Get the dust all cleaned up off your bike. 
Lube it up and get it ready for The Broad Street GP.

A few short intervals for this newsletter:

  • The registration page is OPEN for the Broad Street Cycles GP.  We will have the FULL preview next week but in the meantime you can get signed up here.  Reminder there is no little nutcase race at this event.
  • In case you don’t pour over COTR stats like we do it was interesting to note that our Coal Cross race this season after all the timing corrections and kids stats were tabulated made it to the first position for “tamest” races.  The least DNFs EVER for a COTR event with only 4 out of 308 people not finishing!!
  • Looking forward to seeing current, past and future COTR racers at this Sunday’s Tripleshot Cross Fondo.  If you have never done this event PLEASE put it on your list for 2023.  It is like no other.  A 50ish km CX course that goes through 70 different properties. 
  • Thanks to everyone that supported Tycho, Tessa and Jack’s cold drink stand at last week’s Muc Off Cup.  They had a great time with it!
  • Study Build is back this season with their support for youth racers.  We will post the details in an upcoming newsletter.

1. Cross on the Rock 2022 Race #3 – Nanaimo – Bowen Park – The Muc Off Cup – REVIEW.

The weather! It almost overshadowed how great the Muc Off Cup was this year! Thanks to all the racers that came out on the weekend. It was the biggest turnout this season. The racing was dry, dusty and fierce! From an organizer’s perspective it made our lives much easier than last year’s race but something between the two weather extremes would be nice for next year.   Thanks to Muc Off and HLC for their continued support of the Muc Off Cup. Thanks to Pete, Jamie and Brad for coming out! I don’t know how many bikes they washed but I know they did lots of on the spot repairs and had some samples to give out!  I would like to thank everyone that came out to set up in the morning, the whole Booi/Voroney family, Paul, Shep, Nick, Soloman, Aiden, and Andy. I would also like to thank everyone that made the teardown so quick! I think that was a record.  Thanks to Patrick and Roland for the timing and results and Charlotte, Shep, Colin and Krya for helping with the timing. Thank you to Lyle and Medix for attending to injured riders and thanks to Sip and Sliders for the incredible sliders and milkshakes! After last year’s race I was a little nervous to submit our application to the City of Nanaimo but thanks to the great staff there we were able to keep Bowen park as the premier venue of Cross on the Rock! It was great to see and hear from the Mainland racers about how they love to come to our races.  As always, thanks to Norm for keeping the stoke and the series going! Super cool watching riders moving up through the categories as their kids take over the lower categories. ThanksCorey and Sean Rock City Cycles

In addition to the couple of thousand dollars worth of Muc Off products given away at the race on Monday we also gave away TWO custom Muc Off Cruiser bikes.  Lots of names were drawn…..but thest two were THERE to win!!   Have fun cruising on these sweet rides!

Norm’s Muc Off Cup Notes:

  • Last year was the first time we have had a FULL atmospheric river dump on the Men’s Masters race.  This year we had our first fire truck doing a hot half lap on-course during the Men’s Masters races!
  • We have thought about it before but it was the first time we had a running race on one of our COTR courses with the Nanaimo Track and Field club using the course for important race pace practice!
  • Tycho T. became the first racer to ever do a COTR running and CX race on the same day!
  • Paul Auton became (maybe) the first person to do the RVM Full Marathon and then the COTR race the next day.  This might have happened before with the Half Marathon in the past…..but no one could recall someone doing the FULL-COTR double.
  • Thanks to Airhouse for giving passes to all the kids in the Riverway Dental Hot Lap race on Monday.  The kids were pumped!
  • Nice to see some Intermediates take on the challenge of OPEN including Oscar Wong.  It is a BIG push to go from Intermediate so really great that some racers that want to improve are jumping up a category!
  • Did you see the new team kits from Rock City Cycles… can’t miss them!!  So nice!
  • A few people making their first race of the season or first race in a couple of seasons.  Off the top of our head:  Dylan Reeves (crushing the masters category from close to back call up!!) Scott Mitchell, Lee Blais, Fred Hodgson, Nik Kay, Wendy Simms, Tessa Thibault, Andrew Pinfold (winner of our first EVER cx race that we put on WAY back 19 years ago…..did not actually make the start line due to team medical issue)…..I am sure there were a few others in there that we forgot about.

2.  Cross Club – Victoria
Only two practices to go in the Cross Club schedule if you want to check it out.
Cross Club 2022 Schedule
Ride #1 – September 14th
Ride #2 – September 21th
Ride #3 – September 28nd
Ride #4 – October 5th
(Please note: No ride on Oct 12th due to Cross on the Rock race on Monday, Oct 10th of that week)
Ride #5 – October 19th
Ride #6 – October 26th

3.  Cross on the Rock Season 2022 Schedule DONE – September 11th. COTR #1. Qualicum Beach. Cross on the Commons.DUSTED – September 18th COTR #2. Cumberland. Coal Cross.DUSTIEST – October 10th. COTR #3. Nanaimo. Muc Off Cup.October 23rd. COTR #4. Langford.  Broad Street Cycles GPOctober 30th. COTR #5. Cowichan Valley. Chris Cross.November 13th. COTR #6. Nanaimo. Hot Crossed Bunnies.

  • 6 races again.  Same as 2021
  • So far we have 5 returning venues with 1 new venue
  • At least 2 very different courses from previously raced at those returning venues.
  • 1 totally new course at Chris Cross in the Cowichan Valley.

Warm Down Shot
Nutcase Helmets continues to be a great partner for the ‘Lil Nutcase races!  The kids were pumped on their books and one lucky racer received a helmet as well!

Parting Shot
Don’t put your timing tag someplace your dog can find.  Patrick says this will NOT read any more!!

Muc Off – Cross on the Rock 2022. Newsletter #6 – The MUC-OFF Cup delivers a great day of racing!