The CoweX Series Final Preview Edition.


We have come to the last race of the Muc Off Cross on the Rock race season.  We hope to see as many of you out there as humanly possible on Sunday.  It looks and smells like it will be muddy!!!  We have not had “real mud” this year so this is going to be a great opportunity to practice your mud skills and have a great time racing!!  After the racing we will do as quick a clean up as possible so that we can roll into the race and series awards as fast as possible.  Bring wash up stuff and warm clothes!  Thank you for racing local and supporting Cross on the Rocks.  It is all of you that make this a unique and awesome race series!!

Some super important information:

  • When you register make sure your TEAM NAME is correct!  Check your past results.  Has someone edited it for you?  Check the TEAM STANDINGS.  Make sure your name is the same that is posted on the TEAM STANDINGS!!  If your team name or anything is not correct EDIT it before Sunday!
  • This is what the series standings are currently with your lowest race dropped.  Have a look.  Take a look at those in front of you.  Take a look at those behind you.  Those are the battles for Sunday!!  Ties in points go to whomever was ahead in the last race. There are some TIGHT battles for the series!
  • For the series we are doing:  Top Boy and Top Girl for the Hot Lappers.  Top 3 in each of the other categories INCLUDING MEGA MASTERS which is the new 70+ Men’s category for the series.  If you are in the top 3 please plan on attending the awards as we will not hunt you down to give you a sweet trophy by Paul Brend and some great Muc Off products.
  • Registration is OPEN for CoweX and you can link it here. AS ALWAYS it will be CLOSED at 6:00 on Saturday.  Don’t say “oh I did not know that”!!

PAN AM Cyclocross Championships!!  Super awesome to see our COTR racers take on a higher level UCI event!!
Natalie Wright taking home a silver medal in the Masters women’s category!
ELITE JUNIOR WOMEN’S Sidney Swierenga (13th), Eleanor Winchell (15th), Geza Rodgers (16th), Kimberly Chen (17th)
ELITE JUNIOR MEN’S Oscar Wong (25th),
U23 MEN Cody Scott (9th), Soren Weselake (19th)
ELITE MEN  Evan Russell (6th), Fabian Merino (17th)

1. CoweX Series Final Preview!!

Awards for the race and then the series will follow clean up which will follow the OPEN races!  Please help us clean up as quickly as possible so we can get the awards rolling!

Location: Cowichan Exhibition Park – 7380 Trans-Canada Hwy, Duncan, BC V9L 6B1
-55 minute drive from Victoria
-33 minute drive from Nanaimo
-Right off the highway North of Duncan

Parking: (SEE THE MAP) There is a HUGE parking area.  Look for the signs on the right immediately as you enter the exhibition.  We have overflow parking if needed but doubtful it will be. Do NOT park where you should NOT park!  Please do not drive up into the race venue to park as space up there will be tight.

Registration: If you need to register or switch your category it will be located at the Stratford Room.  Washrooms will also be around the same building, try not to wear your muddy CX shoes.  We are expecting A LOT of mud this weekend (finally) and the cleaner we leave the washrooms the better.  There is also a second washroom located near the Exhibition Office that will be open.

Team Tents: See the attached map.  The pits will be located close by the team tents as well.

Course:  Think grass, hills, MUD, tractor pull, sawdust and some climbing (not quite Bowen).  It will be a bit more of a traditional European style course with plenty of COTR flair thrown in for good measure.  We are bringing back a SWEEEEET feature from COTR races of the past.  You will have to be there to see it.  The run up will also remain from 2022!

Taco’s:  The Taco Revolution Food Truck and Phat Bastard Eats Burger Truck will be on site for all your post and pre-race taco needs. TACOS and BURGERS!!!

Warming Up:  We are not the only group using the park that day so please refrain from riding around the taped off main grounds as we don’t want Cyclist’s riding around where cars are present.

Bike Wash:  We will have a Muc Off pressure washer for racers to use and clean up afterwards.

Prizing: Prizing and awards will be provided by Cycle Therapy Bikes in Duncan, Eleven Speed Coffee, Goodr, Hotel Zed and Muc Off!!  Plus Riverway Dental for the Hot Lappers!


2. (Reprint in case you missed it) The SUPER GRAND PRIZE for 2023!!


There were a few mentions of the GRAND PRIZE reveal for the season at the last event.  The way the grand prize always works is:

  1. Every time you race your name gets entered for the prize.  If you race once you are entered once.  If you do the full series you are entered 6 times.
  2. You have to be there at the final awards at the END to win the prize.  That is when we draw for it.
  3. Sorry but the LITTLE kids are not eligible for this prize.  So not the Riverway Dental Hot Lappers or the little nutcase racers.  You have to have raced an “adult” category.

Hotel Zed has been a huge supporter of our series over the years.  From their amazing cycling jerseys for their women’s club to providing room nights for draw prizes.  This year they have taken it up a BIG notch providing an AMAZING vacation in Tofino.  NOT at their super cool Hotel Zed but at their exclusive water front Hotel Zed Tofino Cottage located next to Hotel Zed.  4 Nights!


This prize is worth $4000-$8000 depending on time of the year.  No black out dates BUT you have to book it separately which we will give you the contact information.

SEASON #17 COTR Schedule

DONE AND DUSTY – September 10th. Season opener in Cumberland at Coal Cross.
PERFECT FALL DAY – October 1st. Cross on the Commons in Qualicum.

NOT quite as rainy as we LOVE but still awesome – October 9th. Nanaimo. Bowen park.
Once again this was a GREAT event – October 15th Triple Shot Cross fondo.
October 22nd. Broad Street Cycles GP at the Jordie Lunn Bike Park.
October 29th. Hot Crossed Bunnies at Beban Park in Nanaimo
THIS WEEKEND!!!!!  November 12th. CoweX series final at the Cowichan Fair Grounds!!

Season #18 COTR Preliminary Schedule
Mark these dates on your calendar for the fall of 2024 so that you remember to NOT book a work conference, concert, dentist appointment or anything else!!  The Council of Cross will be BUSY getting all the details set.  All you have to do is ride your bike with friends.  Practice your skills and be ready for Season #18
September 15th.  Series will kick off with Race #1
September 29th.  We will be racing someplace on the island for Race #2.
Fast and furious Race #3 will be on October 6th.
Most likely Bowen Park again on our traditional date of Thanksgiving Monday which next year is October 14th for Race #4
October 20th is Cross Fondo
We are not 100% sure on the rest of the dates but likely we will be racing on the 17th of October in costumes.
Into November mark the 3rd off with an extra hour of sleep that night and finish the season off on the island on the 17th!!

OTHER CYCLOCROSS of importance for 2023
So good to see more group practices happening this fall.  Lets work to keep building those up.  Let us know if you have a practice and we will promote it on the newsletter!

Provincial Championships. The Thrashers bike club will be putting this event on the THIRD weekend in November in Chilliwack.  This is the weekend between the COTR finals and the National Championships in Victoria.  Perfect time to dial in your fitness.  Sounds like they are going to have some youth categories which is a small step in the right direction.  Still using the really silly UCI age rule for those categories…..small steps….

Cyclocross National Championships are going to be November 24-25-26 in Victoria

Parting Shot
I don’t think we will spot Buttcat-ET out there this Sunday but maybe….

MUC OFF – Cross on the Rock 2023. Newsletter #8 – Last round coming up.