Cross on the Rock 2015. Season #10. Newsletter #11. Double Down.

In this COTR Newsletter:

1) Kona Kup at Beban Park. Recap.
2) My Little Pony at Arbutus Meadows Recap.
3) Hey….we owe someone a prize. Let us give something away!

1) COTR #5 Kona Kup at Beban Park, Nanaimo. Saturday. November 7th.

Results at:

Quick Stats:
Racers: 269
Finishers: 259 (96%)
“Racers” does not include kids racing the Zoom Zoom Half Track or the ‘Lil Nutcase Kids Race

Our biggest ever Saturday Race.
Our biggest ever Kona Kup

7th biggest race of all time in 10 years of COTR.

Quick write up:
Simms takes a study break and Lalumiere gets his second win.

After pulling her race numbers off her skin suit from Tokyo Cross (February 2014), Wendy Simms (Kona) took a study break to win her only COTR appearance of the year at the Kona Kup, Beban Park, Nanaimo. Taking the holeshot on a slippery and technical course she lead wire to wire. Simms had not raced on the Island since 2013 as she is in the middle of doing a PhD while working full time (and “mom”ing). Beban park is the closest course to Simm’s house making popping up for a bit of exercise feasible.

Raphael Lalumiere (Russ Hayes Racing) took his 2nd win of the season in a close battle with Drew MacKenzie (Shimano, Pearl Izumi, Marin) and Rob Parkin (Russ Hayes). Lalumiere slipped away from his competition on a ultra-slick course that was deteriorating through the day.

Notes from Race Directors:

It was great to be back at Beban Park. Brought back a lot of memories. Super cool to see so many new faces as well as ones that were there in the beginning.

Thank you to:
· City of Nanaimo
· Nanaimo BMX club
· The Nanaimo Equestrian Club and the VIEX.
That’s a lot of keys to collect!!

Thanks to Norm for keeping the series cool, fun and growing for the last ten years.

Thanks to Roland and Katie for the stats.

Thanks to Hilary Grant for always being there for timing.

Thanks to Sheppard, Mike, Ken, John, Derek, Alan, Paul, Bryce, Norm, and Max for helping set up. I’m sure I’ve forgotten someone.

Thanks to Pete for the WD40 sponsorship and for working all day pressure washing.

Thanks Cheryl and Sylvia for the help in registration.

Thanks to Delaney for helping set up and being our first aid attendant.

Thank you to Caleb and Elliot for coming from Kona to video and photograph our race.

Look for the footage soon on the Kona Cog on the Konaworld website.

A huge thank you to Dik Cox and Kona Bikes for sponsoring our event from the moment we started working together and for making such great Cyclocross bikes.

Thank you to all the racers for coming out and for encouraging others to come out.

Lastly congratulations to Wendy for taking down the Women’s Elite!! It’s so cool to see you still killing it!!

Corey and Sean

2) COTR #6 My Little Pony at Arbutus Meadows. Nanoose. Sunday. November 8th.

Results at:

Quick Stats:
Racers: 284
Finishers: 277 (98%)

“Racers” does not include kids racing the Zoom Zoom Half Track or the ‘Lil Nutcase Kids Race

Our biggest ever My Little Pony Cross
Ranking #3 for tamest races of all time

4th biggest race of all time in 10 years of COTR.

Quick write up:
Mark over Gillick. Lalumiere doubles up.

Carey Mark (Steed Cycles) had a wheel to wheel battle with Janna Gillick (Cowichan Cartel) that did not sort itself out until the finish line with Mark taking a 1 second win.

Raphael Lalumiere (Russ Hayes Racing) made it 2 for 2 on the weekend after Rob Parkin (Pro City Racing) took the early lead but flatted half way through the race (eventually finishing 4th). Lalumier now takes a lead in the Expert Men’s category into the last race.

Notes from MIVA President Corey Friesen:

“Thank you to Norm and the top-notch crew at Cross On The Rock as always for putting on a weekend for the ages. COTR has grown immensely over its 10 years and MIVA is proud to be a part of the series.

Thank you to race director Ron Hewitson for his hard work in setting up the Pony Cx. Plenty of planning, meetings, route scouting sessions, and course layout prep was done by Ron. Thanks to the MIVA board of directors for all stepping in to fill roles on race day. Thank you to the MIVA membership for answering the bell (and then some!) to help out not only with the Pony Cross, but the Kona Kup as well.

Seeing 25-30 people out on Saturday evening, AFTER soaking themselves in mud all afternoon at Beban, with headlamps on, running like a well-oiled machine staking out Sundays course was a sight to behold. THANK YOU!”

3) Let us give something away!

We owe a prize back draw from all the people that took time to write into Saanich parks after the Pro City Racing GP.

We had 94 people write letters.

Random number generator picked: #74

#74 is: Ross Mac Farlane

Ross let me know how I can get a prize pack to you or grab it off me at the race this Sunday.

The Last Cross on the Rock Race will be this Sunday, November 15, 2015 at Shawingan Lake School with the Ronde Van Hogwarts. Double points and double excitement are bound to happen.


WD-40-Cross on the Rock 2015. Season #10. Newsletter #11. Double Header Recap