The Warm up.

From Sean Voight at Pacific Mazda.
I will post photos and video on Facebook tomorrow

Bear Mountain was a blast great venue and track Perfect day

(GREAT little Video….check it out)

COTR Segments
· The Hose at Bear X-ing….wow! That thing was a full on fire hose? #checkyourBBbearings

· Front page of the Times Colonist and the sports section on the SAME DAY and on Victoria Marathon weekend! So awesome!

· Congratulations to Eva Leikermoser (Trail Bicycles) for her first category win in Beginner Women.

· Congratulations to Phil Schum (KPH) for his first COTR win in Men’s Intermediate.

· Steph Roorda’s 2nd COTR race…..the last one was in 2006 at Cowboy Cross ( and she rocked at 2nd place in Expert Women

· Katie Button taking the 3rd spot in the Expert Women’s category in her 2nd COTR race.

· Young Felix Burke (Broad Street Cycles) taking his first expert podium spot (2nd). Felix almost had the win when he laid down the fastest lap of the day on lap 8/10 with a 6:51 but he suffered an untimely puncture on the last lap that let Parker Bloom slip by him.

· Have you checked out the lap sheets with splits? A LOT better capture rate at this event with fewer errors. Still not 100% but the racers are getting the notes and adjusting their wrist bands, clearing the finish line and generally we are doing things a bit better….please keep it up!

· Seeing a few “independent” riders swapping teams at Bear X-ing to give more potential points in the team competition. Looks like it is getting competitive!! Victoria Wheelers are still a head. Check the standings here:

· Just passing the Half Way point in the series with 4 of 8 events down. How is your category shaking up for points? How are your epic battle stats? Can you catch that guy in front of you? Will the guy behind you catch you? Check it:

· Still LOTs of racing left. 1 “regular” race. 1 Double header. Then finishing up with the series final and double points!!

Next Event: Farmer Bills. October 23, 2016. Port Alberni.
There will be a full preview on this event in COTR Newsletter 2016 #10 next week but just a little info here. Last year in our end-of-year survey one of the most frequent comments was, “Bring back Farmer Bills”. COTR’ers LOVE this venue and this course. And of course we are almost always guaranteed MUD. Lee from Ozzies Cycles in Port Alberni has already been out to the farm and has been tweaking the course. I personally can’t wait.

Pre-registration has become (Almost 100%) Mandatory so make sure you register by 8pm on Saturday the 22nd or before. Here is the link:

In newsletter #9

1. The rising tide. Tires.
2. Bear X-Ing Wrap Up.
3. COTR 2016 Hats. Limited Quanity.
4. No COTR race this weekend…..but there is the Tripleshot Crossfondo 2016

1. The Rising Tide. Tires.

Here are COTR we have a competitive little grassroots series going on. The main goal was and remains for everyone to improve. Does not matter if you are trying to improve your results, placing, performance, skill, competitiveness or just beat your buddy. We all want to improve. We want you to improve.

With that though we reached out to our 8 category winners from Bear X-ing and asked them about one of the most important aspects of your bike; their tires. This is your main contact between yourself and the ground. Type of tire and pressure are 2 key ingredients to cross success.

We asked each of the winners the following questions:
1. What tires did you run at Bear X-ing?
2. That pressure did you run?
3. Tubeless or Tubes?
4. What do you weigh?

Here are their responses.

Women’s Winner: Eva Leikermoser (Trail Bicycles)
1. Vittoria EVO XG tubular tires
2. Good Question! We don’t know. There are no valve stems so Chris filled them by feel. Guessing 35lbs?? But they have a bit of a slow leak, so who knows?
3. Tubulars so they have tubes
4. Approx. 90lbs

Men’s Winner: Nicholas Knight (Arrowsmith Bikes)
1. My tires are Maxxis Mud Wrestler
2. my front is at 28 , My back is at 30
3. Tubes
4. my weight is about 120 lbs

Women’s Winner: Glenowyn Carlson (Pro Kitty Racing)
1. Tire pressure I know nothing about it, just pumped to above 30, seemed good
2. Just bought new tires, thought that all of my old ones were probably worn out, Racing Ralph’s,
3. Tubes
4. I’m a big person in a smaller person sport 68 to 71 kg

Men’s winner: Phil Schum (KPH)
1. 33 mm schwalbe x-1
2. About 42 psi
3. Tubeless
4. 215 pounds

Men’s Masters
Men’s 40-54 Winner: Normon Thibault (MIVA-Frontrunners-Rock City Cycles)
1. Challenge Limus Tubulars
2. 24lbs Front. 25.5lbs Rear
3. Tubular so they have tubes
4. 170lbs

Men’s 55+ Supermaster Winner: Bill McMillan (MIVA)
1. Michelin mud 2
2. 33 front 34 rear
3. Tubeless
4. I weigh about 160lb

Women’s Winner: Carey Mark (Coal City Cycles)
1. tires are Specialized Terra Pros. (Bought them last year to be UCI “width” friendly)
2. front and back 25 a piece. (Rear is still holding some last years stan’s)
3. Tubeless
4. hmm today probably around 125

Men’s Winner: Parker Bloom (Bored Street Cycles)
1. FMB Super Muds (
2. 1.5 bar F, 1.6 bar R.
3. Tubulars so they have tubes
4. 60kgs in a rain storm.

2. Bear X-Ing Wrap Up

From Drew.

First off, a very special thanks to Norm, Katie and Roland for all of their hard work and tireless dedication to making the COTR series so awesome.

Secondly, I really want to focus on thanking the volunteers that helped out with COTR Bear Mtn. Without these fine folks none of this could happen.

When you see them at the next race, make sure to thank these folks:

Volunteer Wrangling:

The one and only, the incomparable Sylvia Storry.

Course Set Up crew:

1. Sylvia Storry
2. Cam McLellan
3. Amy Errington
4. Sabrina McLeod
5. Ian Brown
6. Curtis Schlossberger
7. Denise Mahon
8. Dave Podmoroff
9. Doug Doyle
10. Lister Farrar and his merry band of Triple Shot athletes
11. Joele Guynup
12. Kelly Guest
13. Rob Britton

Registration Team:

1. Ann Patrick and her daughters
2. Joanna Fox
3. Betsy Mackenzie
4. Patricia Roney
5. Sharon Hume
6. Andreane Lanthier Nadeau
7. Sylvia Storry

Timing Team:

1. Bruce Falk
2. Ritchie Collins
3. Victoria Leeson
4. Paul Brend
5. Darrel Barnes
6. Sherry Barnes
7. Roanne English
8. Warren McCall
9. Heather Simonson
10. Eric Simonson

Impromptu Tear Down team:

1. Matt Hornland
2. Adam Walker
3. Parker Bloom
4. Kris Sneddon
5. Jon Watkin
6. Lister Farrar
7. Joele Guynup
8. Roanne English
9. Terry McKall

A very big thank you also to our race sponsors:

Please remember to vote with your dollars and your kind words the next time you’re out shopping or talking about cyclocross to friends and strangers alike. The internet does not put on events or provide prizing for all the races in your local community. Make sure to support your local businesses/shops/distributors/representatives that work hard to support you!

Shimano (
Pearl Izumi (
Pro Components (

And last but not least, a big thank you to Bear Mountain for hosting us once again. For the third year in a row Bear Mountain and the Westin have graciously let us take full advantage of the groomed cyclocross playground that is their driving range, and the best awards patio in existence, and yet has never once questioned our lack of cardigans and golf knickers.

From Norm
· BIG thanks to Richard Cook for towing the trailer down after Tugboat Cross to Bear Mountain for last weekend’s race.

· Thanks to Jak Mar at Island Cycles on Quadra for supplying the Super Masters prizes

· Peter and Cycles Lambert for the Muc Off for prizing.

· Phillips for Beer for the SSers

· Ho Jo for Draw Prizes

· And Bear Mountain!!

3. COTR 2016 Hats. Limited Quanity

Our COTR 2016 Hats made up by Sew What I Sew in Cumberland have been a HOT item. We sold out of 2 styles so far because they are sweet. I am going to try to get a few more of the Grey ones and maybe one other colour for Farmer Bills. $28 if you have exact change. $30 if you don’t! First come.

Remaining Styles are:



4. No COTR race this weekend…..but there is the Tripleshot Crossfondo 2016

20km or 40km.

I stood on the edge of the Bear X-ing course last Sunday and Lister walked up beside me and said, “See that steam over there? That is where we are riding to next Sunday”. He was pointing WAY off into the distance. Triple Shot has been working on this for quite a while so this should be an AMAZING event and a tonne of fun. Get out on your CROSS bike….prepare for the rest of the COTR season. Have a great time!!

Check out this promo edit for the crossfondo:

Sunday, October 16, 2016, 9am: Victoria BC’s first mass participation off-road cycling event for all ages and abilities winds through flowy pine-needle trails and hairpin turns, over hills, roots and rocks, and churns through chunky peanut butter mud and puddles. Oh, and maybe a few hike-a-bike sections.

If you have always wanted to do Three Peaks in England ( but have not checked it off your list. This is the closest we will get in Canada!!

Should be AWESOME



Mazda – COTR – Newsletter 2016 #9 – Cleaned and prepped by Muc Off. Wrapping up Bear X-Ing.