Time to get Muc’d Up on our bikes.

A few short intervals for this newsletter:

  • Tessa T. will be back this Monday making a rare 2022 appearance that fits into her now busy soccer schedule.  We have not confirmed if she will be racing Launch or The Riverway Dental Hot Lap.
  • Not quite as big news as Tessa but World Cup MTB, 2021 Canadian XC Champ and recently #longformatcyclocross racer Jenn Jackson will be making her COTR debut on Monday.  It will be exciting to see her out on course!
  • Jack, Tycho and special guest Tessa will have their cold drink stand again since it is still summer out there!  It is reported that they have listened to their customer base and will have more FANTA.
  • The best way to encourage new people to come out and try cyclocross or for you to improve your skills is to have a practice session.  If you do we want to help promote and publicise it so let us know.

1. Cross on the Rock 2022 Race #3 – Nanaimo – Bowen Park – The Muc Off Cup – Preview.

REGISTRATION CLOSES: Sunday Night at 6:00 PM.  No on site registration.
Registration link: HERE.

Time to get Muc’d up!

Muc-Off is not “just” the title sponsor of the Cross on the Rock Series but they are also back as title sponsor of the Muc Off Cup again this year! It is always great to have all their amazing products and Pete working hard washing bikes again (If needed). The Bowen park course is a classic. At the point of writing the chance of 5mm of rain that was “promised” earlier in the week seems to be gone…..which is sort of sad.  BUT the parks people will be happy as last year’s race needed some serious remediation!

The course will be similar to the last few years with a road section start, into a  single track wooded climb, quick down hill, then onto the grass for lots of twists and turns before the infamous stairs and volley-ball court/sand section.  The volley ball court has a new perimeter fence around one side so the approach and path for that section will be changed.  For the most part the course will be similar to previous years but once we get into the bowl area it is up to the crew setting up on how our adventure looks!

The Stats!!
This race has some impressive stats over the history of the event.

  • Biggest race of all time!  2019
    • 5th biggest in 2018
    • 6th biggest in 2017
  • Biggest category of all time masters men 40-54 in 2019 with 88 racers
  • Most DNF’s EVER in 2014
    • 4th most DNFs in 2010
    • 10th most DNFs in 2011
  • LEAST DNF’s ever in 2016
    • 2nd least DNFs in 2019!
  • Two Time venue for the Provincial Cyclocross Championships
  • MOST RAIN ever during one of our races for the 2021 Masters Men’s race.  It was INSANE!!

Check out the results from 2021 here to re-live the action!

Course Hazards

  • First of all the park is open to the public.  There are people everywhere and some will NOT be aware of the race or cyclists on course.  Keep your head up!!
  • Please be very cautious of the down-hill section after the pool.  This is the fastest section with some BIG trees that can break your shoulder or your head.
  • There are slippery sections, roots and trees and uneven ground all over the place and it will be WET
  • You MUST stay to the inside of the cones near the tennis courts. This is very important as we are sharing the road with other park users.
  • The last hazard is the down-hill after the stair section. Please use caution, as it its steep and can be slippery.


  • There is LOTS of parking in the AREA of the race but maybe not RIGHT beside the registration/finish area.  You have a bike….you can park a little ways away.
  • The main Parking is located in the lot beside the Volley Ball courts off WALL STREET.  These spots are not marked so please don’t park like a donkey and mess it up for other people.  Organized rows!
  • Overflow parking can be found across the street at the Curling Club.
  • There is also some parking up by the park administration buildings by the tennis courts and then above that by the pool.
  • All spots are within 1 minute of the main race area.

Registration and race central

  • Will be located near the Volley Ball courts

ALWAYS: Please be courteous to other park users.

Team Tents

  • One row on the grass in front of parking area.
  • Then a second row against the curb in the parking lot.

Please do not put any tents on the opposite side of the course. Only event tents are allowed in that area.  Thanks

Food Truck.
For a food truck this year we have Sip and Sliders. 
ALSO: Jack and Tycho will have their drink stand with MORE FANTA as well as a special guest with Tessa there for a rare 2022 appearance.  Bring a couple of bucks to support the Cold Drink Stand!

Muc Off and Rock City Cycles are literally giving away thousands of dollars of product at this event.


Lastly we can almost guarantee this…..NUMBERS ON YOUR LEFT!

Remember….registration CLOSES at 6:00 PM on Sunday.  LINK HERE.

CategoryStart Time
Registration Open9:15 am
Beginner Clinic10:00 am
Launch Men (Including Youth U13 and U15)10:45 am
Launch Women (Including Youth U13 and U15)10:46 am
Bigger Kids Full lap or almost a full lap11:40
Intermediate Men (Including U17)12:10 pm
Intermediate Women (Including U17 and Masters 40 and faster Women)12:11 pm
Lil Nutcase Kids Race12:15 pm
Masters Men (40-54)1:15 pm
Super Master Men (55+)1:16 pm
Open Men2:30 pm
Open Women2:31 pm

2.  Cross Club – Victoria
Reports from Victoria are that the Cross Club has been going strong.  Two practices to go in their schedule if you want to check it out.

Cross Club 2022 Schedule
Ride #1 – September 14th
Ride #2 – September 21th
Ride #3 – September 28nd
Ride #4 – October 5th
(Please note: No ride on Oct 12th due to Cross on the Rock race on Monday, Oct 10th of that week)
Ride #5 – October 19th
Ride #6 – October 26th

3.  Cross on the Rock Season 2022 Schedule DONE – September 11th. COTR #1. Qualicum Beach. Cross on the Commons.DUSTED – September 18th COTR #2. Cumberland. Coal Cross.October 10th. COTR #3. Nanaimo. Muc Off Cup.October 23rd. COTR #4. Langford.  Broad Street Cycles GPOctober 30th. COTR #5. Cowichan Valley. Chris Cross.November 13th. COTR #6. Nanaimo. Hot Crossed Bunnies.

  • 6 races again.  Same as 2021
  • So far we have 5 returning venues with 1 new venue
  • At least 2 very different courses from previously raced at those returning venues.
  • 1 totally new course at Chris Cross in the Cowichan Valley.

Time to get FIRED up for this Monday’s MUC-OFF Cup!! 
Remembering back to 2021! The greatest conditions of all time for COTR!!

Muc Off – Cross on the Rock 2022. Newsletter #5 – The MUC-OFF Cup Awaits!