Short intervals to take you into your last training weekend before the SERIES FINAL:

  • Did you see Roland’s drone footage from last weekend?  Here is the long edit.  Here is the full short edit of the MASSIVE whirly-whirl for OPEN ONLY LINK.
  • REGISTER.  We already have the link to the series final at Beban Park Nanaimo.  Hot crossed bunnies!!  Full preview to come next week but for now here is the REGISTRATION LINK
  • With one race to go this is the time to check your INDIVIDUAL POINTS and your TEAM POINTS.  If things are not correct this is the time to fix them.  NOT during the series awards next weekend!!
  • If you are traveling to Kelowna for the B.C. Provincial Championships this weekend have a GREAT race and we will see you next weekend at Hot Crossed Bunnies to hear all about the battles.
  • Lets finish the 16th season of Cross on the Rock strong!  If it will be your 6th race of the year or the first time for the season we encourage everyone to mark it on your calendar and come out!
  • If we can’t race cross you might as well LISTEN to cross.  Two of our favorite podcasts are: Cyclocross Radio and the Canuck Crosscast.  Check those out while you are prepping your bike.
  • This is our third to last newsletter of the year…..counting down.

1.  CoweX Cross Review.  New GREAT venue!

Flemming Sorvin from team System Toast sent us his link for LAUNCH photos again this week. 
Patrick’s photo link as well.  All categories!

From the race crew last weekend:

-We are still dizzy from such a great time on Sunday.  Especially as the mud finally returned!

-We hope everyone enjoyed the course and we loved the vantage point to watch the course from this venue.  The run up (or ride up depending on who you are) worked better then expected and thanks for all the cheers and heckles.  We are planning big things for next year!

-Huge thanks to the organizing committee of Matt Grossnickle, Mark Law, Doug Merrick and Pete Stevenson for helping organize the event and the amazing course.

-Thanks to Cowichan Exhibition Park for such a great venue and having a huge canvas for future events and course options (a bigger whirly?)

-Thanks to Robin Camley, Tim Winter, Tara Benham and Mercer Benham for the extra hands over the weekend setting up the kilometers of tape and helping on the day with timing etc.

-Thanks to Heather Cooke and Sarah Christie running the registration desk all day (with great notes!) (just an addition in here from Norm.  Their notes were EXCELLENT!!  Even Patrick commented on them)

-Thanks for Taco Revolution for you know, tacos.

-Thanks to Cycle Therapy Bikes and Mike Cambridge from Trek Bikes for the amazing draw prizes and swag.

-Thanks to Jon Watkin from Panache Cycling Sports for the help setting up and the extra barriers.  The Cowichan Exhibition will be the staging venue for next years Belgian Waffle Ride ( on May 28, 2023 which would be great base training for COTR 2023!

-Thanks to Peter Creighton from HLC for bringing the Muc Off power washers (and actually needing it!)

-Thanks to Norm for keeping COTR what it is and asking if we wanted to finally host an event.

And thanks for everyone for coming out and having a good time and getting dressed up.

Norm’s Notes: 

  • Roland asks me at the start of last Sunday, “Why haven’t we used this venue before”?  Well the answer is a bit complicated.  Drew MacKenzie looked at it more than 10 years ago just after it was built.  Ian Craib put a fun post season race on here once.  It has been on our radar.  We are lucky on the island to have some great venues.  However this year with only one race in Victoria and no crew to organize Transfer Beach we were looking for another venue on the lower part of the Island.  We had talked to the crew at Cycle Therapy years ago about organizing but we did not need any more events until this year.  So it all worked out and with good partnerships we will be back again next year.
  • Great event for first time organizers.  It takes a bit to figure out the systems and thousands of details that make up a COTR race and the Cycle Therapy crew did GREAT.
  • Some mud which was nice….but not “enough” mud in my opinion
  • Missed the prizes for the costumes.  So sorry!  Already thinking of next year and we really need to have a costume bike parade!  Lets make that happen!!

2.  Cross on the Rock Season 2022 Schedule

DONE – September 11th. COTR #1. Qualicum Beach. Cross on the Commons.
DUSTED – September 18th COTR #2. Cumberland. Coal Cross.
DUSTIEST – October 10th. COTR #3. Nanaimo. Muc Off Cup.
Still pretty DRY – October 23rd. COTR #4. Langford.  Broad Street Cycles GP
Muddy….but not “crazy mud”…..October 30th. COTR #5. Cowichan Valley. CoweX Cross.
November 13th. COTR #6. Nanaimo. Hot Crossed Bunnies.Parting Shot.
Every awesome cross series needs one….this is our Fairy Cross Mother.

Newsletter #9 – CoweX – The biggest Whirly Whirl of all time!!