/events/details/?id=999
Race 3 – https://www.raceonline.ca/events/details/?id=1000
Race 4 – https://www.raceonline.ca/events/details/?id=1001
Race 5 – https://www.raceonline.ca/events/details/?id=1002
Race 6 – https://www.raceonline.ca/events/details/?id=1003
Race 7 – https://www.raceonline.ca/events/details/?id=1004

Cross on the Rock Categories 2015 (There have been some changes) and start times.


Beginner Men/Women

Including those racing the series as U13 and U15 Youth


Kids “Zoom Zoom” Half Track

Kids around 7-10’ish (parents welcome) riding on the regular adult course. 


Intermediate Men

Males under 39, including those racing the series as U17 Youth


Intermediate Women

Including those racing the series as U17 Youth or Masters 40+


Lil’ Nutcase Helmets Kids Race

Kids under 7 – parents discretion. Ride on separate kids course.


Masters Men (40-54)

All males 40-54 not wanting to race Expert (or Beginners)


Super Masters Men (55+)

All males 55+ (Unless racing Beginner)


Expert Men

“Fasters” Welcome (Fasters = Fast Masters)


Expert Women



Welcome to our NEW COTR Sponsors

The amazing thing about this series is that almost all the sponsors also race. It brings a special touch to the series when everyone involved is REALLY involved!

The other amazing thing is it takes a LOT of sponsors to make this series what it is. PLEASE go out of your way to support those that go out of their way to support what we love to do!

WD40 Bike
Long time supporter of the series, Peter Creighton from Cycles Lambert has channeled all his budget into WD40’s support of Cross on the Rock. The wet-muddier races (not this weekend if you have checked the forecast) will enjoy the WD40 Power Washing station under their bright tent with a gas powered bearing cleaning ported and polished power washer. Then you can re-lube and wash up using the great products from WD40.

Harbour Air
You will have seen some of the Harbour Air crew out last season sporting their team jerseys. We are super excited to have them on board as a series sponsor this year. You will see the Harbour Air Hand Up zone at all the races this year. Remember to grab a boarding pass for your chance to win a round trip flight anywhere Harbour Air flies.

Vancouver Island Mazda Dealers
Zoom Zoom! New Sponsors this year sponsoring the kids Half Track race (after the beginners). Mazda will also be sponsoring some new edits from Pelle and a prize purse. You will see their wicked cars on course. Check them out (don’t crash into them please).

B78 Coaching
Sponsor of the pre-race clinic with rider Mical Dyck leading out the group. B78 will also be giving away some prizes and coaching consultations.

Blue Tuke Sport Swap
Sporting Goods and Consignment Store in Courtenay. 6000sqft of GEAR!!! Plus….the owner, Paul Laperriere, races the series!

(Thanks to our RETURNING Sponsors coming next newsletter)

Many thanks to our Outgoing Sponsors

Thanks to Brad Head from Zed Wheels (www.zedwheels.com) for sponsorship from 2011 to 2014. Brad makes wicked wheels including the Cross Rock wheel set. If you need great wheels that work in our conditions please consider Brad!

Lezyne, Muc Off were both through Cycles Lambert which has transformed into our new title sponsor with WD40.

Action Motorcycles helped us out for a number of years with Jamie Emery but is focusing (understandably) on their Moto Market rather than our non-motorized one. Thanks Very Much Action Moto….if you want two wheels WITH a Motor…..there is only one choice.

Straight Up Cycles Curtis Schlossberger helped us out last season with some cash and prizes for the events starting with Bear Mountain. Curtis has moved on from Straight Up Cycles but we appreciated his support to the series.

Orange Sport Supply has been and on/off sponsor of the series since the start. They also supported Wendy Simms for a number of years with eNVy chainrings when she started racing more seriously. Greg Inkster does a lot of community support for the size of company he has and we thank him very much for supporting COTR when he could.

Weekly Cross Rides Happening on the Island

MIVA has a weekly Cross practice on Tuesday Nights. See their FB page for details

Trail Bikes is the place to be and to contact. No confirmation but I believe it is on Wednesdays. If I get more info I will update.

Wednesdays as well. Cowichan CX. Contact Tom Elliot at tom@elliot.org

Come out to get your CX legs and practice the pain face (it’s an important part!) you want for 2015.

Please note that this week the Cowichan Cross practice is 6:00PM, Quamichan School on Beverly Street.

Wednesday nights is the Cross Club aka the “Cross Underground” which is actually not so underground any more. This is the longest running cross series in Canada right here on Vancouver Island

Cross Club 2015

Victoria’s “Underground” Cyclocross Series Returns

The rain has arrived may never arrive…. But it’s Cyclocross Season, so time to sharpen your CX skills!

B’s ride at 5:30pm
A’s ride at 6:00pm.

Details on locations will be emailed to the registered riders list each week.

Ride #1 and Kickoff is September 9
Ride#2 is September 16
Ride#3 is September 23
Ride#4 is September 30
Ride #5 is October 7
(Please note: No ride on Oct 14 due to Cross on the Rock race on Monday, Oct 12th of that week)
Ride #6 is October 21
Ride #7 is October 28

Any questions or want to send any information:
Normon Thibault
E-Mail: normont@islandnet.com


Cross on the Rock (COTR) is a grassroots, laid back, fun, social, inclusive, surprisingly competitive Cyclocross series on Vancouver Island. It is organized through the efforts of many clubs, organizations and individuals collectively known as the “Council of Cross

… chain with wd 40 me neither good thing is wd 40 s out with a line of

Are you In or do you want OUT?
First order of business is this newsletter subscription list. I know times and people change. You might not want to ride cross any more (that is really strange). You might not want to follow cross any more (more strange). IF you don’t want this newsletter. Fire me an e-mail. If you are getting this e-mail more than once….send me a note. If it is going to an old address and you want it to go to a fancy new one…..let me know.

The new footer for 2015 is not quite 100%. Missing Island Cycles and wrong colour for B78…..but you guys get the picture!


2015 Season Schedule

  • Sept 13: Cumberland – Comox Lake
  • Sept 27: Ladysmith – Transfer Beach
  • Oct 12: Victoria – Topaz Park
  • Oct 25: Victoria – Bear Mountain
  • Nov 7: Nanaimo – Beban Park
  • Nov 8: Nanoose – Arbutus Meadows
  • Nov 15: Shawnigan Lake – Shawnigan Lake School


COTR 2014: My Little Pony Cross. Series Final. Review.

There is SO much information that it is going to take TWO e-mails this week to send it all out.  Making your in box even more fun than your normal Black Friday flyers (come on people….Black Friday is AMERICAN! trying to get you to shop for things that are not bike or cross related…..so do you really need them?  Probably not!)

This e-mail will cover:  T-Shirts (Last Call) My Little Pony Follow up. Series Follow up. Photo Contest.

The Next e-mail will cover: Looking ahead to 2015.  Where COTR is going. Semi-Prestige Series.  MFG Seattle Race.  And a crash compilation photo special.

OK.  Newsletter……thanks to a few people that have sent me notes in the last couple of days about the series.  It means a lot.  This series is MAJOR:  Putting on 7 races every year with 7 groups of organizers.  548 Racers. Averaging 236 riders per event. 1671 races raced (# or racers X # of times they raced).  In 2006 when we started our own series we had 159 total racers.  Averaged 65 racers per event. 264 races raced on that year.  It continues to grow.  We will talk about “next year” in the next newsletter but in the meantime feel free to send me your ideas and thoughts.  What you liked.  What you did not.  What you would like to see.  We have our ideas (think half track for 7/8/9 year olds)….think “Fasters” (old but still fast masters)….think another double header.  You might have some other viable ideas as well…..we love to hear them. normont@islandnet.com

Check it out: Patrick Burnham’s Photos from My Little Pony Cross:  Check them out:  https://www.flickr.com/photos/palleus/sets/72157649033758628/

Also check out the submissions for our 2014 PHOTO CONTEST HERE (hidden by Roland to a secret gallery): http://photos.rabien.com/Other/Photo-Contest-2014/45889529_NKBSGr

Thanks to our Council of Cross as well as Pro-Photographers Dave Silver and Erik Peterson (in Uzbekistan) for judging the competition.  The judging was TIGHT.  With one judge left we had a 3 way tie between Photo #11, #14 and #18.  After our last judge we still had a tie between #11 and #14.  So one of our KEY personal gave the final vote and #11 from Nick Kupiak won the (100% purchased with CASH) Snow Case from Phillips Brewery.  We did not actually have the photos printed out on site this year but here is the winning photo (more clear obviously on the web site):

Western Speedway and Shawnigan Lake had a tie for 5 photos submissions. Port Alberni next with 3.  The winning photo was from Port Alberni, Farmer Bills.

T Shirts.  LAST CALL!

I am going to put the re-order in for shirts first thing tomorrow (THURSDAY).  IF you want one….this is your LAST CHANCE.  PLEASE E-Mail me by 10:00am!!

This is the Shirt Status:

I have shirts still for pick up for:
Elietha Bocskei
Ian MacLeod
Ben Moore
Robin Dutton
Heath MacHinley
Peter Reid (knows)

Can you guys confirm that you still want these shirts and when, how, where we are going to make it happen.

I have orders for shirts from:
Regan McKeever 1 Kids Med, 1 LG
Monica Eickmeier 1 Kids Med, 1 LG
Geoff Wong Med
Fluffly Med
Mathew O Hagen Small
Gary Croome Med
Bill McMillan Med
Patrick Burnham XL
Colin XL
Corey Friesen XL
Riley Pickrell Med
Sara Ponchet Med (women’s or men’s?)
Dan Owen Med
Justin Baily XL
Carmen Welta. 1 Men’s Small.  1 Women’s Small
Carolyn Moore Men’s Med.
Ritchie Hughes Small
Graeme Coop.  Men’s XL


Series Final-My Little Pony Cross – Sunday.  Arbutus Meadows. Nanoose.

Norm’s Notes
Really.  The best of both worlds.  WET.  Saturated ground.  But racing in short sleeves in November.  Add to that a closed venue.  Epic Mud.  TIGHT racing. Series wrap up.  It was a great day of racing at a great venue.

My Highlights
* The men’s Intermediate race while I was helping with the kids event. At the end of lap 3 I looked over and there were still about 10 guys all together within 20 seconds heading up the road.  Awesome battle!
* Another heavy throw down with Peter Reid and Ken Owen.  I was certain my heart was going to explode.
* And by far my BIGGEST highlight was seeing Lisa Ludwig (Last raced November 22nd 2008), Kristenn Magnusson (Last raced November 24, 2012) and Dawn Anderson (*most wins and most podiums of any COTR racer.  Last races November 24, 2013) line up for the women’s Expert race with 13 other exceptional Expert women making it the biggest Expert Women’s field of the year (outside of Provincial Champs).  
* BIG crowd in the arena for the awards….super positive and fun group!
* 7 years old to 62 years old.  That was the age spread for the Beginner Boys/Men’s category.  55 years difference.  In the women’s 12 to 50.  38 years difference.  This is truly an amazing sport when you can race with someone 55 years older than you!  From 2 years old in the kids race to 71 years old in the masters race.  69 years difference.  All having a great time.  Pretty special!
* Malaika’s Schwinn.  
* Expert women also the only category to finish all starters at MLP!

Not Highlights

* Women’s re-start.  2nd year in a row for miss-direction on this course for this category.  Was really happy the way everyone sorted it out though and got re-started.  Good co-operation and sportsmanship by everyone.


MIVA Notes from President Corey:

Course Setup and Volunteers: a huge turnout, I’d like to think Ron and I putting the word out many times helped this but who knows.  Either way the club did seem to step up and come help out Saturday which was good to see. Ron delegated out tasks to 2-3 groups of us and each worker bee set off, it was efficient..

One thing I’ll say is the timekeeping/stats side of COTR blows my freaking mind.  I love it.  Done so quick so accurate and displayed perfectly on the site.  The whole COTR crew honestly looked PRO, like a finely tuned machine just churning through the races everyone calm and chill.

MIVA Highlight Notes from Race Director Ron:
Ken Olson’s top 5 consistency once he got a proper cx bike. MIVA membership kickin ass and really getting behind MLP. Each race in the entire series gets better each year. COTR has built a culture of improvement and there are no dicks, everyone is fun and supportive. That kid who raced Speedway in jeans and a SS dirtjumper geared way too tall. That picture of his buddy doing a full on faceplant (he was fine btw).  

2014 Series
A great wrap up in the BIG arena after the race for the series.  Major thanks to Peter Creighton from Cycles Lambert for helping me organize the order for the wash kits, Home Hardware in Brooks Landing for getting the buckets in time and Signage for getting the stickers printed in time.  Even BIGGER thanks to Wade Luksay for making the Youth Category prizing happen again this year with his contributions.  AND Jamie Cameron and Paul Brend for the little trophies. Joele for the Shimano brake kit and camera. Kestral Helicopters Mike Gillen.  Brad Head-Zed Wheels and SAM WHITTINGHAM—Naked Frame!! And Phillips for the Growlers and Root Beer.

Tight battles in Expert Men 2nd and 3rd Tie. And Expert Women 2nd and 3rd Tie. 14 points in Intermediate Women 1st and 2nd. 1 point in Intermediate Men 2nd and 3rd.  After 7 races….TIGHT!

It was nice to recognize “the Faithful” that have made the 50 races mark this year:
Derek Steel 52 races
Roland Rabien 51 races
Bill McMillan 50 races

That is some serious experience between that group!!

Rob Parkin wining the Most Improved this year….tough to judge as always with so many people getting better and faster.

Young Riley Pickrell winning Best Rookie Season with his win in U17 at the age of 13!  It will be interesting to see how he goes in Expert next year after winning the Intermediate Category as well as the U17 category. As Mark Nelson described Riley, “I couldn’t believe the power Riley put down on the back stretch on that last lap!  For 13 he can really pedal.”

COTR Series 2014 DONE
Sunday Sept 14 – Cumberland. Coal Cross DONE
Sunday Sept 28 – Victoria. Possible New Venue DONE
Monday Oct 13 – Bowen. Kona Kup.  Provincial Championships DONE
Sunday Oct 19 – Farmer Bills.  Port Alberni DONE
Sunday Nov 2 – Speedway. Binab Property Group GP DONE
Sunday Nov 9 – Shawnigan Lake School. Ronde Von Hogwarts DONE
Sunday Nov 23 – Arbutus Meadows.  My Little Pony Cross.  Series Final DONE
COTR Series 2015-Stay tuned for details in your 2nd e-mail of the week.

Hard to believe but even before this year’s racing is done our dedicated crew of race directors is already planning for 2015.   We have the schedule almost hashed out and we will fire it out in our last e-mail blast of the season.  Knowing it will be our 10th COTR race season as well as with SSXCWC in Victoria….it will be a season to remember for Cyclocross on Vancouver Island.


COTR 2014: Last Ronde. My Little Pony Cross. Series Final. Preview of the action.

Two days away from the last race of the COTR series for 2014. It seems like just yesterday we were all cooking in Cumberland and Bear X Ing. We have had a great season. #1 in Canada. Most racers per year. Highest average racer # per race in our 9 years. More than 3.5 X the number of racers coming out now than in 2006. It still feels “close” though. Harder to know everyone’s names with the (muddy/dirty) faces. But we know the faces and we know the names on the call up sheets. As a Cyclocross “community” we have built something great. Inclusive. Competitive. Fun. Hard. Friendly. Hard! Racing is supposed to be hard. We love to push ourselves. We love to earn our “rewards”. We love to race! The amazing difference for our series is how it is “wheel to wheel”….but it is with admiration, respect and a handshake or hug at the finish line. Let’s keep this the focus of Cross on the Rock and everything else will be a bonus. Can’t wait for Sunday!

Series Final-My Little Pony Cross – Sunday. Arbutus Meadows. Nanoose.

The trailer is in place on site. Incoming race director, Ron Hewitson is meeting outgoing race director, Peter McCaffery today to finalize the course. Fingers crossed it is “turny”, muddy, technical and hard! The M.I.V.A. club will gather tomorrow to set up the course. Roland and I have a million details and jobs to do to get everything ready….they will be

Tent town should be along the paved road like last year….but I will confirm and post on FB tomorrow. All tents should be staked and secure.

A soccer group is using the main arena/barn during the day so be aware of that group. We will have it later for the awards.

We have heard rumours of possible special guest appearances from past COTR racers that have moved away. We have heard rumours of possible special guest appearances from past COTR racers that have not been able to race this year.

* Nanaimo Bar Hand Ups https://www.flickr.com/photos/palleus/10768819854/in/set-72157637498021653
* Mustache hand ups
* Amazing Venue
* Double points (anything can happen)
* Series standings
* Growlers
* Root Beer
* A LOT of draw prizes….think Shimano, Howard Johnston
* Event draw prizes from our great sponsors
* Series draw prizes. Zed Wheels. Naked Frame.
* BIG Barn/Stadium for the final awards
* CUSTOM series final awards
* Best Photo Contest
* Perfect weather forecast.

I will post some more course information on our FB page tomorrow afternoon after the kids and I go check it out.

The big news is that the famous Naked Sam Whittingham will make his season debut and last race of the season this Sunday on his brand new, just built, Ti COTR fighter. He has been given the green light from his Dr. after a bad crash late in the summer. Since Sam is coming he can do the draw for a Naked CX Frameset. The last draw of the day. Each time you raced this year your name went into this draw. Brad Head from Zed Wheels is adding a set of wheels for the bike as well…..just to make it even sweeter!

If I had a 1 in around 250 chance of winning a FREE Naked CX frameset or a pair of Zed Wheels…..all I had to do it show up and race the series final……I would make the trip.

Pre-registration here: http://www.raceonline.ca/events/details/?id=732 and as it normal Pre-Registration CLOSES at 7:00 Saturday night.

Series Points

Roland has done his magic on the Series Standing results page so you have a TRUE idea of where you are at before this Sunday’s race. If you have already done 5 races…he has crossed off your low score so you know who you have to beat to move up and who you have to stay a head of to not move back. Check it out!

COTR Series 2014
Sunday Sept 14 – Cumberland. Coal Cross DONE
Sunday Sept 28 – Victoria. Possible New Venue DONE
Monday Oct 13 – Bowen. Kona Kup. Provincial Championships DONE
Sunday Oct 19 – Farmer Bills. Port Alberni DONE
Sunday Nov 2 – Speedway. Binab Property Group GP DONE
Sunday Nov 9 – Shawnigan Lake School. Ronde Von Hogwarts DONE
Sunday Nov 23 – Arbutus Meadows. My Little Pony Cross. Series Final
COTR Series 2015
Hard to believe but even before this year’s racing is done our dedicated crew of race directors is already planning for 2015. We have the schedule almost hashed out and we will fire it out in our last e-mail blast of the season. Knowing it will be our 10th COTR race season as well as with SSXCWC in Victoria….it will be a season to remember for Cyclocross on Vancouver Island.