YES I have been TRYING to get this off to everyone for some time. Time seems more and more limited these days…..I find a block of time and then it gets eaten by things like burst natural gas lines, birthdays, broken this and that’s….you all know what I am talking about!

So this morning I cut short my precious PRT (Protected Ride Time) and am getting this OUT!


Have you:

  • Dusted off your cross bike.
  • Bought a tire pressure checker for the season
  • Checked your tires
  • got your license sorted
  • Checked to see if your skin suit is see through (Or shorts Fukie?)
  • …..ARE YOU READY????

FIRST OFF. If you have not heard we have a NEW WEB SITE!

Roland Rabien has been working on it. Check out the “Stats” section….it is pretty cool. You can also click on anyone’s name in the results and see their history….much more interactive.

The series REALLY could use an enclosed single axle trailer to borrow or rent for the season….we don’t quite have enough $$ to buy one and it has to be one that can be towed by our vans…so only single axle….if anyone has one or knows of one or wants to buy us one please let us know.

Anyone coming from Vancouver for our first race Graeme Martindale is looking for a ride…..e-mail me if you can bring him up and I will fire you his contacts

Don’t forget to pull up the race guide off the web site BEFORE you come over….so you know all the details we will have it posted in the next day!

1) Cross on the Rock 2010 Schedule

  • September 26: Cumberland. Village Park
  • October 11: Nanaimo. Bowen Park
  • October 17: Duncan. Providence Farm
  • October 30: Esquamalt. Gorge Park
  • October 31: Victoria. TBA
  • November 11: Port Alberni. McLean’s Mill
  • November 22: Shawnigan Lake School

So if you have not seen the schedule that is what it looks like. We have 7 events currently scheduled. Of those 7 only 3 are courses that we have done before so 4 new courses. It will be our first time over the hump to Port Alberni. It all starts this weekend with a return to Coal Cross in Cumberland after a 1 year break. New Course. We will finish up on November 22nd with our last race at Shawnigan Lake School fighting for double points, series placing….and just an awesome time. I can’t wait!

The other MAJOR thing is that we have NO conflicts with lower mainland events. This was done with great effort and co-operation between COTR series and the lower mainland races….GREAT for everyone!

2) Cumberland Coal Cross at Village Park. Race #1 Event Day Schedule.

Here it is:

11:00 Registration opens at Village Park in Cumberland Course open for practice IF you have REGISTERED!
11:30 Pre-race lap for beginners with WENDY SIMMS. He will show you the course and answer any questions for you. Beginners or first timers only please.
12:00 At high Noon the Beginners men and women will hit the track
1:00 Intermediates
2:00 Masters
2:01 Women
3:15 Expert

This schedule should give a bit of time between races to pre-ride. Remember at our races you can NOT pre-ride during someone other races…..or you will not be racing in your own race that day….’cause we will DQ you! Respect!

There is NO pre registration at these events. There is also NO BANK machine, visa, MC, Amex or diners card. Bring old fashion cash and everyone will be happy!

3) 4X Canadian National Champ Wendy Simms (coming back this season) will be sharing with us tips and advice during our news features….this is her first feature for this….(well this one is actually a repeat from the start of the season last year as she is busy hanging with Tycho right now….but it is still a good one!)

So….you have 4 days to get ready for the first cross race of the season. Crap. What happened to August when you were going to start running? Where the hell is your cross bike anyway? If you think you aren’t ready for this weekend don’t worry, no one is. Just consider it your first solid cross workout of the season to get the kinks out and get the cross fever burning. But there are a few things you should do before this weekend.

1. Dig out your cross bike, dust it off, pump up the tires and take it for a ride. Get comfortable riding your cross bike again. Go to the local park and hit some dirt, sand, gravel, grass and mud.
2. Practice a few dismounts and remounts. Add in some barriers. Next up a set of stairs. The first few times won’t be smooth but it will come back to you. Promise.
3. Check your tubulars! Try to roll them off the rim. Most common first race problem is a rolled tubular from the previous year.
4. Play with tire pressure. Roadies – drop it down real low. Then go lower still. It will feel weird at first but you will get used to cornering again.
5. Do 3 x 15-30 sec starts to wake up your legs.

I will be back next week to help get you ready for race #2.

4) Categories for 2010

We have had quite a few questions about our categories for this year and if we will be the same as the BC cup etc. The answer is NO. We will keep our same categories for this year…..we are thinking that we MIGHT go 40+ for masters though for 2011 so you are WARNED.

The Masters Category to keep it consistent with Cycling BC will be your age at the END of 2011. So if you are 35 by the end of 2011….you are good to go in Masters.

So we have:
Beginner Men’s and Womens; Races are usually 35-45 minutes long. These are racers who are first time cross racers. Racers that are not ready to move up to another category. First time bike racers. Cat 5. racers. Triathletes that have never been off road etc. If you think you are a beginner….but are not quite sure….just check with us.

Intermediate: Races are usually 40-50 minutes long. These are men who are Category 4 or 5 road or MTB racers.

Masters: Races are usually 45-50 minutes long. Men who are at least 35 years of age as of the end of 2011. Masters may choose to race in the Intermediate category IF they feel it better suits their level. Masters may also choose to race in the Expert Category IF they feel it better suits their level.

Women: Races are usually 45-50 minutes long. All women unless they are beginners.

Expert: Category 1, 2, and 3 road or mtb level riders. Masters who feel this is better suited for them.

We have said for a number of years that we REALLY want to add a Women’s Intermediate category….but we still don’t have the numbers to do it. PLEASE bring the girls/women out to race. PACK that category. Get the numbers up to 20-30 and THEN I will gladly split it up into 2 categories next season. SHOW me the racers!!! PLEASE!!!!

5) 2010’s “Gentle” Nudge

You will remember this from last year and it seemed to work nicely.

Here is the deal. If you placed top 3 over all for the series for Intermediate or Masters. Won or placed top 3 in a race in Intermediate or Masters. Or if you won a race or 5 in the Beginner category….or something like that….it is time for you to move up…….this is your gentle nudge!

We need to make the Expert Category LARGER and give those people who were 4th and beyond in these other categories a chance to shine.

These are FUN races. We don’t pull anyone. You race for the full time. It is not serious. There is not big money… don’t be shy… the right thing!

IFFFFF in fact you are in FAR worse shape than last year and you are one of the above mentioned people but you think you will not be competitive….certainly come back and race in the same category BUTTTT if you are again killing it…the next nudge will not be “gentle”!

Also if you got “nudged” in 2009 but you were DEMOLISHED in your new category then go back and try your 2008 category. If you kill everyone again reliving your old ’08 glory then you will probably get nudged again.

The first race is great to get things sorted out for the season.

6) CX Practice in Victoria…..for any lower islanders.

Vegan Dave has everything posted here he tells me:

Check it!

7) Licensing requirements for the Cross on the Rock Series for 2010.

THERE IS ONE THING THAT YOU HAVE TO REMEMBER FOR SUNDAY and that is YOUR CYCLING BC LICENSE! I am YELLING THIS ONE. PUT IT WITH YOUR BIKE. PUT IT IN YOUR WALLET. PUT IT IN YOUR CAR….WHERE EVER YOU WILL NOT FORGET IT. IF you forget your license….NOTHING can save you……so don’t ever argue with our registration person. IF YOU FORGET YOUR LICENSE you WILL be paying an extra $10 to race. I don’t care if I have known you for 15 years… does not matter….to race you have to have your license OR you have to have $10. NO EXCEPTIONS. NONE!

FULL UCI LICENSES HAVE BEEN DISCOUNTED FOR THE FALL ON THE CYCLING BC WEB SITE. You will need one of these IF you are racing off the Island. IF you are only racing on the island you need a regional road license to rip it up.

To clarify:
Everyone is welcome at our events!
Our series will have an option for those that do not have any Cycling BC affiliation or license as we did in 2010. As it was last year, it will be $10. SO those without ANY LICENSE can race cross our events in 2010
You can do our events without paying any extra:
If you have purchased a full UCI race license for 2010 for EITHER Road OR Road with MTB
If you have purchased a Cycling BC citizen license for 2010 for ROAD or MTB

For a description of Cycling BC licensing options, go to:

The Citizen License allows you to race any event in the Provincial calendar for Road, MTB and Cross BUT at Provincial level races you usually can only race at the lowest category.

A Citizen License does NOT allow you to race at the National Championships or outside of B.C.

I hope that is kind of clear? If not fire questions to me and I will try to get them sorted.


We will get un-ghetto’ed soon and get pro logos up and let you know a bit about each of our sponsors but for now….

KONA (returning again with great support)
Frontrunners (They have to sponsor us as….well they have no choice)
Aviawest (great supporters of cycling and sports on the island)
Saltspring Island Coffee (returning for the 2nd year and we hope to see Brin out racing)
OBB (been there since the start and now adding their Westshore store as well)
Howard Johhson (If you know sports on the island you know that Dan Brady supports it)
Lambert is supporting us with Lezyene and Pedros (again have been helping us out for a number of years)
Oakley returning again from last year with even more glasses)
Lighthouse Brewery (I actually don’t have a confirmation from them BUT they have been great in the past anyways)
Pro Bar (new sponsor…..yummy Bars)
The North Face (Guy has actually given us a few things over the past few years but was never “official”)
Action Motorcycles (the other way to have a great time on 2 wheels!)
EverTi (Still working on the details with Kurt but we hope he will be on board)

Still working on Nutcase and Shimano as well…..if you have anyone else that wants to sponsor the series let us know.

Each event also has event sponsors too….we try to recognize those guys in and around that specific event.

Oak Bay Bikes: Nanaimo, Victoria, Westshore
Trail Bikes
Dodge City Cycles
Ozzie Cycles
Experience Cycles
Pro City

(I think I got everyone….but let me know if I missed you)

Race #1 Cumberland: Pre Race

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