Some new statistics.
You know that Roland and I love to track and follow what is going on with COTR. We have the stats page on the web site (under results) so that you can follow along too. This week Roland added a new stat: Biggest categories.

Masters Men from BPGGP was larger than 7 COTR races. Coal Cross (2006, 2007, 2008) Cowboy Cross (2006), NISSCCOTU (2009), Diver Lake (2006), Jungle Cross (2007)

At one point last Monday we had 86 on course at once (Intermediate M/W). Which is bigger or equal to 17 COTR races.


Thanks to everyone that has sent notes so far. Politics. It just takes 2 minutes and it makes our job MUCH easier!! For each of our race venues there are usually many levels that we need to go through in order to use the venue and then many more in order to return to
the venue. For some reason….some people just don’t like us. They see the park with “Brown up” or a bit muddy and then can’t see ahead to when the course will be back to normal again as it always is. Some people will complain. Some people ALWAYS complain. As you know the seized-from-cumberland-mud hub will get the grease. Help us grease our way back to Cumberland next year and beyond. Fire a note of appreciation and thanks to: Kevin McPhedran at . I will make it worth your while. CC me and I will put everyone’s name in for a 12 pack of Phillips or Rumble (depending on age and preferences). Thanks for your help. DRAW TONIGHT!!

Pre-Register. (That one is self explanatory)

Get fired up for Farmer Bills

$$$$$ for Juniors/Youth $$$$$$$

If you did not catch this before:
Past COTR Photo contest winner, Patrick Burnham, did a SWEET calendar last year of 12 of his COTR photos and sold them at the end of the season. He collected the $ for the calendars…..around $500. MEANWHILE down in Victoria Pro City Cycling and the Binab Property Group GP also had a donation from Vista Estates of $500. AND then Tyler Trace put in his prize money from last weekend….another $100. So we have $1100 for 11 X $100
Travel grants for U19 racers. Male or Female. Travelling to National Championships in Surrey at the end of November.

Our Criteria will be:

  • Must be from the Island, a surrounding Island or Powell River. (If not from an Island…they must be supporting COTR a lot!!)
  • Must be 18 or under
  • Someone who supports cross on the rock
  • Someone who is planning on attending Nationals, or would go if they had the help of the grant.
  • From there we will do a draw for the 11 grants from the submitted applications.
  • Application Forms can be downloaded here.

COTR #2: Binab Property Group GP at Western Speedway.

Bike Shop Challenge was won this year by Mich Thacker. Bragging rights for the WHOLE YEAR!!

Kids races. 35 kids and a devious course that was build by someone that does not have kids!! I wanted to race it!


The Winner of the Trek CX Bike from Pro City Cycling was: Clayton Webb also had the distinction of being the top Singlespeeder this day in Intermediate. Clayton also helped out most of the day when he was not racing. An awesome thanks goes to Paul Underhill from our sponsor RUMBLE who won the bike after doing his first cross race earlier in the day but put the bike back in the prize pool for someone else as he had just purchased a new cross bike. Our sponsors are incredible!


Pelle opens up his 2013 COTR edit season with this one: 

Russel Berg catches the action here:

Jon Waltkins says “Watch out Pelle” with this one: Actually I can’t link it as it is on his FB page. That is how he gets friends on FB apparently.

Regan Pringle’s Shots:
Brad Head (Zed Wheels) behind the lens:
Have not seen anything from Patrick yet.

Don’t forget we have a photo contest annually for COTR. So save your best.

Norm’s Notes from COTR#2: Binab Property Group GP

  • It is Friday and my van is still not unloaded from Monday and I have to pack for Sunday.
  • The Masters group is insane this year. With a bunch of masters racing in Expert and the level of competition in the actual Masters category PLUS all those 39 year olds that will be turning 40 in 2014 and because of the UCI’s stupid age the following year rule….Provincial and National champs this year will be….well….insane!
  • Where is Ian Smith?
  • The return of Peter Stevenson….fair weather Cyclocross racer.
  • The number of kids
  • The number of spectators
  • Rennat’s wafels….so freaken GREAT!
  • Beer.
  • Do NOT like it when ambulances come to COTR… careful.
  • GREAT course.
  • Another jump.
  • Jennifer on the megaphone.
  • A big DISLIKE to people pre-riding DURING other’s races.
  • DJ with Big Audio Dynamite
  • Victoria HoJo.

Race Director Roland gives thanks to:

A huge thank you to all the racers and spectators who made the Binab Property Group GP the biggest CotR event to date. You are the reason we host these races.

Thank you to all the business that supported the race. Support those who support us.

  • Title Sponsor: Jason Binab of Binab Property Group
  • Presenting Sponsor: Trek Bicycle Store Victoria
  • Flyover Sponsor: Rasmus Rabien of Razu Welding
  • Prize Sponsors: Vista Estates, Broadmead Physiotherapy, Mike Tuckey of Green/Horwood/Tuckey, L’Hermitage Boutique Hotel, Marriot Hotel, Cactus Club, Luv Hair Salon, Erin Anderson of Beyond Fitness, Phillips Beer, Accent Inns, Jasper Blake of B78, Kharma Design Studio
  • Choux Choux Charcuterie, DJ Sean Cunningham, Wannawafel, Rumble,
  • Westshore Motocross

And all our volunteers:

  • Race Committee: Scott Mitchell, Sylvia Storry, Peter Wellsman, Jason Binab
  • Results: Katie Duncan-Rabien & Jen Dosil
  • In the timing tent: As always Hilary Grant with help from Andrea, Sherri & her daughter
  • Registration: Laura Cook, Leah Tennent, Glenowyn Carlson
  • Kids Race: Cristyna Jones, Martina Edney, Danielle Stevens
  • Beer Garden: Sabrina Macleod, Christyna Jones
  • Course Setup / Destruction: Scott Mitchell, Mitch Thacker, Peter Wellsman, Troy Woodburn, Drew Mackenzie, Joele Guynup, Richard & Laura Cook, Joel Taylor, Halldor Gunnarsson, Ed Thacker, Tom Skinner, Jeff Doyle, Clay Webb, Vanessa Service, Mike Houston, Terry McCall, Cam Maysmith, Jamie Cameron, Jen Erlendson, Denise Mahon, JP Robinson, Christyna Jones, Dave Pfaffenberger, Parker Bloom, Leif Keithly, Curtis Schlossberger, Shannon Baerg, Mical Dyck
  • Keg disposal: Cam & Jeff
  • A bit of everything: Norm & Wendy, Katie, Mike Houston, Ed Thacker, Bill Fry

To those I missed or helped unnoticed: Thank you. Your help is always appreciated.

COTR #3: Farmer Bills in Port Alberni.

Returning to Farmer Bill’s farm for the second time. Fourth time in Port Alberni.

After last year’s event one of our racers commented that going to the event was one of the highlights of his entire life. That is how much fun it was. While we unfortunately will not have the saturated mud bath of last year….which is too bad. I am sure Lee will have it all dialed and super fun.

Course Description:
Not 100% sure what Lee has planned for us this year. Last year we had mud, mud, a barn, hay bails, mud, dirt road, mud and dirt.

What to expect? Well since you are in P.A. you can usually expect ASS.


Pre-registration IS the way to go ALWAYS!

Links to the individual races are here:

Farmer Bill’s Cattle X-ing –
Crosstoberfest –
My Little Pony Cross –
Ronde Van Hogwarts Series Championship –


In Victoria:
Cross Underground….if you live in Victoria and don’t know about this “practice” on Wednesday nights…you gotta get on it!

In Nanaimo:
M.I.V.A. slipped in an extra CX practice this week but did not tell anyone…..keep your eyes on their site/FB page or find out their secret handshake if you want to get out with these guys in Nanaimo. M.I.V.A. has already finished their practices for the year but there have
been some rides going. Keep an eye on their FB page to stay up to date.

In Courtenay:
Trail Bicycles in Courtenay, meet at 5:30 every Wednesday for 1-2 hours of riding.

Series is Organized by the Cross Council:
With the following cycling clubs: MIVA, VICC, Trail Bicycles-Eatmore Sprouts
Cycling Team, Cowichan Cycling Cartel, ASS and AVR

Supported by:
Oak Bay Bikes in Victoria, Westshore and Nanaimo
Trail Bikes in Courtenay
Experience cycles in Duncan
Cowichan Cycles in Duncan
Cycle Therapy in Duncan
Frontrunners in Nanaimo
Straight Up Cycles in Victoria
Dodge City Cycles in Cumberland
Ozzie’s Cycles in Port Alberni

Supported and Sanctioned by:
Cycling BC

Normon Thibault


COTR 2013: October News #2: BPGGP done. Farmer Bills in 2 days!!

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    Norm, I am just getting over an injury and have a commitment Sunday afternoon. Could I go around the course with the beginners even though I am normally a master ? Would be quite happy to pay the r ace fee and not score , just love that course. Thank you Bill Lane

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