WD-40-Cross on the Rock 2015. Season #10. Newsletter #9. Bear X-ing and beyond.

Cross on the Rock 2015. Season #10. Newsletter #9.

With Bear X-Ing last weekend we have officially reached the half way point
of the Cyclocross Season on Vancouver Island (based on # of events). Up
until now the races have been at an even 2 weeks apart pace. But from now
to the finish it is rapid fire with the Nanaimo – Nanoose Double header.
COTR Series final race at Shawnigan Lake School. Then the SSXCWC in
Victoria. 16 days. 4 races.

4 Events Down. 4 to go. Lots of racing left.

So enjoy this weekend break from the action. Enjoy Halloween. Enjoy
catching up on a few things around the house. Get out for a bike ride. Do
a few intervals. Make sure all your equipment is in good order. From now
until the finish…..it is back to back action. This is cross on Vancouver

I can’t wait.

In this Newsletter:

1) National Championships Re-Cap
2) Bear X-Ing Re-cap.
3) The Ticket Noir….next
4) What is a Filthy Taco
5) Pre-preview for the Double Header weekend

1) National CX Championships Re-Cap

A small but enthusiastic crew of COTR riders went to Winnipeg for Cross
National Champs held mid-cross season this year. And…well….they came
away with a few Jerseys with Maple leafs on them!!

Mical Dyck won her second National Championship for Elite Women! I heard
she crushed them from the start. Super-extra cool as she was riding a Naked
Bike our series sponsor.

Triple Shot’s Toria Kalyniuk won the youth U15 championships. Olivia Gribbon
(Also Triple Shot) made the podium in 3rd for that same race.

Sometime (when schedule allows) COTR racer, Bob Welbourn, from Vancouver
(Glotman Simpson) won a sprint finish in the Masters 40-49.

2008 was the last time Geoff Kabush raced COTR…but he is still an Island
boy and I am sure he learned something in his 2 races with us that helped
him get 2nd at Nationals this year.

Also notable were Craig Ritchey in 9th, Parker Bloom in 14th, Terry McKall
in 17th and Janna Gillick in 10th all in the Elite races.

Nationals moves even FURTHER away next year to Quebec in (Boo) October
still. I know most/almost all of us will be waiting until it comes out West
and is at the END of the cross season again before we make a full
COTR-National Champs onslaught. Until then we will just keep working on our
skills and fitness battling each other!!

2) COTR-2015. Race #4. Bear X-Ing. Re-Cap

Even though the COTR series is getting bigger we are still doing a great job
looking out for each other. In my race last Sunday I took a slip out on one
of the dirt piles and the 4 guys that were chasing me ALL asked as they went
by if I was OK. Sure we were all racing hard….but we were still looking
out for each other. Also look at Sylvia Storry’s crash at Bear X-Ing. She
slipped out. Smashed her knee and split it open. People stopped. People
gave up their races or their warm ups to make sure she was OK and taken care
of. There is always another race and in the grand scheme of things COTR is
fun but people’s well being is far more important. Thank you for being
considerate and compassionate.
From Slyvia (last Sunday Night):
Hi Norm,

Thanks for checking in on me today. I am at the hospital still. 30ish
stitches later my knee is back together.

Please send a HUGE thank you to the racers in the women’s race who stopped
to check on on me. The one lady who stopped her race to make sure I was ok.

Thanks to “Emily’s dad” ken who called the ambulance and made sure I was ok.

Thanks to Ben, Sandra, David Huntley, and one of the masters men racers
who’s name I can’t remember who kept me warm!

Thanks to Joele for her jacket and to Mitch for taking care of my stuff.

I think I missed a bunch of people but it just goes to show how awesome this
series is, people taking care of people :) everyone is the best!!

Have a great day,

Syl :)

From Race Director (and Vancouver Island Cross pioneer) Drew MacKenzie:
Special thanks to Rob Fawcett of Bear Mountain who was instrumental in
getting us access to the driving range (and for playing such a massive role
in all the awesome bike related activities that are thriving at Bear
Mountain) and making sure we had awesome food down at the course, wicked
groomed terrain free of golf balls, and a super sweet awards party location.
A very special thanks to Norm, Katie and Roland, and for all of their hard
work and tireless dedication to making the COTR series the wicked good time
that it is.
Also a MASSIVE THANK YOU to all our volunteers!
Please take the time to recognize and thank all those folks you saw out at
the race up early to set up the course, time the events, register everyone,
put on kids races, tabulate all the results, clean up afterwards, and just
generally making the whole show run so smoothly (in no particular order):

* Chrystina Mitchell
* Danielle Cameron
* Brent Hooper
* Doug Doyle
* Scott Mitchell
* Joele Guynup
* Sylvia Storry (besides thanking Sylvia the next time you see her,
also make sure to send her positive healing vibes for her stitched up knee!)
* Peter Wellsman
* Andrew Barnes
* Betsy MacKenzie
* Andy Achuff
* Peter Hunsinger
* Joanna Fox
* Jasper Blake
* Patricia Roney
* Ed Thacker
* Sabrina MacLeod
* Rosalind Penty
* Sherry Barnes

If I have somehow missed somebody I am terribly sorry!

And last but not least, a big THANK YOU to all of you. I spent most of the
day running around, never really putting my head up to chat for any length
of time, but I really want to earnestly thank you all. You come out, have
fun on bikes, cheer on/good naturedly heckle other racers, many of you just
show up on the day and end up helping out, and just by those simple acts you
make a massive contribution to our scene and the good times had by so many
racing COTR. It’s so awesome to see. So THANK YOU for that!
Please remember to vote with your dollars and your kind words the next time
you’re out shopping or talking about cyclocross to friends and strangers
alike. The internet does not put on events or provide prizing for all the
races in your local community.
Make sure to support those that support you!
Race Sponsors: Shimano, Pearl Izumi and Pro Components.
Venue and Race sponsor: Bear Mountain Resort!

3) What is a Filthy Taco?

We gave away our second Filthy Taco of the season at Bear Mountain. We
heard a lot of “what is a filthy taco” coming from the crowd….well…let
us tell you…’cause you need one for cross!!

It is a:
Change Mat
Storage Device
And a privacy curtain
Made on the Island (Cumberland)
Made to last.



4) The Ticket Noir

We gave away 7 of these at Bear X-Ing and Mazda has made
sure we have a few more to give away at the next couple of races….Not
always the same way to win….so stay tuned for the previews and we will let
you know how to earn one.

And now a word from our awesome COTR sponsor:

5) Pre-preview for the Double Header weekend

We will get out the preview for the Double Header early next week so that
you have lots of time to plan. Double headers are VERY hard to organize and
pull off. A LOT of work go into them so we hope you can come and support
the events and the series. Lots of fun. Lots of prizes. Great racing.

There will be a social event Saturday Night at Oak Bay Bikes.

Hotel deal is at the Howard Johnston. Ask for the Cross on the Rock deal

Saturday’s race is at BEBAN Park. We have not raced there since November
2012 but before that we raced every year from the first sanctioned CX race
on Vancouver Island in 2004 to the National Championships in 2006 and up
until 2012. It is a BIG course that will test both fitness and finesse.

Pre-Registration will of course end on FRIDAY as COTR #5 is Saturday and the
normal Saturday for Sunday’s My Little Pony Race.

Here is the easy link: https://www.raceonline.ca/events/details/?id=1002

Check out the best CX poster of all time for My Little Pony Cross below.


WD-40-Cross on the Rock 2015. Season #10. Newsletter #7. Return to Bear Mountain.

Cross on the Rock 2015. Season #10. Newsletter #8.

I hope everyone is having a great Thursday night getting super excited for
another race weekend. You might be in Winnipeg (if you are good luck and
thank you for representing COTR and Vancouver Island). You might be in
Vancouver getting ready to do Castle Cross in Port Coquitlam and then
heading over for Bear Mountain. Or you are settled in nicely on Vancouver
Island saving it all up for Sunday.

First things first. Don’t forget to pre-register. It helps us all. It
helps you. Here it the link:
Pre-registration closes at 7:00 PM on Saturday Night.

One of the most important things you need to know about this weekend’s race
is…it is in the SAME spot as last year. We THOUGHT that we would be using
a different location on Bear Mountain. A lower golf course that was
supposed to be closed by this point in the year. BUT because of the great
weather that course has not yet been shut down so we are using the same spot
as last year. Don’t go to the wrong spot!

In this Newsletter:

1) The Ticket Noir
2) COTR-2015. Race #4. Bear X-Ing. Preview.
3) Accommodations for this weekend.

1) The Ticket Noir

Mazda will be giving away 8 of these sweet tickets to each of the top single
speeders in each of the starts on Sunday. This ticket is a paid entry into
the Single Speed Cyclocross World Championship event being held in Victoria
on November 22nd. You must be registered as a Single Speed and ride a bike
with only 1 gear. First one person on a one geared bike in each event wins
a ticket!

2) COTR-2015. Race #4. Bear X-Ing. Preview (Map and Poster Below)

Don’t forget the Harbour Air Hand Up Zone!!

Costumes….there has been a question posted about costumes. I LOVE seeing
costumes at EVERY race. Especially around Halloween….so YES if you have
one PLEASE fire it up on Sunday. Even if it just for warm up, hanging out,
cool down or for the awards.

Bear X-Ing at Bear Mountain.

Making use of the entire Bear Mountain Golf Driving Range, plus some new
“off range” sections, the race course will be like last year’s super-fast
rolling and flowy endeavour but changed up to make full use of the
undulating and perfectly groomed golf course terrain to create lots of
bermed corners, off camber sections and high speed momentum sectors.
TEAM TENT AREA – make sure to RSVP
There will be a designated TENT ALLEY course section (with barriers!) for
this year’s Bear Crossing. ALL TENTS must be secure with spikes (at minimum)
and or weights. If you want to reserve a team tent spot fire Drew a note
Keep in mind that Bear Mtn has very limited parking down at the driving
range and so team’s wanting to be part of TENT ALLEY will have to drive
down the gravel road, drop off their tent and then drive their vehicle back
up to the main parking lot.

Just like last year traffic control signage will be directing all cyclocross
participants and fans to the corporate parking lot holding up to 280 cars.
From the parking lot, signage and volunteers will guide participants to the
race venue area 600m away.
Water and bike cleaning area will be available at the back of The HUB
located en-route between the main parking lots and the course. (IF there is
a hose bib that we can locate at the driving range we will also set up the
power washer for pre and during events. Post event washes are expected to
be done at “The HUB”)
Shimano (http://bike.shimano.com/)
Pearl Izumi (http://www.pearlizumi.com/)
Pro Components (http://www.pro-bikegear.com/en-gb)
There will be a BBQ on the course with burgers and dogs as well a beverage
cart at the venue with snacks and drinks. Bring cash if you plan on eating.
Following the races, Awards will take place on the Masters Lounge Patio at
the Westin Bear Mountain Resort. A racer’s deal on burgers and plenty of
other food options will be available along with BEER and one of the best
views of any awards venue out there.

Amongst the usual assortment of cycling specific draw prizes from race
sponsors Shimano, Pearl Izumi and Pro, the Westin Bear Mountain Resort. We
will have series sponsor prizes as well from WD-40, Harbour Air, Howard
Johnston, and Filthy Taco. Also a variety of resort gift certificates,
rounds of golf, and room night stays.

Also happening up at Bear Mountain this Sunday is the Pro Dirt Jump Demo.
http://bearmountain.ca/Bike/Am-Jam at Bear Mountain Bike Park

After the awards take the opportunity to ride Bike Park Avenue, the all new
super sweet flow trail that runs from the Westin all the way down to the
Bike Park, to watch the Pro Dirt Jump Demo @ 5:15 pm.
Bike Park Avenue will be clearly marked from the Cyclocross venue so riders
and spectators are welcome to check out the Bike Park at any time during the
day too!

3) Accommodations for this weekend.

If you are planning on heading down to Victoria early to
hang out or staying after to do the same we have two supporting hotels
offering special rates for the event.

The Howard Johnston
Near Elk Lake and Commonwealth place (which supports COTR year after year)
has a room rate for COTRers of $94/night . Just ask for the Cross on the
Rocks rate.

is happy to offer any COTRers wishing to stay this weekend 15% off of their
flexible rate when booking online.

The link to use to obtain the discount is: Westin Reservations
<http://www.starwoodhotels.com/westin/rates/rate.html?&propertyID=1747&rp=SN :346749> .

Under the comments/special request section, just need to put “Bear Mountain
Cyclocross Race” in order to receive the discounted room rate at check in.

WD-40-Cross on the Rock 2015. Season #10. Newsletter #7. The Biggest! (In Canada)

Cross on the Rock 2015. Season #10. Newsletter #7.

I hope everyone got out for a cross ride this weekend and are now curled up in front of a screen watching the world cup cx action from earlier today in the Netherlands.

Women’s here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qK_mrQ2grw8
Men’s here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vK2FlQsCzN0

Or maybe you are looking over the results from Mahon Park in North Vancouver to check their participation #’s and see if any COTR racers went over and how they did.

And now you have a new newsletter from COTR. Weekend complete! One week to go to the next race!!

Thanks to everyone that sent note to the Parks and Recreation people expressing their pleasure with racing in Topaz Park!

In this Newsletter:

1) Helmets
2) Dawn Anderson
3) COTR-2015. Race #3. Pro City Racing GP Review.
4) Expert Women and Super Masters

1. Helmets

Not 100% sure why this has to be an item in a newsletter each and every year. I would think that by now people would learn. If you need me to publicly shame….I can. I have photos. The message is; If you are at a COTR race and you are riding your bike….put your helmet on. Pretty simple. Pretty easy. BUT at the last race for some reason quite a few people felt a toque, baseball hat, Hood from their jacket, or their hair would protect their brain on a slippery pre-ride of the course than a helmet would. Consider this a mass warning to everyone. After this there are no warnings and things happen the hard way. You don’t want to find out what that is. It is not fun.

2. Dawn Anderson

If you are new to COTR you may not know who Dawn Anderson is (http://www.crossontherock.com/php/racer/?racername=Dawn+Anderson). But take a look over the stats page on our web site (http://www.crossontherock.com/results/statistics/) and you will see that she owns the top spot on many of the stats lists.

Oak Bay Bikes Victoria recently did a great interview with Dawn and you can check it out here:


We saw Dawn racing her MTB (back is injured so can’t race cx bike right now) at Coal Cross. We hope to see her out soon again this season….maybe padding her stats up a bit more.

3. Review: Race #3. October 12th: Pro City Racing GP.

Norm’s Notes

Almost a decade ago at the National CX Champs in Nanaimo in 2006 I was talking to the then president of Cycling BC about Cross on the Rock. I was explaining our approach and our philosophy to him and that we wanted to be the biggest cyclocross series in Canada. He outright laughed in my face. I won’t forget that. It is not what drives me now but it is funny to look back on that lack of vision on his part.

Roland and I always wondered when we would crack 300. Well it was this year. We did not expect to also crack 350! Roland is getting VERY good at predicting numbers. For the Pro City GP Roland predicted the pre-reg number within 1 person. We love stats!

Katie also sent me a stat earlier in the week that we had 86 women racing on Monday and it was not until 2009 that we averaged more than 86 racers/race for the season.

Pro City Racing GP-Mini Notes

· Peter Creighton. Bike wash HERO!
· Topaz! Did not disappoint!!
· Mud. Tough on bikes. Amazing for races!
· Haldor’s cornering (if you have not seen it on our FB page yet)
· The stats battle between Drew and I…..must….pull….a head.
· Sean Cruickshank. Racing together since 2003! His 3rd COTR win in 25 races.
· Cantilevers still can go fast….even in Expert Men
· 59 year age difference between the youngest and oldest in Beginner Men.

Race Director Scott Mitchell notes:

What an amazing race!

The record setting turnout, the spectating and heckling (especially at the baseball diamond), the course, the mud, a personal best COTR result for me, the waffles…. so many highlights!

I had so many people come up to me and say how much they liked the course, that means a lot and Drew deserves most of the credit for that. We had a great team of volunteers that made this event happen, leading the charge was the volunteer co-ordinator Sylvia.

Big thanks to:
· Drew
· Joele
· Sylvia
· Richard
· Curtis
· Peter
· Barry
· Kyle
· Mitch
· Shanna
· Cam
· Carlin
· Jae
· Pete H
· Roland
· Katie
· Danielle
· Alex
· Christyna
· Laura
· Bruce
· Ed
· Sabrina
· Clara
· Tarryn
· HERO ALERT: Pete Creighton from WD40 Bike for driving down from Nanaimo on his day off to wash your bikes for you for 6 straight hours!
· I can’t forget Sandor for making those amazing cowbells.
· Renat for bringing your majical waffle making machine.

· And finally the race sponsors:
o Shimano
o Pro
o Trek Bikes Victoria donating over $2000 worth of prizes.

Anyone else who I may have forgotten, Thanks!

Cross on the rock races are the result of some hard teamwork and this race was full of awesome volunteers. Next time you are doing a pre-lap of the course consider thanking the timing crew that stands under that timing tent for 6 hours and all 8 races. Maybe volunteer to help with teardown of the course.

Consider the shops and companies that sponsor the series and support them next time you are considering an online purchase.

4. Expert Women and Super Masters

It is time (it is ALWAYS time…but with the numbers so lot it is REALLY time) for those racing Expert Women and Super Masters to start dragging their friends out. Anyone in other women’s categories that should move up. Those in Beginners that might want to move up to Super Masters. These categories are VERY-low compared to all others. Recruit. Recruit. Recruit.

That is it for this Sunday night. Look in your in-box later this week for a preview on Bear X-ing COTR coming next Sunday in Victoria!


WD-40-Cross on the Rock 2015. Season #10. Newsletter #6. Pro City Racing GP Preview.

Cross on the Rock 2015. Season #10. Newsletter #6.

In this Newsletter:

1) Building C.O.T.R. since 2004
2) COTR-2015. Race #3. Pro City Racing GP Preview.
3) Update: Cross-sitters

You’re missing something….if you are not on Face Book! We know the social media scene is not for everyone so to make sure that you don’t miss all the action here are a few links to get you fired up for Monday:

Pelle: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zSFe0ccCr98

On board with Jon Watkin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jh5nC4fzWWM

1. Building C.O.T.R. since 2004

Thanks to a couple of people that made an effort to talk to me at Tugboat Cross about how the series has grown and developed over the last decade. It was nice to hear. I just want to be clear though that the series is a partnership. A partnership between race organizers, series organizers, sponsors and racers. It is a group effort. It is rider driven. The racers make it happen! If you look at the number we have truly built this series 1 to 2 racers at a time. Let’s keep building. Let’s keep it positive. Let’s keep COTR a heathy place and a heathy series. See you Monday!

2. PREVIEW: Race #3. October 12th: Pro City Racing GP.

If you have not registered yet for Topaz Park the link is here: https://www.raceonline.ca/events/details/?id=1000
Pre-Registration closes right in the middle of your Turkey Dinner on Sunday…..so don’t wait until then. Get it done!

BIG NOTE: No pre-riding of the course. We will not be posting a map of the course until Sunday night for that reason. NO post-riding of the course. Parks and Recreation took note in 2011 that a lot of people were riding the course AFTER the event. PLEASE allow the course to re-generate. It will help the course and it will improve our chances of having another event at Topaz Park.

Norm’s Notes

It was Canadian Coach and part time COTR racer, Dan Proulx, (http://www.crossontherock.com/php/racer/?racername=Dan+Proulx) that came up with the idea of a race on Thanksgiving in 2007. We had our first “Turkey Cross” at the velodrome at J.D.F. Ever since we have kept that day as a COTR stronghold and almost every year it is our biggest race of the season.

The last time we had a race in Victoria at Topaz park it was 2011. Looking back at that year to Condo Cross (http://www.crossontherock.com/php/race-results/?raceid=32) we see some historic names in COTR. On that Monday 2nd place in the beginner category was Rob Parkin our winner of Tugboat Cross. He was bested by someone more than double his age. Every category has names of people that are still racing, have made their mark, or are still on the way up and improving. In the intermediate category first and second were Adam De Vos and Nigel Ellsay who at 22 and 21 now have already had some great international results on the road. Second in Master Men was Robert Russel…what happened to that guy? Our top racers in the men’s and women’s categories, Tyler Trace and Dawn Anderson still hold #1 and #2 spots for most wins by any COTR racer.

Cool to look back at it.

Here is some video from the day:

From Zed Wheels: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EvzspoQZyJU

From CHEK 6 News: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kx1NyFDsmVo

This Monday we will have our second race at Topaz park and one day we will all look back on that event….actually by Tuesday we will be looking back on it! It is going to be wicked!

Race Director Scott Mitchell notes:


There will be a designated TEAM TENT area along the straight away that goes by the parking lot on the east side of the course. ALL TENTS must be secure with spikes (at minimum) and or weights. If you want to reserve a team spot fire Scott a note at: scott@trekbikesvicotria.com

Please keep the parking in that lot for teams only to make it easier to haul tents out etc.


Course Description:
Taking advantage of Topaz park’s varied terrain including grass, wood chip trails, rocks, and some bike path pavement the 2015 race course is fast, fun, and flowing with a mix of high/low speed riding, wide open power sections, tight technical cornering, off camber sections and fluid long radius turns over varied surfaces.

The City of Victoria has allowed the use of Topaz park again for 2015. With the wet weather over the weekend we have some concerns with damage to the sports field areas. We still have a great course planned and have a bunch of technical corners planned for the south end of the course, 2 off the bike sections, and yes… some straight power sections as expected.

For those that did Topaz back in 2011 there will be less pedalling and more cornering in 2015… plus maybe even a brand new homeless tent city gauntlet section (news link – http://www.timescolonist.com/news/local/tent-city-proposal-sparks-protest-at-topaz-park-1.2012336)!

Topaz Park is located at the corner of Finlayson Street and Blanshard Street in Victoria. Parking is available on the north end of the park off of Finlayson Street or on the East side of the park by taking Spruce St off of Quadra Street. Additional parking is available at Mayfair Centre and SJ Willis School, a short walking distance to the park.

Please be courteous to other park users during race day and keep off the sports fields. The park is still open to the public so please be respectful.

We encourage team tents along the East side of the course near the Spruce parking lot. If you have a tent please park in the east parking lot off of Spruce Street, we will have about 10 prime parking spots reserved for team vehicles . This location will be great for spectating and close to the finish line. If you do not have gear to haul please consider those that do and try to find parking a bit further from the fields.

Event sponsors: Shimano Pro and Trek

Hand Up Zone
Remember to grab your ticket to win in the Harbour Air Hand up Zone on the course. You will see it marked with the Harbour Air bunting and there will be people there handing out tickets and screaming at you. Grab one and put it someplace for later.

I have heard that there will also be a beer hand up zone….well not actually. Frontrunners-Splashes will be handing up $5 Gift cards for Liquor Plus so you can grab a Phillips on your way home *never drink and drive of course*

Event Schedule (The one on the web page is not correct….if we do not get it fixed before Monday GO OFF THIS ONE!)

Cross on the Rock Categories 2015 (There have been some changes) and start times.

Beginner Men/Women
Including those racing the series as U13 and U15 Youth
Kids “Zoom Zoom” Half Track
Kids around 7-10’ish (parents welcome) riding on the regular adult course.
Intermediate Men
Males under 39, including those racing the series as U17 Youth
Intermediate Women
Including those racing the series as U17 Youth or Masters 40+
Lil’ Nutcase Helmets Kids Race
Kids under 7 – parents discretion. Ride on separate kids course.
Masters Men (40-54)
All males 40-54 not wanting to race Expert (or Beginners)
Super Masters Men (55+)
All males 55+ (Unless racing Beginner)
Expert Men
“Fasters” Welcome (Fasters = Fast Masters)
Expert Women

3. Update: Cross-sitters.

We have 7 Cross-Sitters and only 2 parents needing them so far….so if you need someone to watch your kids while you warm up-race-warm down. Let me know and I will put you in touch with some cool kids!


WD-40-Cross on the Rock 2015. Season #10. Newsletter #5. Tugboat Cross- – Breaking Canadian Records!

Cross on the Rock 2015. Season #10. Newsletter #5.

In this (Incredibly short for us) Newsletter:

1) A Look Back at Tugboat Cross
2) Update: Cross-sitters

The van is still not completely unpacked from last weekend. The bike is still dirty. And I still can not get cross out of my brain. Business as usual!

Keeping an eye on the www for results and reports from Cloverdale, Providence and Superprestige. Tomorrow if you are in Vancouver there is the BIG race at Vanier park (it has potential to break our record).

If you have not registered yet for Topaz Park the link is here: https://www.raceonline.ca/events/details/?id=1000
This is “normally” our biggest event of the year for participation. Looking forward to the return to Victoria (Preview to come)

1. REVIEW: Race #2. September 27th: Tugboat Cross. Ladysmith.

68 photos from COTR contest winning photographer Patrick found here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/palleus/albums/72157659409800962

Norm’s Notes

· Amazing turn out. Our biggest cross race for COTR in 10 years with 312 racers. 352 if you count kid racers and half track kids (some races do count kids into their stats….not Roland)

· Might be the biggest cross race in Canada ever. For sure this year so far.

· 4th lowest DNF rate out of all of our races….not sure how many we have done? 58-60??

· Firsts: First win for Carson Damery. First win for Talia Hill. First Intermediate win for Mark Grant. First Intermediate win for Emily Johnston. First win for Joel Lutz. First expert Win for Janna Gillick. First expert win for Rob Parkin. 7 of the 8 categories had new winners! I find that absolutely wicked!!

· 20 kids in the Mazda Zoom Zoom Half Track race

· 20 kids in the ‘lil Nutcase kids race

· Age spread in the Beginner Men’s category was 8 years old to 62. Beginner Women 10 to 55

· Oldest racer 72 years old (Derek Steel)

· Welcome return of Phillips Beer for top SS in each category.

· Amazing weather.

· James Robillard from Saltspring who was the first racer to show up. Got it out of him that it was his 42 birthday and he was doing his first cross race. In reality he was doing his first race of any type in his entire life. So awesome! Photo below!

Mike and Tara Report

The Tugboat Cross goes down in the books as one incredible day!! A record number of participants, many racing for their first time, superb volunteers, fantastic battles out on the course, topped off with beautiful sunshine and gorgeous ocean views.

An enormous thank you goes out to all the volunteers and businesses that helped to support our event! The Tugboat cross was an awesome success and it could not have been achieved without each and every one of you!!

The Allairs (Jim, Joanne and Morgan)…(set up and course marshalling)
Brian Kuhn (set up and course marshalling)
Trevor Jones (set up and marshal)
Pete Stevenson (set up and marshal)
Robin Dutton (set up, marshal, amazing sponsor)
Kari Thompson (registration)
Jennifer Ostle (registration)
Kathy Theobald (registration)
Jennifer Carmichael (bun and brat hand up gal)
Verna Buhler (timer extraordinaire)
Clare Mackinnon (creator of Urchin bags…amazing sponsor and timer)
Sue Glenn (tear down gal)
Shannon Wilson (tear down gal)
Tiffany Chapman (cookie baker and tear down gal)
Norm (world champion multi tasker… incredible).
Hilary (I hope i did not drive you too crazy… I do get excited cheering in addition to calling out numbers).
Roland and Alex (incredible team of number crunchers!)
Cowichan Cycles (prizes)
Urchin Bags (prizes)
The Old Town Bakery (prizes)
Bouma meats
The Lion’s Club
The Town of Ladysmith

We are happy to be back in the series! Such a wonderful community of people that come together for cyclocross on the island! It is truly something special!

Tara and Mike

2. Update: Cross-sitters.

We had 2 parents use the Cross-sitters crew for our first attempt. Both reported positive feedback!

If you are a parent that races cross or a racer that likes kids….sign up with our crew.

See….shortest Newsletter EVER!!!

Preview coming next week.