Mazda – COTR – Newsletter 2016 #6 – Cleaned and prepped by Muc Off. Race #3:
Tugboat Cross. Transfer Beach. Ladysmith.

We could use a bit of help with a few things:
* We want to do a Trophy Race for the ‘Lil Nutcase racers. This is a “tradition” from BMX where EVERYONE gets a trophy. I found 1 box of my old BMX trophies that will be a good start but if anyone has any more that they want to donate that are gathering dust we will try to give them a new and proud home.
* The trailer could use a tow down to Victoria after Tugboat Cross. It requires a 2″ receiver and either 4 or 7 pin plug. Fire me a note if you can help out. Drew and crew for Bear X-ing would really appreciate the help.

And more Bullet Points:
* Last chance for any team changes or tweaks to names (I have a few more to take care of that people have e-mailed me about).
* If you could not see the photos of Andreas’s knee in Newsletter #5 your e-mail browser is probably not set to “Rich Text” and you won’t see the sweet shot of Tara Pollock in this e-mail either.
* On-Line registration……just a note. YOU can change most things on there when you mess them up. Gender. Category. Age…etc. PLEASE don’t send them to me. IF I had to fix ALL the things that 350+ racers PLUS myself mess up……it would take up a LOT of time….and I just don’t have that kind of time. IF you get REALLY stuck after REALLY trying. THEN let me know.
* Remember the adjusted registration protocol that we used at Mt Washington will be used again at Tugboat. Beginners. And then Next category in one line and everyone else in another.

In newsletter #6

1. Tugboat Cross Preview.
2. Don’t sabotage your lap splits.

1. Tugboat Cross Preview

It is getting close to being MANDATORY but for now it is still (almost) mandatory. Registration link here: Registration link: Note: Masters and Intermediate MAY fill up… don’t wait.

BIG NOTE: Parking is SUPER LIMTED. PLEASE CARPOOL (or just ride your bikethere).

Interview with race directors Mike and Tara.

1. Tugboat Cross was voted “loved it” by more racers than any other COTR in 2015. What makes it so special?

It has got a lot to do with the actual venue. We don’t put any more leg work into the preparation than other races in the series, it’s the venue that makes it so special. It is tough to beat the ocean view and actually riding on the beach, the fast rolling grassy areas, the mature forested area and the over-all easy access location. Transfer Beach is a destination for good reason, and we are forever grateful that the town of Ladysmith allows us to show it off.

2. What features have you changed for this year’s race?

The amphitheater stairs are back (by request by someone who is kind of a big deal), less pavement (almost none other than a road crossing), and a beach volleyball court fly by. Haven’t accurately measured it out yet, but plan for a 2.4km – 2.7km course which is similar to other years. Great section for the kids too race on as well.

3. Will there be any food on site this year?

The best waffles in the business, Wannawafel will be on site.

4. Where is the best place to buy a cinnamon bun on Vancouver Island?

The best cinnamon buns around are at the Old Town Bakery. They can be won…but if you don’t ride fast enough to win, you can still hit the Old Town Bakery on the main drag and buy some and tell all your friends that you won them.

5. Besides Tara and Mike who else is key to making this event happen?

COTR, The Town of Ladysmith, Parks and Recreation, Coal City Cycles, Active Solutions, the Old Town Bakery, the Wolf Brewing Co, but mostly the amazing individuals who come out for the flagging on Saturday night and then spend their Sunday volunteering and/or racing. Friends and family from Nanaimo, Ladysmith and Duncan are responsible for dialling in the race course.

6. Will Tara be making her return to cross soon?

That’s a secret. When it happens, it’s going to be big.

Tara on “the stairs” at Beban Park. Not sure what year….maybe 2005? On Wendy’s Pink Surly…..also not sure why she was riding that bike?

2. Don’t sabotage your lap splits.

Race #3: Tugboat Cross. Mazda – COTR – Newsletter 2016 #6 – Cleaned and prepped by Muc Off.