It looks like we might have to adjust our COTR schedule for 2015 so that we can charter a plane and make ourselves over to do this:  It has been on the list for a while….so we better try to make it happen soon!

 We had a great compliment from Sven who we have had a friendly competition between COTR and his series for a while: 

hi normon:
guess it’s my turn to congratulate you this time.

pretty impressive, 270 starters. and BTW: i counted 277 based on the results posted.
i got stuck with some 240 starters again, still quite happy about that.

good job, next year vanier cx will move to sunday oct 04, 2015. maybe then we can have a non-conflicting schedule. don’t say you didn’t know in advance …

cheers and good luck with the next races,
Sven Sturm 

A late shout out to Straight up Cycles for the support of the COTR series starting with some prizes and the CASH that was 1st place for Expert at the last race.  Thanks guys!!

BC Ferries…..LONG WEEKEND… reservations in advance.  Ride on.  Stay over.  Duke Point.  Plan it out.

KONA KUP-Provincial Championships.  Monday.  October 13, 2014

Race Bible:  Find it here:  Note Women’s masters category should read “35-44” not “34-44”.

Have you signed up yet?  Remember the last scene of Point Break  Where Bhodi was waiting and waiting for the 50 year storm because it would give him perfect conditions.  “Just waiting for my set”.  This Monday for cross on Vancouver Island is the equivalent.  The 50 year storm.  Everything coming together for this one day.  The best and hardest course.  B.C. Champs.  Cycling B.C. allowing multiple license types for the first time in HISTORY.  If you are not racing.  You are missing out on the set of a lifetime!!

PLUS if we don’t break the registration numbers in EVERY category from last year when you NEEDED a UCI license to race then Cycling BC (and I) will consider this experiment a failure and going forward forever more you will always be required to have the FULL license to race at Provincials (most likely).  So lets break ALL the category records.  That means FULL SUPPORT!

NO DAY OF RACE REGISTRATION.  Because we have to adjust for all the series for call up.  You have to register a head of time.  Sorry.  Don’t care who you are.  How fast you are.  How far you have travelled.  How much money you have.  No Day of Race Registration.  For all the other races you can procrastinate.  For this one you gotta pay up a head of time to ride the legend.

Check out the stats and who has conquered this course before you:

Go back in History from 2009 to 2013 and look at the results from this race every year:

Check out our Stats Page and see how this race stacks up:

It is a course rich with tradition and thick with mud, sand and grass.

Will this year’s edition be historic.  I can tell you that it will.

PLUS most importantly there will be Wafel’s from Wannawafel.

Impressed with the number of middle pack Intermediates that are signing up for the FULL Elite race this Monday.  Respect!


I have one set of Eason EC90’s for sale.  BRAND NEW.  Rim Brakes.  I REALLY WANT TO SELL THEM.  Fire me a note if you are interested.

I also have an awesome Blue 70 Helix wetsuit for swimming that has only been used once.  Medium….let me know if you are quitting riding and starting swimming and I will sell you that.

COTR Series 2014

Sunday Sept 14 – Cumberland. Coal Cross
Sunday Sept 28 – Victoria. Possible New Venue
Monday Oct 13 – Bowen. Kona Kup.  Provincial Championships
Sunday Oct 19 – Farmer Bills.  Port Alberni*Venue/Race Change.
Sunday Nov 2 – Speedway. Binab Property Group GP
Sunday Nov 9 – Shawnigan Lake School. Ronde Von Hogwarts
Sunday Nov 23 – Arbutus Meadows.  My Little Pony Cross.  Series Final 






COTR 2014: ‘Twas the night before the night before the night before the Kona Kup.

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  • October 11, 2014 at 8:34 am

    Are the wheels for clincher tires ?

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