#1. The Hottest of hot topics. IS THIS LEGAL?


The answer and to be clear is that it is NOT. While we applaud Tom’s inventiveness and his ability to think outside the tape at Farmer Bills the reality is that we do not want to have to flag EVERY LITTLE DETAIL of every little course. We have said this before. Ride what the course is intended and supposed to be. If the flagging goes down. Ride the line that was there before….cutting the course is lame. Having to flag every inch is lame. Riding around barriers is super-duper lame. Tom’s line on this corner is not what the course was intended to be. PLUS his bike is outside of the flagging and course. If you can’t get your bike through there….then that should say something to you. Sorry Tom! The old race guide used to have a paragraph on this someplace so we will dig it up and re-post it for all those that like to see it in writing before they do what they know is right.



Is 100% LEGAL and encouraged at Crosstoberfest this weekend!!

#3. Crosstoberfest Pre-Register.

(That one is self explanatory) about 35 hours to get this done at this point. Crosstoberfest –

#4. Have you ever hear of Nacker’d Bikes?

Well Nacker’d Bikes is a “skunkworks” division of Naked Bikes with CEO Sam Whittingham guiding the torch.
From Sam:
Basically the idea behind “nacker’d bikes” was to introduce cross riding and racing to my riding friends on Quadra Island, who had little to no idea what cyclocross was but are keen bunch up for anything. Nobody could afford full on cross bikes so I started converting old steel road bikes to be cross ready. This usually involves, moving bridges, installing canti studs and making a bit more room for tires. These definitely aren’t naked quality bikes so we branded these new bastard bike spawn, “nacker’d”.

In truth, this idea is actually very traditional, In the “old” days, it was fairly normal to see people use there summer race bike for there winter cross bike. Back then, road bikes could usually fit up to a 30 or 32mm tire, this is why that tire size has become the normal cross size, with 33mm obviously being the current uci max.

If you follow COTR results you will see that the number of riders coming over from Quadra Island to the series races in the last year has exploded. All thanks to Nacker’d Bikes.

#5. More money for Jr/Youth Racers. Check the information below.

#6. Who is #1?
Half way through the series and with a race this weekend.
Who is leading your category?
Who is your main rival?
Who you trying to beat?
Will it all turn around this weekend?

#7. Provincial Champs
Information being finalized. Stay tuned….hope to have the guide and the registration links live in the next few days. Need more time in the day/week/month!!

#8. More experienced timers needed at the races.
We would love to get a data base of people to help out at events timing 1 or 2 races. We don’t need people all the time….but sometimes we do. If you can help out sometimes (does not mean for the whole day). Can you drop me an e-mail so I can start a data base of people please.

#9. More experienced First Aid responders.
We would love to get a data base of people that have first aid training at the event. We have 2 awesome guys and St. Johns is almost impossible to get so if you have first aid training and are going to watch or race at our events and could help out if needed (we don’t have you sitting on a chair). Please fire me an e-mail as we would love to build this resource a bit.

PREVIEW: COTR #4: Crosstoberfest at Transfer Beach, Ladysmith.

COSTUMES!!!! The best part of Crosstoberfest….so fire them up!!

Crosstoberfest will be a real treat again this year!!!
The Cowichan Cycles Cartel will treat you to an amazing course at beautiful Transfer Beach! This year will include the longest beach section in the series; lots of twists and turns in trees to keep you on your toes; fast pavement, gravel, hills, stairs, and gorgeous ocean views from every part of the course!! We have tweaked the course a bit from last year and have made it even better!

The kids crossathalon race will be in the middle of all of the action (on a separate course of course but in full view). Note 15 minutes earlier please!

On top of that, the edible treats abound!!

  • The Old Town Bakery is supplying us with their famous cinnamon buns
  • Bouma meats will be on board with their amazing bratwurst (included in your registration fee along with a beverage),
  • Pies are up for grabs
  • Other surprises!

It would be SUPER FANTASTIC if you could pre register, that way we know how many brats to buy!! Also, drop me an email if you are vegan or veggie and want veggie friendly
option (

Things of NOTE for COTR #4: Crosstoberfest.

#1. There is no beer garden this year. I repeat. There is NO Beer garden this year. Although we had a ryder on our policy with CBC and we had it before there was complications and delays with the City of Ladysmith and it is just not going to happen this year. BBQ and Beverages….still happening!!

#2. KIDS race. We are going to fire this up about 15 minutes earlier at this event so at around 12:30. The course will be in the center of the action. We are going to make this a Kids Crossathalon. Either Bike-Run or maybe. Run-Bike-Run. Slightly longer races….a lot more fun!! IF you kids just want to do the running part…..heck we don’t care… bring them…. or a relay with a parent or sibling. Lets just get the kids out there.

#3. Sand.

#4. Pie.

REVIEW: COTR #3: Farmer Bills Cattle X-Ing. The race that was COTR#3

From COTR#3 Race Director. The Legend: Lee Blais

Huge thanks to the Alberni crew who made it happen !!!!

  • Rhonda Dame for the cow bells and childcare etc etc…
  • Brent Dame, Bryce Blake, Mike Parcher,Matt Banys, Jeff Forsythe for their blood, sweat and tears!
  • Hogs Gone Wild for their great food!… Pulled pork and Cross just makes sense!
  • Billy Leach giving up some Totally Board shwag!!
  • Glen Wakeling for making sure we weren’t without fresh Eatmore sprouts & greens!
  • And of course Farmer Bill and son Billy Thompson for the use of their property and their amazing hospitality!!!


  • Pulled pork
  • MUD
  • Mud in pulled Pork
  • Meeting double Spiderman (Tycho Thibault)
  • Faster to run in sections
  • Custom cow bells!!!!!!

Thanks for showin up

Highlights from Seana

  • spandex nerds catching air
  • bikes looking like swamp creatures
  • whiskey hand ups
  • norm selling veggies at the finish line
  • toms tire cheat line
  • norm beating his wife, lol
  • local chris hall beats the man of steele
  • Mark Wieler in 5th

Highlights from Norm

  • Huge thanks to Dave Hutley, Glenowyn, Guy Ridler and Gerry Huizinga
  • Many thanks to Lee, Farmer Bill, all the helpers and Hilary
  • Great course. LOVED the on and off and on and off of the course.
  • DOUGHNUTS……so good!!
  • Tough kids course.


There was a link from Frontrunners-Splashes Team on our FB page earlier in the week. I only received one other link this week to photos:

Photos from Patrick Burnham:

Don’t forget we have a photo contest annually for COTR. So save your best.

I did not have this link from Patrick for BPGGP Photos for last newsletter.
So here it is:

MORE $$$$$ for Juniors/Youth $$$$$$$ (Updated)

Past COTR Photo contest winner, Patrick Burnham, did a SWEET calendar last year of 12 of his COTR photos and sold them at the end of the season. He collected the $ for the calendars…..around $500. MEANWHILE down in Victoria Pro City Cycling and the Binab Property Group GP also had a donation from Vista Estates of $500. AND then Tyler Trace put in his prize money from last weekend….another $100. So we have $1100 for 11 X $100
Travel grants for U19 racers. Male or Female. Travelling to National Championships in Surrey at the end of November.

We thought that was ALL But then the Cross Club in Victoria coughed up another $1100 so we will be doing 11 X $200 Grants now!! Get on it JR Racers….get your application in.

Our Criteria will be:

  • Must be from the Island, a surrounding Island or Powell River. (If not from an Island…they must be supporting COTR a lot!!)
  • Must be 18 or under
  • Someone who supports cross on the rock
  • Someone who is planning on attending Nationals, or would go if they had the help of the grant.
  • From there we will do a draw for the 11 grants from the submitted applications.

We will have forms at the races and since you have to support the series to apply…..that should work well. Submit back to people at registration please.

A refresher for some here and new information for others. COTR has an extensive First Aid kit at all the races. It can be found at registration.

During racers if someone around you gets seriously hurt the following applies. The first person on the scene should check on the person that gets hurt. The next person should divert the course to make sure that there is a way around the person that is hurt that is safe. The third person on the scene should make sure that help is coming and alert race officials either at timing or registration.

Your fellow racers safety and well being is more important than any cross race.

It is usually best to leave an injured person “in position found” until help arrives.

Do not move them unless there is an immediate hazard. If you do have to move them make sure it is only done to limit the hazard and no more.

If the accident happens early in a race sometimes the race can and should be
re-started. Think Western Speedway Open women a few years ago.

If you have to call “Neutral Section-Slow down” to safely get riders around. Not a problem.

We will review and revise this as needed and post this into the fresh edit of the series guide.

Lastly if you are one of the first ones on the scene and stop for a fallen rider. Please let us know and we will make sure you get your next race on the house. Thanks again Gerry Huizinga. If you are worried about points also let us know and Roland will adjust your series score based on a previous average or some magical formula that he can devise.

Pre-registration IS the way to go ALWAYS!

Links to the individual races are here:
Crosstoberfest –
My Little Pony Cross –
Ronde Van Hogwarts Series Championship –


In Victoria:
Cross Underground….if you live in Victoria and don’t know about this “practice” on Wednesday nights…you gotta get on it!

In Nanaimo:
M.I.V.A. slipped in an extra CX practice this week but did not tell anyone…..keep your eyes on their site/FB page or find out their secret handshake if you want to get out with these guys in Nanaimo. M.I.V.A. has already finished their practices for the year but there have been some rides going. Keep an eye on their FB page to stay up to date.

In Courtenay:
Trail Bicycles in Courtenay, meet at 5:30 every Wednesday for 1-2 hours of riding.

Series is Organized by the Cross Council:
With the following cycling clubs: MIVA, VICC, Trail Bicycles-Eatmore Sprouts Cycling Team, Cowichan Cycling Cartel, ASS and AVR

Supported by:
Oak Bay Bikes in Victoria, Westshore and Nanaimo
Trail Bikes in Courtenay
Experience cycles in Duncan
Cowichan Cycles in Duncan
Cycle Therapy in Duncan
Frontrunners in Nanaimo
Straight Up Cycles in Victoria
Dodge City Cycles in Cumberland
Ozzie’s Cycles in Port Alberni

Supported and Sanctioned by:
Cycling BC

Normon Thibault


COTR 2013: October News #3: Farmer Bills….WOW. Crosstoberfest Ahead!!