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The Warm up.

  • Heard in the school yard this morning during drop off.  “Yesterday I got Rock City Cycles to convert my Private Jake to a single speed.  This morning I woke up with a full beard”.
  • Word over my e-mail is of a new cx event in the Cowichan Valley.  Night race on December 9th and a day time race on the 10th.  My vacation time is already booked so I will not be in attendance…..but it does not mean you can’t enjoy it.  Also around this same time is normally the Semi-Prestige race which we will keep you posted on.

COTR Segments


A few more Questions from us and answers from Drew MacKenzie about Bear X-Ing this year.  COTR #4.  This stuff was after deadline for Newsletter #9

What did you like?

People’s general excitement for racing cross. I loved the cheering going on near the finish line steep drop in and through tent alley. It was pretty fun to watch people who didn’t think they could do it ride the steep drop in for the first time. Also pretty scary to watch some folks doing it during the race. Hearing from the adults that the race course was too hard and at the same time getting guff from a 7 year old that the kids course was too easy!

Who looked good out there?

Everyone! Pandering aside, Felix Burke was looking pretty good out there, same with Parker Bloom. Mical was looking like she had been out for a run recently ; )

How did you like racing the course……

Course was good to race, more elevation changes and rougher terrain was fun. But even with modifications it was maybe still not selective enough.  Need to make it harder next year! Bring on the mud!

In newsletter #9

  1. Farmer Bills. Cattle X-ing.  Thompson Farm.  Port Alberni.  This Sunday.
  2. Interview with Lee Blais
  3. COTR 2016 Hats.  Re-Ordered
  4. Triple Shot Cross Fondo. Look Back.
  1. Farmer Bills. Cattle X-ing.  Thompson Farm.  Port Alberni.  This Sunday.


Pre-registration has become (Almost 100%) Mandatory so make sure you register by 8pm on Saturday the 22nd or before.  Here is the link:

 It’s time to spend a day at the farm! We are back at Farmer Bill’s so get out your tractor tires, safety goggles and lube yourselves up so the cow poo don’t stick – YEEHAW! This 3.2 km course is filled with deep, bumpy wet grass, piles of bear ‘apple sauce’, twists, turns, off-camber descents, a haunted barn roll through, electric fences and possible run ins with lonely bulls!

The Lime’n food truck will be serving up deep fried pickles and their famous jerk chicken… and of course we’ll have Normon’s favorite donuts to tempt you at check-in. You will need the extra calories to plow through this course


The Thompson family have lived and run this Beautiful farm including McCoy lake for over a century. Farmer Bill’s is Located on Highway 4 across from the Tseshaht market 10km out of Alberni on your way to Tofino.  Bathrooms on site. Some parking on site and more across the street. Let’s keep it clean and be respectful of this families property.  PLEASE be careful crossing the road.  It is a HIGHWAY!


  1. Interview with Lee Blais
  1. Lee.  You started doing COTR in 2006 when you did 3 events (out of 4 at the time).  In 2007, 2008 and 2009 you only did 1 race a year.  Since then you have done 40 races in the last 6 years….almost all of the races.  What hooked you in?

What hooked me in??? the ridiculousness of the sport!! tiny tires, tasting blood..the strategy and all out battles in the corners… and I decided to work on my fitness a bit which made it more fun.

  1. Having done your first COTR race in 2006 and still racing in 2016.  What have you seen as being the biggest change at the events?

The biggest change as of late has been the huge spike in attendance of course.. way more female competitors and youth. It’s brought the island cycling community together.

  1. This will be the 4th time we will be racing at Farmer Bills.  What can we expect to be the same and what different on Sunday?

4th? (Norm’s Note: 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016) was sure it was on the 3rd time we’ve raced farmer Bill’s. Of course we’re racing through the barn and yes, there will be mud..lots of mud. There will be more opportunity to pass this year if you have    the power. We’ve also added some new singletrack through a treed section.

  1. What gear do you normally run and what gear will you be running on Sunday?

I normally run 38-18 gearing for the most races.. 2 teeth easier for farmer Bill’s, maybe 3? we’ll see how the course shapes up for the masters.

  1. When will you get a rear derailleur?

Rear derailleur? Ummm, another 6 years maybe?.. probably not though.

  1. When will you get real brakes?

Paul mini moto’s aren’t real? they don’t always stop well.

  1. Historically who has been your biggest nemesis?

Fluffy!! Dave Damery, Joel Lutz,.. Ken Olson, Dave Novak. (Norm’s note: and Dan Clements)


  1. COTR 2016 Hats.  More Coming.

Our COTR 2016 Hats made up by Sew What I Sew in Cumberland have been a HOT item.  We sold out of 2 styles so far because they are sweet.  We should have more of the Green and Grey for Farmer Bills this weekend.  $28 if you have exact change.  $30 if you don’t!  First come.



  1. No COTR race this weekend…..but there is the Tripleshot Crossfondo 2016

Uncharted Territory. Big Grins. As Promised.

Tripleshot Youth Team says thanks to everyone who rode, supported, cheered and volunteered at the 2016 Tripleshot Cross Fondo. Dubbed #typhooncross the day before, the storm didn’t materialize but there was enough rain to make it a true cross event. 120 riders (40K 97, 20K, 23) from 11-70 years old finished with mud-splattered grins, with Clayton Hiltz and Katie Button claiming the 40K and Kurt Innes and Heather Ranson the 20K.  Lots of great comments were heard over beer and burgers, “very cool to link up some new trails”, “Tripleshot kids washing my bike made me feel like a pro”, and from Lynne Holt, “one of my favourite moments during the ride was waiting for sheep to cross the trail.”


Full results at and

Great photos by Vincent Whiteveen at … 120433735/




Parting Shot.  One of the more controversial moves EVER in the history of COTR.  Tom Skinner.
Parting Shot. One of the more controversial moves EVER in the history of COTR. Tom Skinner.