Cross on the Rock 2015. Season #10. Newsletter #4.

In this (short for us) Newsletter:

  1. Preview: Tugboat Cross
  2. Update: Cross-sitters
  3. Welcome Back to these Sponsors (Part 2)

Pre-Registration for Tugboat Cross this weekend. will close at 7:00pm on Saturday night.

This should get you fired up. Pelle’s first COTR edit since 2013. CHECK IT OUT!
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1. PREVIEW: Race #2. September 27th: Tugboat Cross. Ladysmith.

The Course:
The Tugboat Cross takes place at beautiful Transfer Beach in Ladysmith. The course has fantastic views of the Ladysmith harbour in addition to twisty tree sections, pebbly and sandy sections, punchy, grassy climbs, swift pavement sections and last but not least, the new secret addition, “the stairs of despair”! Racers will temporarily disappear from view at the end of the beach only to reappear on the road above.

Other new additions to the course will be the Bouma Meats sausage hand up and the Old Town Bakery cinnamon bun hand up section.
Less exciting but just as important, the start will be different so make sure you know where it is… there will be signs.

Here is a further description from designer and co-director Mike Pollock:

Course is similar to years past, other than a safer grass start and a half lap on the dog-park side ( to create some separation ) before racers need to cross the road. The usual twistiness through the mature shade trees is to be expected on this half of the course.

Once crossing the road (through a cinnamon bun hand up), the course continues down a fast descent past a brand new playground that all the kids will be able to enjoy, then into and out of the amphitheatre before the first taste of sand in the volley ball court.

From there it’s around the lions shack (timing, sign up area and official lap point/finish) into some more sand, and then across the gravel and driftwood beach.

After negotiating the beach, it’s a straight grass shot to the stairs of despair – it’s a mandatory run up and new to the cx course in Ladysmith. Then a short gravel road section, around some benches, up a switch back grass climb before crossing the road again ( through a bbq smokie hand up) and back to the dog park side.


And we will wrap it all up in Kona tape

PARKING: We have extra parking this year designated to us. Please park where you see race parking signs. We want to keep some of the parking within the park for regular users.

FOOD: The Lions club will be there selling brats for $4 and drinks for $1 as well as other stuff. Also Hank and Sandy from LY Cart BBQ and Grill will have the Transfer Beach Concession will be open as well (looking at the menu the fish taco looks like a great option and a milkshake after your race)

Also: Prizes will include the best cinnamon buns on Vancouver Island from Old Town Bakery.

· Please keep registration JUST for Beginners up until 10 minutes before their event starts so that we can clear them out and make sure they get on the start line.
· SUPERMASTERS. We had trouble with timing at the first event without the distinguishing helmet stickers. We will go back to having those on the FRONT of SM’s helmets for this race and the remainder of the season to try to make scoring and timing your event easier. We will also be starting you 2 minutes behind masters so that there is no intermingling on the first lap. You will be following the PINK lap board and estimated that you will do 1 less lap than Masters.

2. Update: Cross-sitters.

Excited about the response so far.

I have a data base of 5 sitters and 1 parent. I will do my best to put parents together with child care.

Also open to anyone being a mini-administer of this initiative.

E-mail me if you are a parent looking for help or a racer that can help out and would like to be a “Cross-sitter”.

Thank you!

3. Welcome to our Returning COTR Sponsors (Part 2)

It takes a LOT of sponsors to make this series what it is. PLEASE go out of your way to support those that go out of their way to support what we love to do!

Phillips Brewery.
Sponsors of our Single Speed category (simple to do). Makers of GREAT beer (harder to do)

Nutcase has been supporting our ‘Lil Nutty kids race for a long time. If you take a look at the kids you will see how many Nutcase helmets there are protecting their little brains. They look great and work.

Pro City Racing
Pro City has evolved over the years from a supporting shop to being a series sponsor through their event on Thanksgiving Monday. They also support a large number of racers that you see out at every series event. Now if only we could get owner Troy Woodburn, winner of the 2006 Coal Cross, back racing the series.

Since cross involves running and biking it is perfect to have Frontrunners on board with the series. Plus….well….without them I would be lost and thus the series would not exist. So pretty important!

Oak Bay Bikes
Since there was COTR Oak Bay Bikes has been involved. They know cyclocross as good as any shop on the island. Locally owned (not a massice heartless box store). Great mechanics (that race or have raced). Organizers of the Kona Kup in Nanaimo. Plus they let us park our equipment trailer in their parking lot which is great.

The Howard Johnson
Dan Brady and the Howard Johnson in Nanaimo as well as Victoria have supported COTR since year #1. They always step up and help out. Special room rates for Provincial Champs and double headers. Provisions for bike washing. A very sports oriented and thoughtful group to work with year after year.

A HUGE thanks to everyone that supports this Island born, Island bred race series


WD-40-Cross on the Rock 2015. Season #10. Newsletter #4. Tugboat Cross Preview.