Well it was a bummer way to finish the season….anti climatic….but when you have things like this happen there is really nothing you can do. I want to remind everyone that Shawnigan Lake School had a lot of stuff going on with the snow on Saturday; buildings without power and water…students apparently go a little wild when it snows….so the bike race was not a priority for them. They have been great hosts in the past and we hope that we can go back there again in 2011. As it turns out we were up there on Sunday to pick up the trailer and there was one guy that did show up to race while we were there! As fun as the race would have been I am not sure it would have been the best finish to what has been a very competitive season. A lot would and could have gone wrong for a lot of racers….but it sure would have been fun! We do look forward to a snow race some day!

Just working away at the below and it takes far LESS time and energy to just do the awards at the event than to sort this out and type it all out on the computer. This probably took us 3 hours of work to do all totaled compared to about a 1 hour awards……booo!

(PSSST….Series Draw Prizes Below!!)

More races still to come………in BC….see Below!


Instead of racing on Sunday I drove down to Shawnigan to pick up the trailer and then spent the afternoon appliance shopping for our house…..at exactly the time that I would have been suffering behind Russel or Dylan I was instead suffering in Sears….and then Home Depot…..pure hell.

We will give away 3 year subscriptions to CX Magazine. Cyclocross Magazine is the one destination for all things cyclocross. With a print and digital magazine, daily online race reports, product news and reviews, and forums, Cyclocross Magazine will provide your daily cyclocross fix and supports grass roots racing like Cross on the Rock. Visit them at cxmagazine.com!

3 People that can give me the BEST response as to what they were doing on Sunday at the time they would have been suffering in the race…..instead of racing…..3 best answers win. MUST have them by Wednesday morning so fire me a quick note.

3 more subscriptions given away as draw prizes below.


What has been decided is that the series points stand after 6 races. The 7th race will be considered everyone’s drop or 0 point/low score race. There was no perfect manner in which to do this and we did not have any set rules but at the onset of the series we said that 6 races of the series would count. So that is what we are doing. I know that it benefits some and those are the people that showed up to race at all or almost all of the races and had consistent results. So we feel that the spirit of the competitive series is good and our method is valid. I hope everyone agrees.

The prizes for the series will be hard to give out as Wendy and I are out of country for 11 days starting this Wednesday. Some of the prizes…the awards are in Victoria. The beer is there too. We have some stuff in Nanaimo. SO in reality we will not get all this sorted out until we get back. In the meantime we will let you know what you have won and who won it. When we get back we will have the prizes at Frontrunners in Nanaimo and you can arrange to pick up or have someone pick up or something….we do not want this to linger on too long so e-mail me after the 7th of December when we are back from the USGP in Portland.


Intermediate Men
1st Place: Mitchell Thacker
2nd Place: Regan Pringle
3rd Place: Chris Dickenson

Masters Men
1st Place: Jamie Emery
2nd Place: Brent Stubbs
3rd Place: Peter Wellsman

Open Women
1st Place: Dawn Anderson
2nd Place: Joele Guynup
3rd Place: Amanda Wakleing

1st Place: Drew MacKenzie
2nd Place: Dylan Tremblay
3rd Place: Steve Bachop

Series Prizes

1st Place:
Custom Award from James Cameron and Paul Brend 
Lezyne Floor Drive Pump from Lambert
Oakley Fuel Cell Glasses
BEER from Phillips Brewery

2nd Place:
Custom Award from James Cameron and Paul Brend
Lezyne Smartpack 3L from Lambert
Big ass lock from Action Motorcyles
Coffee from Saltspring Coffee

3rd Place:
Custom Award from James Cameron and Paul Brend
Lezyne Alloy Drive Mini Pump from Lambert
CO2 inflator from Action Motorcycles
Coffee from Saltspring Coffee

Series Prizes spread all over our living room floor.


Best Rookie Season.
Jeff Drew. After winning a couple of races in Intermediate Jeff moved up to Expert and had a few top 10 performances. In the last race in Port Alberni he was on track for a top 5 until an untimely flat on the last lap of the race. Winning a sweet Lezyne Carbon 4 multi tool from Lambert….it is so nice!

Most Improved Female
Amanda Wakeling. After a great rookie season 2 years ago where she dominated the women’s beginner category at 13 years old…last year Amanda was 11th in the Open Women for the series. A few DNF’s. Sickness and some sub par results. This year she came back and got stronger towards the end of the season and placed 3rd overall for the series. All at 15 years old. Plus she was the youngest female at National Champs racing the elite women. Winning a Lezyne Carbon Drive S pump from Lambert

Most improved Male
Regan Pringle. After wallowing mid to back of the pack of Intermediate in 2009 Regan stepped it up and won 3 races in the intermediate category this season. Winning a Lezyne Carbon Drive S pump from Lambert

After our major contribution from the Everti Cycling Club of $500 toward the trailer we also had the IRC Cameron Law Club come forward with $500. Oak Bay Bikes Nanaimo is on board for $400. The Hays and Duncans also put in significant contributions. We have been promised some $$ from Peter Creighton from Lambert also promised us $200…..so the trailer fund is in great shape. I have to add it up when I have a moment…..we are still taking donations. We promise it all goes to the trailer…..we hope to have it decaled, insured, a power washer on board and shelves etc…..so YES we will still take donations….and the trailer will be SWEET!

Can you see why we need a new trailer

NOT nearly as dramtic over e-mail but Wendy and I got pretty excited in our living room drawing for all the prizes. WHO will it be…..????

You gotta go DOWN to the bottom to get the last draw prize….the GRAND-GRAN Prize of the KONA Carbon Major Jake frame and fork…..who will it be!!!

Subscription to CX Magazine: Trevor Jones
Subscription to CX Magazine: Bill McMillan
Subscription to CX Magazine: Nikki Licht
Oakley Foresake: Tanya Berg
Oakley Foresake: Charlene Hay
Lezyne Carbon Drive S Pump from Lambert: Mark Allison
Lezyne Carbon Drive S Pump from Lambert Brad Collins
Action Motorcycles BIG Cable Lock: Paul Chistopher
Pedros Pit Kit from Lambert: Mitchell Thacker
Pedros Pit Kit from Lambert: Kirby Villenenuve
Pedros Pit Kit from Lambert : Jason Eagles
Lezyne Hydration Pack from Lambert: Mical Dyck
Lezyne Hydration Pack from Lambert: James Hotz
Howard Johnston 1 night accommodation: Slvio Tugnela
Howard Johnston 1 night accommodation:: Dylan Tremblay
3 Nights at the Pinnacle Lodge at Sun Peaks Aviawest: Derrek Prout

BIKE….go to the bottom

Draw Prizes all sorted out.


BC Cup Finals: This Saturday in South Surrey. I did this race last year and the course was pretty fun. Sand and mud last year. Check Cycling BC Web Site.

BC Championships: MAJOR news for this event is that the call up order will be based on both BC Cup Standings AS WELL AS C.O.T.R. Standings!! That is MAJOR and AWESOME! This course in North Vancouver was really fun last year with some good technical sections. From Kevin the race director:

The 2.6 km course map is now posted on the official race website: www.bccyclocrosschamps.blogspot.com There has been a lot of time and energy spent over the past two weeks getting Mahon Park up to speed for the race and even after this past weekend’s attempt to slow us down with snow, we have pressed on and got the course dialled in. Come rain or shine or even snow, the race will go on! The course is relatively flat, very fast and will require just the right amount of technique and fitness.

PORTLAND USGP: If you want the MOST competition on the West Coast. The USGP in Portland on the 5th and 6th of December is the place to find it……tough hard…usually muddy racing.

Cascade Cross: You can extend your cross season all the way into January with this race…..the Chiller Cross in Bellingham on January 18th. http://www.cascadecross.com/races


The only person I saw show up ready to race on Sunday…not sure who he was but that is HARD CORE!

Chris on Course….

Oh Warm Clubhouse….we will be back another time.



KONA who have been with us since the star of the series. Sponsors of the KONA KUP. MAJOR draw prize sponsor!

LAMBERT who support this series like you can not even believe…..a LOT of prizes from Leyzene and Pedros via Lambert

Phillips Beer a new sponsor but stepped in tokeep the beer flowing.

Oak Bay Bikes all the locations have been supporting the series since the start….and they do a lot of work. Also organizers of the KONA KUP and the Island Champs

Aviawest with awesome room-night draw prizes for the events along withone of our GRAND prizes

Howard Johnson…..room nights and support for our Victoria and Nanaimo events with hotel deals

SaltspringCoffee…..Bryn was out there racing…and bringing bags of goodness for our racers

OAKLEY provided us with sweet draw and series prizes of cool shades.

The North Face gave us some draw prizes and we are hoping to get them on board even bigger in 2011

Frontrunners….well they let me put on the races. Draw prizes. Number sponsor….etc!

Pro Bar. Another new sponsor for this year with their tasty bars. Again hope to have them on board bigger in 2011 as well

AND Action Motorcylces…..the hospitality tent at Victoria and a tonne of draw prizes!

THANKS to our SUPPORTING BIKE SHOPS….you do have a choice when you shop!

THANKS TO OUR RACE Directors (usually a thankless job so we try to thank them).

AND our supporting Clubs.

Lastly to you guys for coming out and supporting the events…..without you there would be no point!

OK everyone until next year…..rest up….get your gear ready and planned….and we will see you in September again for our next season of Cross on the Rock….BIGGER…Better….and a few new ideas and twists!!

Thanks from the Council of Cross


We will arrange pick up at Oak Bay Bikes in Nanaimo when we get back for you….we would like a photo of course. And no you did not have to be here to win…this time!

The Series is a Wrap

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  • November 25, 2010 at 9:18 pm

    Thanks Norm and Wendy!!
    this was my first season, and believe it or not until last sept, I hadn’t rode a bike in 10 yrs… I watched a couple of the weds nighters and the race in Duncan in 2009 and knew it was for me… first season down… many more to come!! I had a great time at all of the races, and met some really great people… Obviously I was bummed that the island champs were cancelled but it’s no one’s fault… I’m already looking forward to an even better season next year!!

    thank you to all, and congrats to not just the winners, but every body else too!!


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