Mazda – COTR – Newsletter 2016 #4 – Cleaned and prepped by Muc Off. Race #2:
Top of the Rock Cross. Mt. Washington. Saturday.

Liking the bullet form points at the start of each newsletter so we will keep that theme rolling.

  • The schedule for this event is 30 minutes LATER than the schedule for ALL other COTR events this year. This is to allow for a bit of extra travel time for almost everyone.
  • Don’t forget your license, a copy of it, an e-mail receipt or something. Otherwise bring $10 extra.
  • From our furthest south point of the COTR series (and history) we move to the furthest North and the furthest UP. First trip to Mt Washington
  • The forecast has gone from “EPIC CX CONDITIONS” for this weekend to “We will probably still need mud tires”. Remember though that we are in the mountains and conditions can change quickly so be prepared for anything.
  • Watch out for the return of and revenge of the anti points structure racer in EXPERT – The one and only Rob Parkin
  • Shout out to Jordan Drew who has experienced the 2nd shortest COTR CX season of 2016 (behind Peter Wellsman). Jordon got tangled with someone in a corner in the first lap of the Expert Race and broke his collar bone. Surgery this week. (See related story below about Super-Soccer-Sunday). Get better Jordan.
  • Check your results. IF they are not correct follow the protocol as call up on Saturday is based on 1st race results.
  • Don’t forget about the EVOC Bag which is one of our series prizes. Each time you enter a race you enter to win!

In newsletter #4:

  1. Registration information and changes.
  2. Preview COTR 2016 #2. Mt Washington.
  3. A story about Super-Soccer-Sunday

1. Registration information and changes.

(Almost) Mandatory pre-registration CLOSES at 8:00pm FRIDAY NIGHT.
The link to register is here:

We are still tweaking this process for 2016 but here are a few changes and notes.

Pre-registration has become (almost) mandatory at all COTR races this year. We need the extra time to organize call up lists, registration lists and plan a head. We were not getting that time with 35-100 people registering on the day – of – race last year. So we needed to make a change.

You don’t 100% have to register a head of time. You can show up the day of and pay $10 more to race BUT here is the deal. If you are not pre-registered you will get called up last. First will be the people that are ranked in the series. Second will be the people not ranked that pre-registered. Third will be day of race. It does not matter if you are the LEADER of the category. You will go to the back. We hope that is extra incentive to pre-register (besides the $ savings).

Registration for ALL-CATEGORIES ENDS 30 minutes before the start of the race.

Beginners only (again) until their registration closes. Then we will have one line for the NEXT race and one line for everyone else.

2. Preview COTR #2. Top of the Rock Cross. Mt Washington

Things you need to know:

FIRST OF ALL: You will need to fill out a Mt. Washington waiver at registration. EVERYONE will need to do this.

One of the most popular questions to our crew answered right away:
Washrooms/changerooms are located in the main lodge.

We ask that if the weather is inclement the riders and entourage do their best to keep the mud out of the main lodge and the Whisky Jack. We would like to use this venue in the future and have a lift accessible enduro the following day to have a complete ‘bike centric’ weekend.

Preview via

Cross on the rock is back this weekend with a brand new venue for 2016. Mt Washington Alpine Resort plays host to the second race in the COTR series. Part of the fun of cyclocross is getting the chance to check out new venues and this sounds like it’s going to be a challenging one. From the organizers: “The course has been described as ‘lumpy’ with compacted grass sections, wide open gravel, a mix of pavement and paving stones and we even snuck in a section of singletrack. The crux of the course is the 50 foot run-up. Perhaps with the right gear and tire combination, and if you have pistons for legs you may not have to dismount.” So there you have it. It’s going to be a tough one that will test your entire quiver of cyclocross skills. And the best part? “The mountain is still open so bring your park bike to send it after your race and don’t forget your wallet for post race bevies and burgers at Teds.” COTR is going with a pretty much mandatory pre-reg this year, so don’t delay and get signed up:

Will be in the central courtyard weather permitting. If it’s wet and rainy, registration will be upstairs in the day lodge in the Whiskey Jack (AKA the cafeteria). Racers can hang out here and stay dry before and after races if it’s wet.

Team Tents
May be placed on the green space around the playground and in the courtyard around the ticket booth. They can also be placed on the paving stones adjacent to the Herb Bradley Centre. Space is first come, first serve.

We ask that racers use the latter half of parking lot 1. Meaning… the area nearest to the day lodge should be left for tourists and MTBers paying for lift tix. Racers can also park up top in P 2 and P3 adjacent to the Deer and Bear Lodge.

To follow the Expert race. Again if the weather is good they will be held out in the courtyard. If it’s wet and rainy we will host them in the Whisky Jack upstairs

* Dave Nowak will put up $100 of his own personal money to the first person that rides the whole run up in a race. Beginners have the first crack at it.
* There is a bike wash station adjacent to the main lodge.

We also want to remind racers that the both the bike park and the scenic chairlift rides are in full swing and we should be aware when using the facility and warming up on site. We aren’t the only people on the mountain.

DO NOT POACH RUNS IN THE BIKE PARK!!! Ride your Cx bike on the course and warm-up on the parkway, in the parking lots or on the various access roads throughout the village. I say again… DO NOT POACH RUNS IN THE BIKE PARK!!! That being said, bring your big bike and purchase a $20 lift ticket after 4pm that allows you to ride until 5:30.

Site map can be found here…

3. A story about Super-Soccer-Sunday

A long time ago, so the legend goes, in Nanaimo there started a group of competitive, athletic like minded people that thought it would be a GREAT idea to start playing a fun game of Soccer on Sundays. The group grew and grew. People took the soccer “game” WAY too seriously. Insults and injuries followed. And of course it all fell apart because it was no longer fun and people were going to work on Monday beat up.

We don’t want COTR to become like Super Soccer Sunday (SSS for short). Everyone has to go back to work. Everyone has a life. This is supposed to be a FUN event. So don’t be “that guy” or “that girl” that takes it WAY too seriously. The one that causes a crash or an injury. The one that people start to not like to race against because they take it too far. COTR is super awesome. Let’s keep it that way.

Chill out.

Have Fun.

No more broken collar bones from inter racer crashes!

Can’t wait to race at MtWashington. See everyone Saturday!!

Mazda – COTR – Newsletter 2016 #4 – Cleaned and prepped by Muc Off. Race #2: Top of the Rock Cross. Mt. Washington. Saturday.

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