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CROSS ON THE ROCK NEWS #4 for 2011—-Bringing on the Lumber Cross.

NOTE: THE “GRACE PERIOD” IS OVER……bring your license or pack some extra cash (only $10 extra). NO EXCEPTIONS! Put it in your wallet NOW.

Friendly rivalry is good….isn’t it? Of course I look at the race results and the racer numbers for the races in the lower mainland….of course I do! I saw how many participants they had at New Breighton last weekend. I saw how many women they had out. I want Vancouver Island to be the Belgium of Canada…..our little cross mecca. And YES I want the participation levels at Port Alberni to be bigger than Vanier Park. I love Vanier Park….but I want us to have MORE RACERS! Don’t all of you COTR’ers? So lets make it happen. The Belgium of Canada!! Lets beat Vanier Park. Bring the girls out. Bring the boys out…..just make sure you come out! (PS any regular island cross racers that go rogue and race in Vanier park this Sunday will be furthermore shunned….you have been warned!!)


RACE BIBLE DOWNLOAD Entry form on the last page if you want to print, fill out and bring.

The Steam Pot cafe will be open on site.

For the kids….there will be no kids race at this venue BUT an obstacle course for the kids will be off to the side so they can ride at any time.

Course description:

This is the 2nd annual Lumber Cross on the historic McLean’s Mill site. Expect the same 3-4 km of suffering with the new super greasy single track section. Tight twists and turns around ancient logging machinery and of course the infamous logger’s intestine. Wait until after your race to read the informative plaques that explain early Alberni Valley logging practices

General schedule (see specific schedule in race bible)
Registration Opens at 9:00am
Beginner Clinic is at 10:00am
First race starts at 11:00am Beginners
Intermediate Men’s and Women’s at 12:00
Open Women and Masters Men at 1:00
Expert at 2:15


I really should have mentioned that Whirly Whirl at Coal cross. It was the biggest we have ever had at a C.O.T.R. race….people got lost in there….lost all sense of direction, time, days…..it was great!

From Coal Cross Race Director Lisa Ludwig:
I will be presenting a cheque to the CCFS for $200 on behalf of the racers of the Cumberland Coal Cross for all the t-shirts sold.

I don’t know if many of the racers understand what the CCFS does or why it is important to donate. There is an outstanding mortgage on the property purchased and the CCFS is looking to buy more of the land (where most of the mtb trails lie) in order to keep Cumby the great cycling destination place that it is.

FMI go to: www.cumberlandforest.com

“Our community is surrounded by a beautiful forest. All the forests around Cumberland are privately owned. Like many other forests around the world, the Cumberland area forest is being clear-cut for economic potential. Faced with the imminent clear-cutting of an old forest on the Cumberland boundary, the Cumberland Community Forest Society came into being. Although the Society recognizes the importance of the forestry industry to the local economy, there is a clear need to maintain a section of the forest already well used by mountain bikers and hikers. Members of the local mountain biking community have built many kilometres of bike trails through these forests, and sanctioned local mountain bike races are frequently held on them.

Our mandate is to purchase as much as 650 acres of forest on Cumberland’s southwest boundary from The Hancock Timber Resource Group. In 2005 the first and second parcels of forest, totaling over 150 acres, were purchased for approximately one million dollars. They were given to the Village of Cumberland with stringent conservation covenants attached to them, and they now form a wilderness park called the Cumberland Community Forest.”

A little note from one of our first timers at Coal Cross:

Yes I made it, great fun! I raced the intermediate race and was appropriate schooled. Funny story after reading your write-up. I pre-rode with the beginner clinic and asked some newbie questions, like what tire pressure…Tire said 60-90, I put 75. In the parking lot I was dumping air and laughing at myself and chatting with the fellow next door, introduced himself as Carter. He gave me some great tips, tire pressure, warm-up etc. and sent me
on my way. His helpfulness stuck with me and I looked through the results to find his name, not hard to find, top of the list. Awesome guy, we share a cyclo-cross hero.

Thanks for all your efforts,


You guys (and girls) all know we PUSH hard to have more women come out and race. Here was a good article from CX Magazine about women cross racing if you want to check it out:


Capture the spirit of COTR. Don’t forget we are having a contest this year and we also have galleries on our web site. Fire your top shots to: photos@

Another photo gallery from Coal Cross from Jamie Cameron

And again from Nigel and Liz Brown:

Further to the notes in the last news: Someone asked me about mechanicals and if you had to proceed to the pit or could you just pull over to the side and fix it. You can of course just pull over to the side BUT you can only receive outside assistance in the pit.


Someone asked: Races a single speed but is over 40 and NOT an “expert”. Your choice I guess. You can race in Masters for masters points or race against the S/S’ers I Intermediate for the 6 pack (if those S/S will show up!!). Legit question and 1 of the 2 S/S at Coal Cross was over 40.

* September 11th. Coal Cross at the Village Park in Cumberland: In the BOOKS!
* October 2nd. Lumber Cross at McLean’s Mill in Port Alberni
* October 10th. Condo Cross at Topaz Park in Victoria
* October 15th. Beban Park in Nanaimo
Social at the new Oak Bay Bikes in Nanaimo in the PM.
* October 16th. Bowen Park in Nanaimo (Island Championships)
* October 30th. Transfer Beach in Ladysmith
* November 20th Cameron Cross TBA Park in Victoria (Series Championships and Double Points)


* Oak Bay Bikes Nanaimo
* Lambert: Pedros-Leyzne
* Action Motorcycles
* Howard Johnson
* Saltspring Coffee
* Oakley
* Pro Bar
* Aviawest
* Frontrunners

Brought to you by the Council of Cross.

This Cyclocross Series is Organized by the Cross Council:
With the following cycling clubs: MIVA, VICC, Everti Cycling Club, UROC,
Arrowsmith MTB Club, ASS, Alberni Valley Riders and IRC

Supported by the following Shops:
OBB Victoria, Westshore and Nanaimo
Trail Bikes in Courtenay
Experience cycles in Duncan
Cowichan Cycles in Duncan
Cycle Therapy in Duncan
Frontrunners in Nanaimo
Straight Up Cycles in Victoria
Dodge City Cycles in Cumberland
Ozzie’s Cycles in Port Alberni

Sanctioned by:
Cycling BC

And lastly (if you made it this far down)….YES…..Joey WAS OK!

And even more lastly…..BEER!

CROSS ON THE ROCK NEWS #4 for 2011—-Bringing on the Lumber Cross.