First thing first: Probably a good time to update my mailing list again. If you don’t want to get this newsletter, your mail e-mail has changed or you are getting this 3X or more….let me know and we will take appropriate action!

We actually started to work on the 2012 COTR schedule in December. It has just taken me a bit of time to try to get caught up. Rest a tiny bit. Sit on my bum a bit and now get back into action and get this information OUT! 2012 will be an AWESOME year for cross on Vancouver Island as well as in BC. We will again be hosting 7 COTR series events with various partners and clubs on the island. As well the National Championships will be held in Steveston in November. World Championships for the Elites will be held for the first time in North America and Masters world champs will be held again in Kentucky….perhaps for the last time in a LONG time… there are LOTS of reasons to race this year. It does not matter if your goals are the local series, provincials, nationals or worlds…..we will have the races for you to get out to!!


Race #1: We will be starting the season this year for the first time in Victoria returning to the Gorge Park on September 16th
Race #2: Two weeks later race #2 will be rolling up in Cumberland on the 30th. (Note: Possible New Venue/Course)
Race #3: PORT ALBERNI. We know if you really want to be a god in “PA” you will strip your bike down to one gear and plan a designated driver home (Note: Possible New Venue/Course) October 6th
Race #4: 8 days later and one turkey consumed (or Vegan equivalent) we will be racing in Nanaimo for the first time this year (or WILL it be the “first time” in Nanaimo this year…..perhaps not). Bowen Park on Thanksgiving MONDAY.
Race #5: No Geocashers this year is a PROMISE for The GREAT Pumpkin Cross at Transfer Beach. October 28th. Another promise is SAND….
Race #6: Pro City Cycling Team will be hosting this race on November 11th (MIGHT BE the 10th…stay tuned)…..Venue….well…..not 100% on that either….it is EARLY….But this WILL be an important race to get you prepped for Nationals on the next weekend.
Race #7: Finishing off the season for the first time since….what? 2009? Beban Park in Nanaimo hosted by MIVA on November 24th OR 25th….again stay tuned!!

Not 100% dialed but you get the idea and it SHOULD get you pumped up.

Other important dates that you “might” want to know.
September 22nd: Star Crossed in Seattle.
September 23rd: Rapha-Focus GP in Seattle
November 17th: Canadian National Champs in Steveston BC (Still earlier than we would like to see BUT since it is in BC….well the COTR racers will be there in FULL FORCE)
November 18th: A little UCI race the “day after” in Steveston BC
January 29th to February 1st: World Masters Championships in Louisville, Kentucky (Masters…this might be your last chance to race worlds in North America!)
February 2nd and 3rd: World Elite Championships in Louisville, Kentucky (We HOPE to see a few of our racers there….in ALL categories)
July 16th. Norm’s Birthday (just throwing it out there)

You know….we are letting you know the scoop for the race season early. Giving you the chance to buy some of Kabush’s gear. Plugging the Island Cup. Getting you to buy your license… we really want to OVERLOAD you with more….???

All you have to know is that we are not doing any MAJOR overhauls to our series and how we run things. Things are going pretty smooth…..we will be “tweaking” a few things. Working on buying a few new pieces of equipment. Tweaking the schedule. Tweaking registration. Tweaking …..just a lot of tweaking. We have already started tweaking and will continue to do so. We will update you on a few things in our News #2 once your excitement has settled down from seeing the schedule so early.

Sometimes COTR racer, Geoff Kabush, has a tonne of gear to sell off. Changing sponsors etc…..too much to list but some of the stuff you might be interested in:

2 pair Easton EC90 SLX 24mm with 12-27 Dura Ace Cassette and Dugast custom tubular with Maxxis Raze tread.

2 pair Easton EC90 SLX 24mm with 12-27 Dura Ace Cassette and Dugast custom tubular with Maxxis Mud Wrestler tread.

2 pair Easton EC90 SL 38mm clinchers with 12-27 Dura Ace Cassette and your choice of Maxxis Cross tire Raze or Mud Wrestler.

A brand new 26in XL Vertex hardtail (never ridden except for the wheels which are pretty mint too) (XTR, Fox, Stan’s Wheels, Easton stuff). I might just part out unless someone wanted it for $2500 or so….

I left my very nice Element full-sus at Pro City in Vic a couple weeks ago if anyone is interested in that. Last one went quickly for $3500 so wanted 3-something for it.

Also left a nice pair of Stan’s Flow wheels on DT Swiss hubs at ProCity which could be had for cheap. Front wheel is QR so I can’t use them as I have gone 15mm thru axle.

Fire Kabush a note if you are interested: Geoff Kabush


There is NO DOUBT it is CONFUSING. It is not easy. You can’t even print off a form any more. You have to be a member of YET ANOTHER registration page….you can’t even look at the options unless you know your 1 millionth password…..which I can’t remember EVER.

They just don’t seem to make it easy…..

BUT let me tell you right now. There is only one type of license you should get for 2012 and that is a FULL UCI Race License. This will allow you to do any race you want in the world BUT MOST important if will allow you to race COTR, Provincials and National Champs. YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS OUT!!

That being said….if you do want to miss out and all you will be racing is Island Cup MTB series and COTR races….get the regional license…or what ever they call it now….I can’t even look it up ‘cause I can’t remember my password (again).

There were a few more training sessions happening last season on the island. We would like to help spread the word if you are having any. Victoria Wednesday night sessions will start before the first event. MIVA had some good sessions last year. Trail Bikes in Courtenay as well. Ideally we would like to see these weekly in every town on the island. Keep us posted if you have any information.

The first race of the Island Cup series for 2012 is March 11th. A great way to stay in shape/beat yourself up/dream of better fitness until cross season starts.
Cross Country Races

March 11th – Victoria XC – Pro City Racing
** March 18th – Cobble Hill XC – Everti Cycling Club
March 25th – Campbell River XC – River City Cycling Club
April 15th – Cumberland XC – UROC
** May 6th – Powell River XC – Powell River Cycling Association
** May 13th – Hammerfest XC – Arrowsmith MTB Club
May 27th – Port Alberni XC – Alberni Valley Riders
June 9th – Port Alice XC – NITRO (2x points)
NOTE: I think “**” means the date is not finalized but with the first “**” less than a month away I would HOPE that the date is finalized?

Intermediate Men: Haldor Gunnerson (well you might have to try to beat him in the EXPERT category….time to move up I guess!)
Intermediate Women: Christyna Jones
Masters Men: David Damery
Over 50 Men: Peter Wellsman
Open Women: Dawn Anderson
Expert Men: Tyler Trace


September 11th. Gorge Park, Victoria
Septebmer Coal Cross, Cumberland
October 2nd. Lumber Cross Port Alberni
October 10th. Bowen Park, Nanaimo
October 30th. The GREAT PUMPKIN cross at Transfer Beach in Ladysmith
November 11th. Victoria
Beban Park in Nanaimo(Series Championships and Double Points)

Oak Bay Bikes Nanaimo
Lambert: Pedros-Leyzne
Action Motorcycles
Howard Johnson
Saltspring Coffee
Pro Bar
Also a bit of series support from Orange Sport Supply

Also: ZED Wheels which provided a great set of wheels as a final series prize and Furious 3 Mountain bike events…we all need something to do in the off-cross-season!!

WE are still finalizing and looking for partners for our 2012 race season. If you are part of a company that wants to be involved with great racing….contact us!

Brought to you by the Council of Cross.

This Cyclocross Series is Organized by the Cross Council:
With the following cycling clubs: MIVA, Trail Bikes Team, Cowichan Valley Cycling Club, ASS, Alberni Valley Riders and Pro City Cycles Team

Supported by the following Shops:
OBB Victoria, Westshore and Nanaimo
Trail Bikes in Courtenay
Experience cycles in Duncan
Cowichan Cycles in Duncan
Cycle Therapy in Duncan
Frontrunners in Nanaimo
Straight Up Cycles in Victoria
Dodge City Cycles in Cumberland
Ozzie’s Cycles in Port Alberni

Sanctioned by:
Cycling BC

CROSS ON THE ROCK NEWS #1 for 2012: Less than 7 months until COTR starts again!!