Cross on the Rock 2015. Season #10. Newsletter #1. Radio Silence Ends Now.

COTR Season #10.  2015  is here!  This weekend started the cross season in B.C. with the first race at Aldor Acres in Ft. Langley.  There is racing almost every weekend from now until the first weekend in December with the season finishing up with a great finale the Single Speed Cyclocross World Champs in Victoria.  Followed one week later by our own Provincial Champs.  Behind the scenes the race organizers have organized a schedule with the least conflicts in the last few years allowing racers to travel back and forth over the Salish Sea for more cx action (and avoiding the strong US $).

There is a LOT going on!

I could make this first newsletter a massive novel of information.  Instead I will try to keep it as tight as possible and then I will hit you a bit more mid week with Newsletter #2.

Are you In or do you want OUT?

First order of business is this newsletter subscription list.  I know times and people change.  You might not want to ride cross any more (that is really strange).  You might not want to follow cross any more (more strange).  IF you don’t want this newsletter.  Fire me an e-mail.  If you are getting this e-mail more than once….send me a note.  If it is going to an old address and you want it to go to a fancy new one…..let me know.

Cross on the Rock 2015. Season #10

If you missed the schedule that was posted on our web site last December.  Or did not get/read your newsletter at the end of November.  Maybe you are not on Face Book? 

This is the schedule for COTR 2015 with an overview of each event.

Race #1. September 13th: Coal Cross.  Taking it to the trees. Cumberland. Comox Lake (Don’t go to Village Park).

The first COTR race is September 13th but the season will start the night before in downtown Cumberland with the Cyclocross Criterium and UROC Fundraiser at the Waverly Hotel.  This crazy event last year was a highlight of the season for everyone that raced, watched or heckled at.  Plus Regan L. Pringle is on the poster.

Stay over night at one of the many nice little spots in Cumberland OR camp out at Comox Lake so you can wake up and be on the start line (literally) the next morning.

Comox Lake will be this year’s Cumberland venue.  Curtis is “taking it to the trees”.  We will have a FULL-Preview of this event next week but for now get excited about racing in a new and amazing spot.  Pack your swim suit!

Race #2. September 27th: Tugboat Cross. Ladysmith. Transfer Beach.

After a one year absence due to scheduling conflicts COTR travels to another scenic venue at Transfer Beach. …..yeah I know……it is beautiful!  Not only that is has a wicked playground to keep the little kids busy ALL-DAY! 

The course at Transfer Beach has a bit of everything including elevation change, sand, beach, steps, grass and a super cool outdoor stadium.  If you get their early enough pop up into the town to find the best Cinnamon Bun on Vancouver Island.

Race #3. October 12th: Pro City Racing GP. Victoria. Topaz Park. 

Every year we get a couple of e-mails letting us know that we put the date of our Thanksgiving Weekend race on the wrong date.  Nope!  Canadian legend-coach, Dan Proux, started this Thanksgiving tradition with us out at Juan de Fuca and it has become one of our biggest race dates with 3 of the biggest races in the top 10 on Thanksgiving Monday.

The last time we raced Topaz Park was in 2011 when Dawn Anderson and Tyler trace won the Expert Category.  That race had 190 people which was our biggest event up until that point.  A record that stood for a full season.

Race #4. October 25th: Bear Crossing.  Victoria.  Bear Mountain

Same mountain as last year….but a totally different area as we take over the LOWER golf course instead of the UPPER driving range.  As normal Drew MacKenzie will have an exciting course planned out that will allow to race so hard that you will feel absolutely no guilt hanging out on the deck of the Westin in your chamois later with a Phillips in your hand.

Race #5. November 7th: KONA KUP.  Nanaimo. Beban Park

Heads up…if you go to the location of the last 6 Kona Kups at Bowen park….you will NOT find the race there.  The Kona Kup heads to BEBAN park for the first time.  The last time Beban Park was used was in 2012 for the series championships put on by MIVA.  It had been used every year for a cross race since 2003 up until 2012 including the National Championships in 2006.  Always a tough course! Race #1 of our first Double Header in 2 years.  Book a room and the HoJo and save the drive home….’cause we want you back for the next day.

Race #6. November 8th:  My Little Pony Cross. Nanoose.  Arbutus Meadows

MIVA is organizing Race #2 of this year’s Double Header at Arbutus Meadows.  COTR’s third trip to this great venue that has a bit of everything.  This event is not until November… the final bits and pieces of course design are not quite nailed down but I know the topo and aerial shots are out and the crew is marking out all the possibilities.  

Race #7. November 15th: Ronde Van Hogwarts.  Shawnigan.  Shawnigan Lake School

The season final will be at Shawnigan Lake School for the second time in our 10 year history.  This is a unique and amazing venue and we are incredibly lucky to have access to it.  Last year was our 3rd time in Shawnigan and our 3rd course on the property.  This year may be the same.  It might be different. It will be super fun!


We are live.  Don’t panic! 

Registration for each race will close at 7:00pm the night before the race.

Registration for the series will close at 7:00pm the night before the first race (in order to get the series discount).

Here is the link If you want to register for the series:

Series Registration 

For the Individual races go here:

Race 1
Race 2
Race 3
Race 4
Race 5
Race 6
Race 7

Cross on the Rock Categories 2015 (There have been some changes) and start times.

Beginner Men/Women

Including those racing the series as U13 and U15 Youth


Kids “Zoom Zoom” Half Track

Kids around 7-10’ish (parents welcome) riding on the regular adult course. 


Intermediate Men

Males under 39, including those racing the series as U17 Youth


Intermediate Women

Including those racing the series as U17 Youth or Masters 40+


Lil’ Nutcase Helmets Kids Race

Kids under 7 – parents discretion. Ride on separate kids course.


Masters Men (40-54)

All males 40-54 not wanting to race Expert (or Beginners)


Super Masters Men (55+)

All males 55+ (Unless racing Beginner)


Expert Men

“Fasters” Welcome (Fasters = Fast Masters)


Expert Women



 License Requirements for Cross on the Rock 2015

 First of all you can race any COTR race without buying a full time license.  See Option #3

 With regards to “What type of license” I need to buy there are three different types that will get you on the start line.

 #1-FIRST TYPE:  UCI International License This license allows you to compete anywhere in Canada or the World, in the race category for each cycling discipline listed on your license.

THESE LICENSES JUST WENT ON SALE (PRO RATED) yesterday on the Cycling BC web site for the remainder of the year.

#2-SECOND TYPE: Citizen License. This license allows you to compete our COTR grassroots races.

#3-THIRD TYPE: Day License $10.  IF you are only going to race less than 5 of the COTR SERIES RACES then you can just pick up a Day-of-Race license (if you are going to race more than 5 then go for Option #2).

OK that is enough to digest and process for now.  Stay tuned for Newsletter #2 coming to your in box later this week with race preview for Coal Cross 2015 “Taking it to the trees”.  Introducing our 2015 series sponsors (we would not have this series without them).  Listing weekly cross clinics and rides (If you have any you know about….let me know and I will list them).

Until then stay tuned on Facebook where all the up-to-date information is posted including amazing posts about Lee Blais

(Our biggest post of all time….no lie!).

2015 Season Schedule

  • Sept 13: Cumberland – Comox Lake
  • Sept 27: Ladysmith – Transfer Beach
  • Oct 12: Victoria – Topaz Park
  • Oct 25: Victoria – Bear Mountain
  • Nov 7: Nanaimo – Beban Park
  • Nov 8: Nanoose – Arbutus Meadows
  • Nov 15: Shawnigan Lake – Shawnigan Lake School


COTR 2014: My Little Pony Cross. Series Final. Review.

There is SO much information that it is going to take TWO e-mails this week to send it all out.  Making your in box even more fun than your normal Black Friday flyers (come on people….Black Friday is AMERICAN! trying to get you to shop for things that are not bike or cross related… do you really need them?  Probably not!)

This e-mail will cover:  T-Shirts (Last Call) My Little Pony Follow up. Series Follow up. Photo Contest.

The Next e-mail will cover: Looking ahead to 2015.  Where COTR is going. Semi-Prestige Series.  MFG Seattle Race.  And a crash compilation photo special.

OK.  Newsletter……thanks to a few people that have sent me notes in the last couple of days about the series.  It means a lot.  This series is MAJOR:  Putting on 7 races every year with 7 groups of organizers.  548 Racers. Averaging 236 riders per event. 1671 races raced (# or racers X # of times they raced).  In 2006 when we started our own series we had 159 total racers.  Averaged 65 racers per event. 264 races raced on that year.  It continues to grow.  We will talk about “next year” in the next newsletter but in the meantime feel free to send me your ideas and thoughts.  What you liked.  What you did not.  What you would like to see.  We have our ideas (think half track for 7/8/9 year olds)….think “Fasters” (old but still fast masters)….think another double header.  You might have some other viable ideas as well…..we love to hear them.

Check it out: Patrick Burnham’s Photos from My Little Pony Cross:  Check them out:

Also check out the submissions for our 2014 PHOTO CONTEST HERE (hidden by Roland to a secret gallery):

Thanks to our Council of Cross as well as Pro-Photographers Dave Silver and Erik Peterson (in Uzbekistan) for judging the competition.  The judging was TIGHT.  With one judge left we had a 3 way tie between Photo #11, #14 and #18.  After our last judge we still had a tie between #11 and #14.  So one of our KEY personal gave the final vote and #11 from Nick Kupiak won the (100% purchased with CASH) Snow Case from Phillips Brewery.  We did not actually have the photos printed out on site this year but here is the winning photo (more clear obviously on the web site):

Western Speedway and Shawnigan Lake had a tie for 5 photos submissions. Port Alberni next with 3.  The winning photo was from Port Alberni, Farmer Bills.

T Shirts.  LAST CALL!

I am going to put the re-order in for shirts first thing tomorrow (THURSDAY).  IF you want one….this is your LAST CHANCE.  PLEASE E-Mail me by 10:00am!!

This is the Shirt Status:

I have shirts still for pick up for:
Elietha Bocskei
Ian MacLeod
Ben Moore
Robin Dutton
Heath MacHinley
Peter Reid (knows)

Can you guys confirm that you still want these shirts and when, how, where we are going to make it happen.

I have orders for shirts from:
Regan McKeever 1 Kids Med, 1 LG
Monica Eickmeier 1 Kids Med, 1 LG
Geoff Wong Med
Fluffly Med
Mathew O Hagen Small
Gary Croome Med
Bill McMillan Med
Patrick Burnham XL
Colin XL
Corey Friesen XL
Riley Pickrell Med
Sara Ponchet Med (women’s or men’s?)
Dan Owen Med
Justin Baily XL
Carmen Welta. 1 Men’s Small.  1 Women’s Small
Carolyn Moore Men’s Med.
Ritchie Hughes Small
Graeme Coop.  Men’s XL


Series Final-My Little Pony Cross – Sunday.  Arbutus Meadows. Nanoose.

Norm’s Notes
Really.  The best of both worlds.  WET.  Saturated ground.  But racing in short sleeves in November.  Add to that a closed venue.  Epic Mud.  TIGHT racing. Series wrap up.  It was a great day of racing at a great venue.

My Highlights
* The men’s Intermediate race while I was helping with the kids event. At the end of lap 3 I looked over and there were still about 10 guys all together within 20 seconds heading up the road.  Awesome battle!
* Another heavy throw down with Peter Reid and Ken Owen.  I was certain my heart was going to explode.
* And by far my BIGGEST highlight was seeing Lisa Ludwig (Last raced November 22nd 2008), Kristenn Magnusson (Last raced November 24, 2012) and Dawn Anderson (*most wins and most podiums of any COTR racer.  Last races November 24, 2013) line up for the women’s Expert race with 13 other exceptional Expert women making it the biggest Expert Women’s field of the year (outside of Provincial Champs).  
* BIG crowd in the arena for the awards….super positive and fun group!
* 7 years old to 62 years old.  That was the age spread for the Beginner Boys/Men’s category.  55 years difference.  In the women’s 12 to 50.  38 years difference.  This is truly an amazing sport when you can race with someone 55 years older than you!  From 2 years old in the kids race to 71 years old in the masters race.  69 years difference.  All having a great time.  Pretty special!
* Malaika’s Schwinn.  
* Expert women also the only category to finish all starters at MLP!

Not Highlights

* Women’s re-start.  2nd year in a row for miss-direction on this course for this category.  Was really happy the way everyone sorted it out though and got re-started.  Good co-operation and sportsmanship by everyone.


MIVA Notes from President Corey:

Course Setup and Volunteers: a huge turnout, I’d like to think Ron and I putting the word out many times helped this but who knows.  Either way the club did seem to step up and come help out Saturday which was good to see. Ron delegated out tasks to 2-3 groups of us and each worker bee set off, it was efficient..

One thing I’ll say is the timekeeping/stats side of COTR blows my freaking mind.  I love it.  Done so quick so accurate and displayed perfectly on the site.  The whole COTR crew honestly looked PRO, like a finely tuned machine just churning through the races everyone calm and chill.

MIVA Highlight Notes from Race Director Ron:
Ken Olson’s top 5 consistency once he got a proper cx bike. MIVA membership kickin ass and really getting behind MLP. Each race in the entire series gets better each year. COTR has built a culture of improvement and there are no dicks, everyone is fun and supportive. That kid who raced Speedway in jeans and a SS dirtjumper geared way too tall. That picture of his buddy doing a full on faceplant (he was fine btw).  

2014 Series
A great wrap up in the BIG arena after the race for the series.  Major thanks to Peter Creighton from Cycles Lambert for helping me organize the order for the wash kits, Home Hardware in Brooks Landing for getting the buckets in time and Signage for getting the stickers printed in time.  Even BIGGER thanks to Wade Luksay for making the Youth Category prizing happen again this year with his contributions.  AND Jamie Cameron and Paul Brend for the little trophies. Joele for the Shimano brake kit and camera. Kestral Helicopters Mike Gillen.  Brad Head-Zed Wheels and SAM WHITTINGHAM—Naked Frame!! And Phillips for the Growlers and Root Beer.

Tight battles in Expert Men 2nd and 3rd Tie. And Expert Women 2nd and 3rd Tie. 14 points in Intermediate Women 1st and 2nd. 1 point in Intermediate Men 2nd and 3rd.  After 7 races….TIGHT!

It was nice to recognize “the Faithful” that have made the 50 races mark this year:
Derek Steel 52 races
Roland Rabien 51 races
Bill McMillan 50 races

That is some serious experience between that group!!

Rob Parkin wining the Most Improved this year….tough to judge as always with so many people getting better and faster.

Young Riley Pickrell winning Best Rookie Season with his win in U17 at the age of 13!  It will be interesting to see how he goes in Expert next year after winning the Intermediate Category as well as the U17 category. As Mark Nelson described Riley, “I couldn’t believe the power Riley put down on the back stretch on that last lap!  For 13 he can really pedal.”

COTR Series 2014 DONE
Sunday Sept 14 – Cumberland. Coal Cross DONE
Sunday Sept 28 – Victoria. Possible New Venue DONE
Monday Oct 13 – Bowen. Kona Kup.  Provincial Championships DONE
Sunday Oct 19 – Farmer Bills.  Port Alberni DONE
Sunday Nov 2 – Speedway. Binab Property Group GP DONE
Sunday Nov 9 – Shawnigan Lake School. Ronde Von Hogwarts DONE
Sunday Nov 23 – Arbutus Meadows.  My Little Pony Cross.  Series Final DONE
COTR Series 2015-Stay tuned for details in your 2nd e-mail of the week.

Hard to believe but even before this year’s racing is done our dedicated crew of race directors is already planning for 2015.   We have the schedule almost hashed out and we will fire it out in our last e-mail blast of the season.  Knowing it will be our 10th COTR race season as well as with SSXCWC in Victoria….it will be a season to remember for Cyclocross on Vancouver Island.


COTR 2014: Second E-Mail of the week. LAST e-mail of the year. Last Ronde.

We missed this from the last newsletter from Race Director Ron Hewitson for the season ender at My Little Pony Cross.

Thanks to Rob Bau and Arbutus Meadows for allowing COTR and Mid Island Velo Association to make MLP happen. To all the MIVA volunteers who worked so hard to make this go smoothly – thank you! Also a very special thanks to Norm, Roland and Katie for all of their hard work throughout the year. Having been race director it gives me a small glimpse into how much effort goes into just one race, never mind 7 a year!

The weather gods, Extreme Eats for the amazing burger, thick mud, sponsors for the prizes, I could go on suffice to say it went really well thanks to all of the hard work of those volunteers and thanks to everyone who helped smash the all time record of 264 participants!

This is the second of two e-mails finishing off the Cross on the Rock season this year. It is BIG….but worth it to go to the finish!

Don’t cry because it is over.
Smile because it happened!

This e-mail will cover: Who you owe a beer or a hug for the COTR series
this year.
Who you have to thank for contributing to our
prizing for 2014…..can not do it without these people!
Where to go if you want to keep racing this
fall and winter
What is up for COTR for 2015 (as we
mentioned…already working on it)
What is up for CX in BC for 2015 (Rough schedule)
And a couple of photos that somehow did not come
through last e-mail….will try again.
It will finish off….WAY at the bottom…with a
SPECIAL offer from Naked. Check….it…..out!

And if you want some BONUS material check out the Rob Parkin Intermediate
edit from MLP Cross on our FB Page.

AND EXTRA Bonus……a photo gallery from Patrick Burnham of 2014 crashes!!

AND EXTRA-EXTRA BONUS…..the timing sheet is up from the last race. Check out the lap splits!

Who you owe Beer or Hugs:

You might imagine the COTR Series takes a LOT of work.

The Race Directors who pull together the pieces.
Curtis Saunders and Lisa Ludwig: Coal Cross
Drew MacKenzie: Bear X Ing
Corey Piket and Sean Lunny: Kona Kup
Lee Blais: Port Alberni
Roland Rabien: Binab Property Group GP
Ian Craib: Ronde Von Hogwarts
Ron Hewitson: My Little Pony Cross.

The (Regular) Timers (Regular as there are a few more people that do help
out as well)
Joele Guynup
Tara Pollock
Christina Jones
Sylvia Story
Hillary Grant

The “Crew” that pull everything together for timing, registration and 100’s
of other details
Katie Rabien
Roland Rabien
(The series would NOT happen without these two people…so hugs AND Beer)

Paul Brend
Jamie Cameron

Special Mention
Jack Mar for pulling together the Super Master prizes this year!

  • Series Sponsors (in no particular order….all important)
    Curtis and Straight Up Cycles for jumping in to the series after 1
    race and doing CASH and prizing.
  • Dan and Steve from Outdoor Addictions and Jack from Island Cycles
    (Quadra Island) (55+ Men’s Category Sponsors)
  • Pearl Izumi is one of the brands that Joele Guynup brings to support COTR
  • It was a bummer that Paul Underhill our “Rumble”r could not race after breaking himself. Rumble sponsored our last not lapped and sometimes the “ready to Rumble” prize. Paul will be back NEXT year.
  • Sean and Corey from Oak Bay Bikes Nanaimo. Besides putting on the
    KONA KUP, prizes and support OBB has a VERY important role for COTR. They
    give us a spot to park the equipment trailer. MUCH thanks!
  • Cycles Lambert supports us through Peter Creighton. Peter does as much as he can with his limited budget doing prizes through supporting shops on the island.
  • Still our #1 Video (
    Phillips Brewery and Matt Lockhart do the BEER, Root Beer and growlers that
    have made Phillips an integral part of COTR
  • Shimano… guessed it…Joele Guynup (and DH legend Elladee Brown). Prizes and support.
  • Frontrunners…..a running shop…..that without it….COTR would be sunk! Cross’ers need to run. You need shoes. Buy them from Frontrunners PLEASE (or Stefan will get ANGRY with me spending all my time on COTR!)
  • Nutcase……..JOELE again!! Nutcase supports the kids events. Almost every kid in those races has a Nutcase helmet by now….but we will keep pushing them ’cause they are awesome and do a lot to support KIDS and their brains!
  • Time to get “Naked”. When you have a world famous frame builder like Sam Whittingham giving away a frame set… is AMAZING!
  • Kona (through Rock Star Rep Dik Cox) has been there since the start. Our very first race. Before we were COTR. Before we were anything.
  • We have yet to get Dan Brady out for a cross race but the The Howard Johnston Nanaimo and Elk Lake still support us when ever they can with room rates and gift certificates.
  • Brad Head……another racer that makes great stuff! Zed Wheels….they even named a wheel set after the series!
  • Win a BIKE at BPGGP…….How…..Trek Bikes Victoria. Pro City Cycles! That is how! Plus have you seen how many of their guys come out to race?
  • Greg Inkster will always be the “anvil”…..Orange Sport Supply….Distributing great products from the west coast. A grass roots company supporting grass roots cycling!
  • HUGE donation from Wake Luksay from Riverway Dental covering the Youth Categories and series prizing for 2014
  • One more of our Super Masters sponsors: Quadra Island Cycling Coalition (QUICC)

So you want to keep racing this Fall and Winter.

Here are some options:

In Victoria

Semiprestige Winter CX Series
Sunday Nov 30th – Semiprestige CX Race
Friday Dec 26th- Boxing Day CX TT
Sunday Jan 25th- Blubber Burn CX Race
The second-annual Stuckylife Semiprestige Winter Cyclocross Series.

Presented by the good people at Broad Street Cycles, our three-race, unsanctioned cross series will bring some late season grassroots racing to the Van Island CX community.
The first event, a DIY riff on a classic cross race will offer 45min of lung-burning excitement, and a social Sunday afternoon.

Semiprestige CX Race
SUNDAY NOV 30th, 2014
Mary’s Farm & Sanctuary
1128 Finlayson Arm Rd.
-A & B race
-$10 entry
-All abilities, bikes and ages welcome. Spectating encouraged!

The course is on a new venue, kindly offered up by Mary of Mary’s Farm & Sanctuary <> . It will be a Vancouver Island variation of a classic CX course: twisty, flowy, grassy and off-cambered. More tubular-friendly than last year’s mossy rock fest, and set in a large rolling pasture, it should provide a fantastic mix of challenging features, and lung-searing laps. Think maximum flow, crazy Belgian off-camber lines, and natural grass bowls.

Parking: Riding out to the race is encouraged, though limited parking is available at the Farm & Sanctuary. Likely room for 15-20 cars MAX.

The Broad St. boys will be leading a group ride from their shop up to the race. Rolling out at 9:30am from the shop (1419 Broad St).

As well, Broad Street Cycles will be on hand for “neutral” support solutions.

Bring a backpack with warm clothes and drinks. We will have a few tents set up, possibly some warming beverages on tap, and are planning on making a day of it. Lights for the ride home might be a good plan.

Free entry if you take a ferry to get here!

9:30am- Group ride from Broad St Cycles to the race course.
11am- Course open for pre-riding
11:45am- B race (35+min)
12:20- Course open for pre-riding
1:00- A race (45+min)
2:15- Podium! Champagne! Revelry!

Bring some cash with you. Purveyors of baked Belgian batter, Wannawafel <> , will be on course and serving hot Liege waffles.

As well, Dead Beetz <> food truck is going to make an appearance. This excellent local food truck makes all kinds of delicious menu items, from burgers to fried root vegetable chips, etc.
Come hungry.

In more big news, local purveyors of precious liquids, Driftwood Brewery <> have stepped up with an incredible show of support. There will be loads of potable prizing for the Semiprestige, as well as some sweet Driftwood swag to snag.

Lastly, Birzman tools <> , manufacturers of slick CNC’d bicycle tools and accessories have offered up a couple of wares for a couple of lucky racers. Come out and win win win!

Still don’t know what the hell we are talking about? Click HERE <> for a race recap from last year.

In SEATTLE (Really “Tacoma”):
* We have the final details for Waves for Water Cyclocross
Collaborati…on on December 6th & 7th in Tacoma, WA in place.
* Full website is
* Technical Guide is complete. If you have a question it is answered
* Preregistration with USA Cycling is available
here: registration closes
on Thursday, December 4th at 5:00 PM PST. UCI Elite Men and Women must
* Day of Registration will be available for all other categories.
* Course Maps are up: December 6th – Liberia Project –
se.pdfDecember 7th – Nepal Project –
* We look forward to seeing the west coast’s best at this stop of the
US Pro CX calendar in Tacoma, WA.

In Bellingham:
Cascade CX 2014
* Zombie Xmas Cross ~ Dec 13th
* Woolley Cross ~ Jan 10th
* Bandit Cross ~ Jan 31st

COTR Series 2015-As Promised.

This is how it is looking. Keep in mind. Venues are NOT firmed up but it
is the dates are pretty much set at this point:

Sunday, September 13 COTR #1 – Cumberland with the Night Crit
before and possibly an Enduro in the Day. Weekend!!
Sunday, Sept 27 COTR #2 – Ladysmith CONFIRMED
Monday, Oct 12 COTR #3 – Thanksgiving Monday
Speedway (Probably)
October 25 COTR #4 – This one is up in
the Air. Topaz, MLP, Port Alberni, Parksville, Cowichan FairGrounds….Or
Bear X Ing.
Nov 7/8 COTR #5 and #6 DOUBLE
HEADER FINALS: Beban-Arubutus Meadows with an OBB party in the night.
Sunday, Nov 15 COTR #7 Finals: Shawnigan Lake
School (Fingers Crossed)

NOT part of the series BUT really important:
Nov 21/22 Most likely date but not confirmed for the

AND possibly a summer cross race at Diver Lake, Nanaimo, Mid Week, Mid
Plus there is always the chance for NICSSCOTU

CX in BC for 2015

Again….ROUGH schedule but this is how it is looking for BC.
November 2015 is going to be a HUGE month for Cyclocross in B.C.!

Saturday, September 5th Aldor Acres Season Opener
Sunday, September 13th COTR #1 – Cumberland
September 19th Castle Cross
September 26th Burnaby Foreshore or New Brighton.
Sept 27th Whistler
Sunday, Sept 27th COTR #2 – Ladysmith

October 3rd Burnaby Foreshore or New Brighton
October 4th Vanier Park
Monday, Oct 12th COTR #3 – Thanksgiving Monday
October 18th Mahon Park
October 25th COTR #4
Oct 31/Nov 1 BC Premier Cyclocross Series Pumpkin
Cross Maple Ridge

November 7th Aldergrove Lake CX
Nov 7/8 COTR #5 and #6 DOUBLE HEADER
FINALS: Beban and Arbutus Meadows
Sunday, Nov 15 BC Premier Cyclocross Series
Interior Cross Kelowna
Sunday, Nov 15 COTR Finals Quite possibly Shawnigan
Lake School.
Nov 21/22 Most likely date but not
confirmed for the SSCXWC
November 23rd Confederation Park CX Series Finale.

Series is Organized by the Cross Council:
With the following cycling clubs; ASS, Pro City Racing club, MIVA and Trail
Bicycles-Eatmore Sprouts Cycling Team

Supported by:
Straight Up Cycles in Victoria
Outdoor Addictions in Campbell River
Dodge City Cycles in Cumberland
Ozzie’s Cycles in Port Alberni
Trek Bikes Victoria. Pro City Cycles in Victoria
Oak Bay Bikes in Victoria, Westshore and Nanaimo
Trail Bikes in Courtenay
Experience cycles in Duncan
Cowichan Cycles in Duncan
Cycle Therapy in Duncan
Frontrunners in Nanaimo

Sponsored by in 2014:
Straight Up Cycles
Outdoor Addictions and Island Cycles (Quadra Island) (55+ Men’s Category
Pearl Izumi
Oak Bay Bikes Nanaimo
Cycles Lambert
Phillips Brewery
The Howard Johnston Nanaimo and Elk Lake
Zed Wheels
Trek Bikes Victoria. Pro City Cycles
Orange Sport Supply
Riverway Dental (Youth Category Sponsors)
Quadra Island Cycling Coalition (QUICC) (55+ Men’s Category Sponsors)

COTR 2014: Last Ronde. My Little Pony Cross. Series Final. Preview of the action.

Two days away from the last race of the COTR series for 2014. It seems like just yesterday we were all cooking in Cumberland and Bear X Ing. We have had a great season. #1 in Canada. Most racers per year. Highest average racer # per race in our 9 years. More than 3.5 X the number of racers coming out now than in 2006. It still feels “close” though. Harder to know everyone’s names with the (muddy/dirty) faces. But we know the faces and we know the names on the call up sheets. As a Cyclocross “community” we have built something great. Inclusive. Competitive. Fun. Hard. Friendly. Hard! Racing is supposed to be hard. We love to push ourselves. We love to earn our “rewards”. We love to race! The amazing difference for our series is how it is “wheel to wheel”….but it is with admiration, respect and a handshake or hug at the finish line. Let’s keep this the focus of Cross on the Rock and everything else will be a bonus. Can’t wait for Sunday!

Series Final-My Little Pony Cross – Sunday. Arbutus Meadows. Nanoose.

The trailer is in place on site. Incoming race director, Ron Hewitson is meeting outgoing race director, Peter McCaffery today to finalize the course. Fingers crossed it is “turny”, muddy, technical and hard! The M.I.V.A. club will gather tomorrow to set up the course. Roland and I have a million details and jobs to do to get everything ready….they will be

Tent town should be along the paved road like last year….but I will confirm and post on FB tomorrow. All tents should be staked and secure.

A soccer group is using the main arena/barn during the day so be aware of that group. We will have it later for the awards.

We have heard rumours of possible special guest appearances from past COTR racers that have moved away. We have heard rumours of possible special guest appearances from past COTR racers that have not been able to race this year.

* Nanaimo Bar Hand Ups
* Mustache hand ups
* Amazing Venue
* Double points (anything can happen)
* Series standings
* Growlers
* Root Beer
* A LOT of draw prizes….think Shimano, Howard Johnston
* Event draw prizes from our great sponsors
* Series draw prizes. Zed Wheels. Naked Frame.
* BIG Barn/Stadium for the final awards
* CUSTOM series final awards
* Best Photo Contest
* Perfect weather forecast.

I will post some more course information on our FB page tomorrow afternoon after the kids and I go check it out.

The big news is that the famous Naked Sam Whittingham will make his season debut and last race of the season this Sunday on his brand new, just built, Ti COTR fighter. He has been given the green light from his Dr. after a bad crash late in the summer. Since Sam is coming he can do the draw for a Naked CX Frameset. The last draw of the day. Each time you raced this year your name went into this draw. Brad Head from Zed Wheels is adding a set of wheels for the bike as well…..just to make it even sweeter!

If I had a 1 in around 250 chance of winning a FREE Naked CX frameset or a pair of Zed Wheels…..all I had to do it show up and race the series final……I would make the trip.

Pre-registration here: and as it normal Pre-Registration CLOSES at 7:00 Saturday night.

Series Points

Roland has done his magic on the Series Standing results page so you have a TRUE idea of where you are at before this Sunday’s race. If you have already done 5 races…he has crossed off your low score so you know who you have to beat to move up and who you have to stay a head of to not move back. Check it out!

COTR Series 2014
Sunday Sept 14 – Cumberland. Coal Cross DONE
Sunday Sept 28 – Victoria. Possible New Venue DONE
Monday Oct 13 – Bowen. Kona Kup. Provincial Championships DONE
Sunday Oct 19 – Farmer Bills. Port Alberni DONE
Sunday Nov 2 – Speedway. Binab Property Group GP DONE
Sunday Nov 9 – Shawnigan Lake School. Ronde Von Hogwarts DONE
Sunday Nov 23 – Arbutus Meadows. My Little Pony Cross. Series Final
COTR Series 2015
Hard to believe but even before this year’s racing is done our dedicated crew of race directors is already planning for 2015. We have the schedule almost hashed out and we will fire it out in our last e-mail blast of the season. Knowing it will be our 10th COTR race season as well as with SSXCWC in Victoria….it will be a season to remember for Cyclocross on Vancouver Island.